Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 2:55 pm  |  16 responses

Nate Robinson Autographs a Baby at NBA Summer League (PHOTO)

Free agent guard Nate Robinson attended a Summer League game between the Charlotte Bobcats and Milwaukee Bucks. At halftime, a fan asked Robinson to sign his baby, and Nate obliged. Summer League is the best.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    this tattoo thing has gone too far

  • j

    ghetto-ist thing ive seen on slam

  • Habeeba Husain

    Lol at the baby’s face

  • laguneros

    anyone notice kyrie’s son in the back?

  • Alexzandar Davilijanovic

    Please daddy , don’t sell me @ EBAY

  • Chubachuchi

    Tayshaun Prince lookin @ss lol

  • TOP

    There goes any chance of him getting full-time custody

  • Sancheezie

    co sign!

  • Sancheezie

    lol i literately laughed.

  • Sancheezie

    Really SLAM? you guys post this as news worthy?

  • roscoe

    this has media ________ storm written all over it.

    u cannot write on a baby with permanent ink… can you?

  • The Mighty FV

    Do you see the red thing the baby is wearing? thats called ‘a top’….us humans wear them as ‘clothes’

  • tezmania

    I think it is funny that people would think it was his skin!smh

  • Max

    Haha AD’s nephew there too.

  • Max

    The baby is like dafuq is he doing?

  • James

    This dad looks like T-Mac