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Pistons Sign Josh Smith to Four-Year, $56 Million Deal

It’s a lot of loot, but just like that, the Detroit Pistons are suddenly a fun, up-and-coming squad in the Eastern Conference. Per ESPN: “The Detroit Pistons have agreed on a four-year, $56 million contract with free-agent forward Josh Smith, sources told ESPN.com. Smith’s agent Brian Dyke confirmed the signing to ESPN. Smith had also considered a return to theAtlanta Hawks and the Houston Rockets. The Pistons intended to make a splash in free agency and targeted Smith from the first moments of free agency this week. Smith looked at several other options in free agency, as did the Pistons before coming to terms. His signing won’t become official until Wednesday. As of now, the Pistons are not involved in a sign-and-trade with the Hawks, whom Smith is leaving after nine seasons, sources said.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    we have talked about this in previous threads, but what are pistons planning on doing here? are they going to keep bringing drummond of the bench? or are they giving up on monroe already and are looking to trade him?

    josh smith has proved to be a 4 in this league, the closer to the hoop, the better. spacing will be a major issue if they have monroe, drummond and smith in the court at the same time. they better hope that KCP lives up to the pre-draft hype because they don’t have many players that are good shooters from deep.

    mo cheks has his work cut out for him.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    This IMO will not really help them at all, just more highlights. Josh Smith obviously does not care about winning because out of all the teams and cities he could have played in he chose Detroit. They were the only teams willing to pay him like this probably. I have no problem with him going for his money, just don’t want to hear any complaints and rants about how much winning matters to him.

  • Dagger

    Obviously Josh Smith is going to open the floor for Drummond and Monroe with his outside shooting.

  • masterchiefer420

    Smith Monroe and Drummond. That sounds like one of the strongest front courts in this league. Idk what you guys are worried about. This team is going to be a beast on defense

  • spit hot fiyah

    he might open up a whole in the back board with his outside shooting

  • spit hot fiyah

    against a team like the grizzlies, yes, they will match up very well. there are not a lot of teams like that though. most teams will try to run on them and make drummond guard their small ball 4. he is really good and promising, but he will get toasted it he has to guard guys like carmelo, rudy gay, leonard for long stretches.

  • Lloyd

    Followed the money. But damn this has been a busy off season!

  • spit hot fiyah

    and i say that based on this…

  • JML-G

    choosed being main guy and money over second/third role and potential ring chase.. oh well, Pistons is a good franchise to try to bring back to the top

  • Datkid

    He actually shoots better than I thought he would from the right behind the arc(36.51%) hahahaa

  • Datkid

    This is the dumbest move the pistons could have made. There is nothing J-smooth can’t do that their 2 emerging big men couldn’t and both are bigger than him. Smith’s 2 biggest strengths(athleticism, passing) are possesed by both Monroe(passing) and Drummond(game changing athleticism plus he has excellent free throw shooting). I get it if they’re just gonna bring drummond off the bench for the next couple of years but seriously I think the kid deserves some playing time. Hopefully both Monroe and Drummond can learn to hit an outside shot or 2 so that Jsmooth can play alongside them as a 3. then they would have the biggest frontcourt in the league and could run an offense like the pacers. as it is, they’ll probably just use Drummond as a 6th man. which is fine, but they better not trade him.

  • Blakos

    Trade Monroe for a PG. Or this offense will be terrible.

  • MadeInDetroit

    See him guard dwayne wade single-handed, the dude can guard guards