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Steve Nash Glad People Counting Out the Lakers

Despite the front-office’s promise to be competitive next season, very few people expect anything special out of the ageing, broken down Los Angeles Lakers. Point guard Steve Nash says that’s just the way he likes it. Per NBA.com: “How are you feeling, physically? NASH: ‘Good, coming around. Good enough to embarrass myself on the soccer field. I’m not quite 100 percent, I can’t quite sprint, but I’ve been able to train around it, so I’ve made a lot of progress in other ways, and hopefully in the next three or four weeks I should be one hundred percent.’ What kind of forecast can you give us for the Lakers this season? NASH: ‘I think everyone’s kind of counting us out, which is fine by me. I think it’s good for us to fly under the radar a little bit. We’ve got a lot of new pieces, we’ve got guys coming off injuries, myself included. So we’ve got to find out where everyone’s health is, and then figure out each other and play together, and hopefully we can surprise some people.’”

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  • Ishmael Jenkins

    6-8 seed…first round exit in the playoffs.

  • ChosenOne

    Providing Kobe is ready opening night…
    4th or 5th seed.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Thunder, Spurs, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets…they’ll be 6th at best. They’re not better than any of those teams ahead of them even if Kobe starts on opening night and everyone stays healthy all season.

  • MasterSplinter

    Wow, when you look at that, and then throw the Grizzlies in there. The wild wild west is stacked.

  • Jake

    If they get matched up with the Clippers, Rockets or Spurs in the playoffs they can potentially win.

  • spit hot fiyah

    not making playoffs

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Clippers will run them to death if the Lakers don’t run the offense through Gasol and hit outside shots when they’re open. A lot of missed jumpshots will lead to Chris and those boys getting out on the break. Trouble. Rockets are capable of doing the same. Or they can pound the ball inside to Dwight and let Harden, Parsons, and Lin hit open jumpshots from the 3 point line. Harden was a part of the group that Kobe could no longer contain defensively in the playoffs while he was in OKC with Durant and Westbrook. With his confidence sky high now that he has his own team with Dwight, I don’t see Bryant doing any better with him. And Tony Parker will destroy them. So I don’t see them being able to beat any of those teams in a series. Out of the top 8, the only team I would say they could beat would be Denver now that Iguodala is gone and they replaced him with Randy Foye.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Thunder, Spurs, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies, Nuggets…I think they’ll slide in at 8 behind them or maybe 7 above Denver. Kobe, Gasol and Nash can get them in at 7 or 8. But they’ll be home by the end of April.

  • Jason Carter

    stay happy my friend. #LASUX

  • Sancheezie

    timberwolves. rubio,klove,martin,pek

  • LakeShow

    counter argument: making playoffs.

  • spit hot fiyah

    lol i don’t have a counter

  • spit hot fiyah

    portland, NO, minnesota and dallas will have something to say about it. my thing is this, we don’t know what kobe will give us this year. i think nash is done and i think that d’antoni will misuse gasol and i don’t like the rest of the roster. i called the mavs missing the playoffs last year and people were calling me out for it. we’ll see what happens with this one.

  • shockexchange

    Lot of talk from the Lakers about “not tanking” and “people counting them out.” Why not focus on holding themselves accountable and earning their paychecks. If LA is healthy, they should advance deep into the playoffs. If they don’t, it will just reaffirm their reputation as “the most underachieving team in the L.”

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I’ve heard people say that D’Antoni will all of a sudden figure out how to use Gasol. I’m not sure about that. I’m not counting out Kobe especially now that he has probably two seasons left before he’s done. But he’ll have to finally step back a little and let Gasol be the main guy on offense. It’s better for his health and for the team. Nash may have one good season left in him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not true.

    Not sure about Dallas. Dirk, Monta, Devin Harris, Dalembert, maybe Greg Oden if he signs there…not sure Dirk and Monta can carry them in that conference. I’d take Portland, NO and Minnesota over them today.

  • ratguts

    world ends, nobody makes playoffs.

  • theDankerNuggets

    unless Kobe is back day one I definitely feel confident that the Grizzlies, Nugs and Blazers will all do better than the Lakers (granted LA stays in Portland and denver doesn’t totally implode).

  • Rig Veda

    lower their expectation now and everyone else. a smart move, indeed!

  • The Seed

    Steve Nash I am counting you out.

  • Jake

    The Lakers will more than likely be feeding the offense through Gasol in the post this season. It will allow them to play at a better pace, and allow the perimeter players to get back on defense if an open shot doesn’t come through. The problem with the Clippers and the Rockets is that they depend too heavily on their speed and athleticism. That’s the exact problem that led to both teams getting bounced from the playoffs. The Spurs are an entirely different animal, but the Lakers have historically matched up well with them

  • LakeShow

    Gasol is going from a stretch 4 to center. That’s why people are positive about him returning to form.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I’ll believe it when I see it. When Kobe steps back and lets the offense go through Gasol, the Lakers will become a better team. But even with that, they’re not better than the Thunder, Spurs, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets or Grizzlies.

    What led to the Rockets getting bounced was Kevin Durant and a little bit of Reggie Jackson. James Harden wasn’t going to take Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik past Durant even without Westbrook. Team was too young. What led to the Clippers getting bounced was Randolph and Gasol bullying Griffin and Jordan. But with Doc Rivers and the players they brought in, defense will no longer be a problem.

    The Lakers problem, other than their coach, is defense. That won’t be a problem for the Clippers or Rockets. Or Grizzlies.

    Can’t look at history between the Lakers and Spurs because most of it included Shaq. Since then, they’ve met just once in the playoffs and the Lakers won, but Duncan was the only big man on that roster worth talking about going against Gasol and Odom.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Doesn’t matter what position he plays, he needs the ball. The offense needs to go through him in the post. Which means Kobe needs to give it to him more than he shoots. I’ll believe that when I see it.

  • LakeShow

    Yes it does matter what position he plays. What makes you think he won’t get the ball?
    He averaged 18-10-3.5-1.5 over his first 5 year tenure playing mostly that position for the Lakers.
    Did you believe it when you saw it while the won back to back championships?

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Nick Tha Quick

    Steve Nash does not explicitly state it but The Spit Hot Fiyah knows that this comment is aimed at The Shock Exchange.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Who was his coach?

  • Conor

    This guy doesn’t understand basketball, LakeShow. It’s a waste of your brain continuing any semblance of a conversation.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Look who it is. The Kobe fanatic. We all know you have no sense at all. I shut you down days ago with the LeBron/Kobe discussion. You’re allergic to facts. Go sit down.

  • LakeShow

    Mike Brown.
    (I keed)

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    No, Phil Jackson. We won’t even talk about the Mike Brown era. When they won, it was Phil. D’Antoni came in and one of his first moves was benching Gasol. He’s a sensitive dude, but he’s a smart dude. I’m sure he’s realized that the biggest reason why he may get to play his game again is because they have no choice with Dwight gone. That has to sting a little. Disrespect all over the place for a man who came and brought 2 championships to the franchise. As a Laker fan, you better hope Rambis helps D’Antoni learn how to use him.

  • LakeShow

    You speak as if you know what you’re talking about.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I love seeing great basketball. The Lakers in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 played great basketball (Didn’t mention 2007-2008 because KG dominated Gasol physically in the Finals). Gasol was an important piece. Any coach who watches that (which D’Antoni had to because they eliminated his Suns in the WCF in 2010), comes in, and decides to put that man on the bench because he doesn’t fit his system is worthy of a little skepticism until he proves something. Not only that, but Gasol was a beast in the Olympics for Spain…months later he was backing up Earl Clark. I’m waiting to see what these Lakers will look like.

  • shockexchange

    SE’s advice for Steve Nash is (i) don’t talk about, be about it and (ii) return that 2nd MVP trophy – that was charity.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    SO making the playoffs….

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Lakers will be bringing in some changes…. gasol will be starting….. at goalie?? O_o

  • BugEyes

    Lakers need to get at Andrew goudlock asap rocky

  • Conor

    I’ve enjoyed watching LA win five championships.


    Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq, & the NBA majority ’01-’10 concur with me.


    Remember to let me know when you’re in Ottawa, Canada! I’ve still got to teach you about the game. Lots for you to learn, especially since you cannot seem to tell the difference between Post Pau & Perimeter Pau.

  • Conor

    And it isn’t about fanaticism, it’s about appreciating the game.

    Your train of thought would conclude that Oscar was a better point guard than Magic because the “facts” (statistics) say so. You don’t understand.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Alvin Gentry was the suns coach that year, Mike D was already in New York….

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    You’re right. My mistake.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Exactly what in the world are you talking about? ’01-’10?

    I hope you know how much of a buffoon you look like here. What’s hilarious is I’m not even a Laker fan and chances are great I know more about them than you do. I could probably name players from past Laker teams that you wouldn’t know without having to Google them. You can’t teach me or anyone else a thing. For Canada’s sake, I hope they have better basketball fans there than you.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    We’re not doing this again mainly because you have no idea what you’re talking about. But just to put the nail in the coffin…your bias towards Kobe doesn’t show an appreciation for the game. It’s fanaticism when you’re incapable of hearing anything that’s not in agreement with you. You make genuine, sane Laker fans look bad. That’s not a real basketball fan. If you had an appreciation for the game and it’s legends, not just the ones who hold the same opinion as you do, you would respect the opinions of those who do not agree with you. That means not calling Charles Barkley an imbecile which you did simply because he favors LeBron over Kobe. If he favored Kobe, you wouldn’t have called him that. Show the man some respect. One of the best PFs ever. He played on the Dream Team and was a pretty important part of it…what have you done to warrant any kind of respect from anyone when it comes to basketball matters? Essentially, what you tried to say was “My legends are better than your legends because mine agree with me and yours are stupid”. Silly. The difference between you and me is you collected a few legends and kept naming them as your only justification for your opinion. You said nothing original from your own mind at all. I provided justification without naming anyone…and then named a few just to show you that I could find people who had a different opinion than the guys you found.

    My train of thought was based on facts. Watching guys play. I’ve watched the NBA since 1992 which means I’ve seen Jordan, Kobe and now LeBron playing in their prime years. The stats are easy to look up. You can look up the stats and watch games and unless you’re unable of seeing things objectively, you would have to agree with the fact that LeBron is on pace to surpass Kobe as an individual player. And it’s okay. Just looking at stats…Points and free throw percentage…the only stats Kobe has over LeBron. It’s not something to get upset about. Even MJ’s Kobe argument was only about championships. He didn’t mention anything else…just 5 beats 1. But we all know it’s not just about rings because if that was the case, Bill Russell and Robert Horry have a few words to say to a lot of folks. A genuine basketball fan would either agree or disagree and provide solid reasons for it…not name a few legends who hold the same opinion you do and act like that’s supposed to end a discussion. But do what you do bro.

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    Yes, I truly believe the Lakers are a sleeper team to make the playoffs; I will be surprised if they don’t make it. Nash is most likely going to be healthy. Kobe will come back. Gasol will be improved. Kaman, nick young, and jordan farmar (maybe not farmar) are underrated picks. Jordan hill in the frontcourt will be solid.

    Spurs, Thunder, Grizz, Clippers, Rockets, GSW…leaves two more spots up for grabs. This could be Nuggets, Wolves, Jazz (who got cheated last year…i.e. Lakers vs. GSW game was rigged unquestionably) and Lakers…

    The Lakers do in fact do better when Kobe doesn’t play as evidenced by his days with Shaq. When Kobe did not play and Shaq did, the Lakers were .780 ish. When Kobe did play and Shaq did not, the Lakers a game over .500. When they both played they were at .730ish. Second, the Lakers I think at one point were 14-1 without Kobe and with gasol and dem boyz playing. When Kobe doesn’t shoot that much, the team does significantly better and when he doesn’t score that much, the team does significantly better…don’t take my word CHECK THE STATS b/c “women lie men lie women lie men lie women women lie men lie…numbers numbers don’t lie…NUMBERS DON’T LIE”…

    with that said, I would like to see Kobe go more into LeBron/facilitator mode where he went stupid ham and dropped 14 asst back to back which was craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy and showed he got that great ball IQ. If he would’ve done that the whole season, we may have seen the Lakers in the finals and even/prolly beat LeBron and the others (aka Heat players) b/c the Heat are severely overrated as a squad…the only reason they win is because of LeBron…who has solidifed himself as top 3 of all time (Kobe is the 10th best player all time at best AND IS NOT BETTER THAN LEBRON FOR THE RECORD)…No rational, objective person can state Kobe is better than LeBron because there is no reproducible, tangible evidence to make this claim… 5>2 makes no sense and is double standard (people spite and slight Shaq all the time just to hype up Kobe BUT DO NOT REALIZE THE IMPACT OF SHAQ) People forget Kobe’s year when he had the help of LeBron’s Cavs, Iverson’s sixers, or JKidd’s Nets (People will say the East but that huge a gap…if Kobe’s lakers got to 5th in the West okay that is legitimate…BUT BRON CARRIED THAT SQUAD TO BEST IN THE REG SEASON UNTIL THE SQuad wouldn’t show in Playoffs)…etc… don’t hate appreciate

    LakeShow…u, Shock, NBK are legends in the slam commenting game tho so much respect mah dude

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    You can’t confidently call them a playoff team right now, being a rational person. Kobe just experienced what is traditionally a career altering injury, and Steve Nash just said he can’t even sprint. Sorry but I don’t want my already 39 year old PG playing in this NBA without the ability to go full speed. .
    Lets add that in to the Lakers just geared up to play fast as hell. Despite their two best players having leg problems.
    Now if Kobe somehow comes back by December, and Nash does remain healthy for the whole year? They are probably a 7 seed again.

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    No disrespect Conor…BUTTTTTTTTTT… ISHMAEL…you got this cat again tho… but realtalk…it’s good to see two hoopheads go back to back…better than that Junk on ESPN comments.

    Much respect to both ya’ll for positively expressing your comments and not getting too ignorant and beliigerent…

    one love my brothers

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    Bro…is the west really stacked tho. When you say stacked you say that they could win rings…honestly the East top 4 vs. the West top 4 favors the East. The Heat, Pacers, Bulls (with healthy rose) are 3 of 5 best teams in League and maybe even best 3 teams in the League point blank period. The spurs will age one day, maybe this next year who knows. The Thunder regressed. The Clippers are super overrated. The Warriors picked up Iggy (slightly overrated) and lost two pieces that helped a lot last year in Landry and Jack. The Rockets look sick if Howard back in form and Asik and him can play together…the grizzlies are nice but the Pacers are easily a better version of the Grizzlies.

  • Word

    I do no doubt Lakers potential and I do not doubt at least three players at a time in injuries status.

  • Conor

    I’m sorry that I am not so selfish that I would disregard the opinions of others. Who do you think I talk about the intricacies of basketball with? Strangers on a forum? My favourite people to speak about basketball with have been watching the NBA since the 70s… much more knowledgeable than you. One of them used to hate Bryant because of his character, like you seem to do, only he could not deny what he had known all along. Similarly, I don’t have time to tell you what your eyes already should. There are more important things in life than trying to make people see Bryant’s superior mastery of basketball.

    The fact that you are championing Charles Barkley as a thoughtful analyst is hilarious. The guy is on TNT for comedy. When he tries to become serious, he cannot string a sentence together. The opposite of Smith, (formerly) McHale, and Webber’s respective insights. All of whom, by the way, agree that Bryant is the better player.

    What I used is known as “evidence”. Say we were debating this in a legal sense. I am providing expert, eye-witness accounts whose testimony is both irrefutable & objective.

    Here are two results from a simple Google search:



    Those are what facts are, Ishmael.

    When you break down their games, this is how it looks from a historical perspective:

    Interior: Equal – Mid-Range: Bryant – Arc: Bryant

    Man-to-Man Defence: Bryant – Help Defence: James

    Rebounding: James – Footwork: Bryant – Post: Bryant

    Court Vision: James – Skillset: Bryant

    I’m not wasting any more time on this subject. You’re incorrect, I’m correct, using your own propensity for “facts”, let it go.

  • Conor

    SI Player Polls. For ten consecutive seasons, peer-evaluated polls, with input from coaches and staff throughout the NBA elected Bryant as the best player in the League.

    Name them.

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    1) you look at the game subjectively. John stockton looks more skilled than Lebron; Deandre Jordan’s form looks great. See how looks can be deceiving. 2) http://thesportingtruth.com/?p=2035 Please read 3) Nba players can easiy be decieved by media as anyone can. Its just now players are using stats/analytics to analyze the game. Using the “who do you want hooting” does not carry any weight when objective reproducible evidence tells you otherwise speakig relatively. 4) the article was from 2010 when Kobe and the Lakers won a ring. If you poll people, they will saythe most recent player with Finals MVP is king…take the same poll for last 2 years and you’ll get LeBron’s name from every player sans Rose and Kobe 5) lastly, the whole argument about being skilled is quite frankly stupid to some extent. Put Kobe and lebron in a gym and tell em to shoot 100 3′s jumpers etc. kobe would probably win BUT what’s the point if in a REAL GAME LeBron shoots a better fg%, 3pt%, scores more efficiently by allowing his teammates a chance to excel and get in rhythym henceforth a team game.
    Thats why more often than not you hear of stats saying that if kobe scores less and shoots less than the Lakers have a better chance of winning. So essentially the 2-4 more pts Kobe averages more than lebron are actually detrimental to his team…basketball is a teaaaaaam sport.

    Really the list could go on and on why lebron has already surpassed kobe as a better player all time. If Bron did not waste 7 years of his career in cleveland and actually had a decent/average supporting cast like the heat today (look t production not just names like media puppets do) Bron would have prolly had at least 4-5 rings. What does it for me is that Bron actually elevated cavs, but when kobe was given team of nearly equivalent if not better talent, they were terrible. The whole east vs west conference does not account for the huge disparity between the success of the cavs with lebron and kobe with the lakers without great big men. That could be a reason why kobe may have wanted to have d howard leave because if the lakers did win a ring and howard got a chip, do you know how bad that would look for kobe…he apparently played poorly against te pistons and the chip was lost because he wanted MVP so rhe train of thought is not necessarily incorrect…

    Lastly, i know i said enough…but seriously…these are two grown men who have beautiful games and have been blessed to be playing and motivating and aweing us with their play…there is no hate pr badmouthing any of them. With that said, it is really indisputable and unquestionable tht lebron is better than kobe. you’re argument essentially boils down to WHO WOULD LOOK BETTER IN A GYM AT A NBA DRAFT INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT? Ots NOT who is a better player playing 5on5 like the game is played.

  • GetOuttaHereBro1

    and if thats the case, then why aren’t euro players that good in the league…they are really good in the gyms (i.e darko) but are unable to produce…enough said

  • MasterSplinter

    Besides the top 5 in the East, it is horrible. Heat, Pacers, Bulls, Knicks, Brooklyn. What I meant is that the West as a whole is stacked collectively. If you had to choose to watch just the West until the finals during the playoffs, or just the East. I feel it would be a horrible decision to watch the East.

    East: …. West:
    Heat ….. Thunder
    Bulls ….. Spurs
    Pacers ….. Rockets
    Knicks …. Clippers
    Brooklyn …. . Warriors
    Cleveland ….. Lakers
    Orlando …. Grizzlies
    Bucks or Hawks? …. Nuggets or Timberwolves

  • syradobomako

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    You can’t confidently call them a playoff team right now, being a
    rational person. Kobe just experienced what is traditionally a career
    altering injury, and Steve Nash just said he can’t even sprint. Sorry
    but I don’t want my already 39 year old PG playing in this NBA without
    the ability to go full speed. .

  • eerer

    The Nuggets lost everything. The Timberwolves are getting that 7th (injury free of course). 8th seed will be a battle between LAL, Blazers, and Denver. Again, injury free.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    The only thing Kobe has on LeBron is 7 more years in the league. That’s the only reason why some take him over LeBron…it’s because of what he’s done with 7 more years in the league. Meaning the only thing LeBron has to do is just keep playing. Which is what I said. LeBron will eventually pass him. Kobe’s advantage isn’t in anything but time. As for Kenny Smith:

    Kenny in 2012 comparing Kobe and LeBron in the clutch saying LeBron actually gets better shots but Kobe’s teammates pulled him through:

    Kenny saying Kobe had the luxury of not having to be the best/dominant player with Shaq allowing him to go one on one while LeBron and MJ never played with a more dominant player, but still produced even with the attention solely on them:

    That historical perspective you gave is straight garbage. Completely worthless. Not even worth reading. Just watch them play. LeBron is in control of the entire game on both ends of the floor. He runs the offense at times, he starts plays, finishes plays, guards the other team’s best player. This is so simple. Kobe at his best was a great scorer, great defender. LeBron, at his best now, is a great scorer, great defender, great passer, great rebounder. If a guy is great at two things and another guy is great at more than 2 things, he’s a better player.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I can pick that apart. That poll was posted in December 2010…months after the Lakers won the last championship they’ve won and just a few months after LeBron left Cleveland. In 2006, Dwyane Wade was talked about as being the best player in the league…after the Heat won a championship. The best player on championship teams usually gets that honor. But at that time, Kobe was the best player in the league. And that’s the same deal in 2009-2010. LeBron had just won his 2nd MVP in a row, but Kobe had just won a championship. The Cavs had lost in the Conference Finals to the Magic…a series LeBron averaged 38, 8 and 8 in by the way. The players and coaches gave Kobe respect for winning which is understandable, but had the Lakers lost in that Game 7 against Boston where Kobe missed 18 shots and was bailed out by his teammates offensively, that poll probably would have turned out differently.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    The Nuggets lost Iguodala and George Karl, but Brian Shaw was a good assistant, and I’m sure he’ll be a good head coach. So they didn’t lose everything. Lawson, Foye, Chandler, Faried, McGee, Gallinari when he returns, Nate Robinson…with their style of play, they’ll be in the playoffs. Lawson will step up. And they’ll definitely be better than Minnesota.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    LeBron had just gotten eliminated by the Celtics in 2009-2010…a series he averaged 27, 9, and 7, but had that disappearance in Game 5.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Video of Kenny talking about LeBron and Kobe executing in late game situations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ob8AN3x1ns

  • RunNGun

    If Kobe makes it back in time for the season (highly unlikely he does), they could sneak in as a low-seed.

  • Conor

    You didn’t pick anything apart. He was chosen as the best player in the NBA, by his peers, for ten consecutive seasons. What more do you want?

    After bailing the Lakers out for eight months, I think he was due a game for reciprocation. Don’t act as though Gasol and Bynum shot higher than 45% in that series. That was the best defensive series I’ve seen since 2005.

  • Conor

    *47%, which is the difference of A SINGLE converted field goal.

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    Yoooooo yooo yooo…that doesn’t matter. A lot of people are like Kobe b/c all the external stuff, his charisma, his flash in his game, the sexy side of things. A lot of these players eho come in the league were just fans like us who watched games ESPN. Thy were told oh look Kobe this that…Kobe’s game is so cool…unsbstantiated terms like “He’s a killer…etc.” or thy would show replay of him making 1 crazy buzzer beater over and over again without watching all of the failed attempts. For instance, since you’re on slam, you probably know a little thing abot the AAU circuit…when kobe was the most popular player b/c he had a few great games that didn’t mean much really in terms ofteam success, from observation, AAU players and regular cats in pickup only cared about 2 things 1) scoring 2) taking some inefficient crazy long 2/fancy shot to win the game…now under lebron influence, players are becomin more well rounded and scouts and management etc. young kids are now talking about being great at not just scoring/ballhogging BUT everything from post game points boards assists etc.

    When you look at human polls like that, you are not factoring inherren bias that provides no rationale. I liked Kobe better than Shaq, but who was more helpful to their team and who would I draft…prime Shaq ALL day b/c he is better. But ppl like Kobe b/c his game was more flashy and they equated flashy with level of better. Flashy does not mean AND1 street all necessarily. It means the way he moves, the dunks etc. Do you really think just b/c players play, they know more about basketball. Jut because they are better does not mean they know more…thats completely ridiculous. Athleticism and height and training har a lot to do with it pal…so in a nutshell, you disbelieve in things like “women lie men lie NUMBERS DON’t LIE”. You are basically saying 1 little fact and saying that is bigger than mountains of concrete objective facts that even former players, curren players, and gms etc in favor of Lebron? Is that really what this debate has come to. “oh kobe is better than Lebron because he played longer. Or, kobe had fans who became players or are impressed by him or could dislike Lebron or have whatever bias generated by media (possibilities Are endless) ” vs cocrete substantiated facts that players, analysts, educated people agree on. Bro…

  • Saleem Rainman

    yup yup.

    Just kinda annoying how Mike D’aintoni seemingly gets blamed for everything, global warming included.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Not sure he gets blamed for everything, just the right amount of blame for the mistakes he’s made. He deserves all of the blame for benching Pau obviously. He deserves some blame for Dwight leaving. He and Jim Buss together have a lot to prove next season.

  • pposse

    the only one that said D Wade was the best ball player after the 06 championship was Reggie Miller.