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Terrence Jones Arrested for Allegedly Stomping on a Homeless Person

21-year-old Houston Rockets forward Terrence Jones was booked early this morning for an alleged attack on a homeless person in Portland. Police say that Jones yelled at a sleeping man and stomped on his leg. Per KATU News (via EOB): “Jones was charged with harassment and is due in court Tuesday at 2 p.m. While watching the group walk away from the bar, the sergeant observed a man, later identified as Jones, walk by a doorway where two homeless men were sleeping, according to police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson. The sergeant said Jones yelled, ‘Wake up,’ then raised his leg and stomped down on one of the man’s legs. The men were sleeping in the doorway of 114 Northwest 3rd Avenue. The victim, 46-year-old Daniel John Kellerher, received a minor leg injury and did not require immediate medical attention, Simpson said.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    when keepin’ it real goes wrong

  • JML-G

    prolly bums did something to piss homeboy off.. a good homeless person is a stomped one #tru

  • RayJr

    How low. Hope the homeless guy can lawyer up, sue his ass and get out of the streets.

  • bill

    Your mom must’ve been really pissed at your dad to pass that “knowledge” on.

  • bill

    An unexpected payday for ole Daniel!

  • sefos

    your’e not supposed to stomp the homeless. I think that’s like, the golden rule.

  • RayJr

    Can you read? He was sleeping.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Don’t know if I’d want that kid on my team. I’d suspend him and ban him from the facility. Make him get help and learn how to treat people. The carelessness for other people, especially people who are a lot less fortunate than he is, is ridiculous.

  • bike

    Asshole. Hopefully, as punishment, Jones has to sleep on the street penniless for a week while people passing by are encouraged to urinate in his mouth.

  • shockexchange

    Terence Jones will play the leading role in the remake of “Above the Rim.”

  • Shut up

    You’re a piece of sh!t.

  • JML-G

    sleeping after peeing on Jones lambo

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Dude wtf is wrong with you?

  • JML-G

    get off my dick, u prolly the hobo Jones stomped

  • Love The Game

    LOL! That’s some disgusting ish right there.

  • Max

    Not cool dude, really wouldn’t expect something like this from him.

  • Max

    Not cool dude, really wouldn’t expect something like this from him.

  • AndyK415

    You’re an a$$hole

  • Ugh

    Just because you hate your father doesn’t mean NBA players should stomp on him for your vicarious gratification.

  • JML-G

    im not a father-less afroamerican, buddy

  • Guest


  • Max


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You didn’t answer my question… all you did was prove that there was in fact more wrong to you than anyone could’ve ever imagined.

    So, you f*cking moronic sack of sh!t. I repeat: “Dude wtf is wrong with you?”

  • LP @ThisisEther

    PR nightmare..no patching this…now he can’t even participate in visiting homeless shelters because…well…

  • RKJ92

    That’s fucked up, I hope a next man stomps on you, and you’re lucky I don’t see you.

  • z

    No, you’re just a loser talking tough on the internet, killing time at your dead end job. Kill yourself.

  • The Seed

    This happens all the time, sounds like racial profiling watching them and lets fix homeless should be the key.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    A good moron is a quiet one.

  • lannister

    whats the charge?

  • playa

    He’s a black Patrick Bateman it seems, he probably said “we have nothing in common” to the homeless dude haha, you can’t hate the man.

  • Marvin

    you are an absolutely disgusting disgrace for a human being. i hope you turn into one of those “good homeless” people so your dumbass can get not only get stomped on, but CURB stomped. you are nothing but an asshole. you “prolly” have no education along with the fact your parents hate your existence, so if anybody deserves getting on, its you.

  • Bo

    Wtf is wrong with this idiot who picks on homeless ppl

  • threefour66

    Yawn…If this had been Josh Hamilton stomping on a black homeless person this might be a story to interest the MSM.
    I’ll bet the homeless person Jones stomped was white.

  • alex80

    Karma police

    Arrest this man

  • smoov

    Thats low, being blessed with so much and to treat a person less fortunate like that is sad! Instead of leaving the guy some money you kick him? Low life

  • King David


  • King David

    homeless dude came up, NICE lol

  • Brenda Starr

    What an a–hoe

  • Benji

    I’m just gonna leave this here. You either get it or you don’t.

  • Hillbilly

    The poor homeless guy was probably just trying to get some rest from all the unborn chicken voices in his head.

  • Kip

    Fair enough. Your “stay at home” dad simply fingered you in the bunghole from time to time then took you out for ice cream to keep you silent.

    Now you are acting out on the internet. That is a form of therepy, I guess.

  • pposse

    lol to be fair if anyone pee’d on my lambo i’d be heated…homeless or not

  • JackPackage

    Reports are also suggesting he tried to feed a kitten to an ATM, after discovering the background of James Harden’s Twitter feed featured a magnificent subtle off-white, egg-shell colouring.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    I agree with you but wishing something like that on this guy makes you no better than him.

  • Ugh

    It’s very easy to believe you said this one after the first one. Thanks for owning up to being a racist, too!

  • Marvin

    you are right, it doesnt make me better. but if he wants to talk about how the homeless are the scum of the earth & they deserve to be beaten down, i just say that his words are, will & should be turned back around towards him

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    I understand. I guess I just would rather ignore those comments because they are obviously deep rooted in the highest form of ignorance.