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Tim Hardaway Says Greg Oden Would Help Miami Heat Win Third Straight Title

Free agent big man Greg Oden is said to be leaning towards signing with the Miami Heat, and according to team scout Tim Hardaway, the 25-year old center would help ensure a third consecutive ‘chip for the South Beach boys. Per Fox Sports: “The Heat remain committed to going after free-agent center Greg Oden, who is expected to make a decision soon. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra and vice president of player personnel Chet Kammerer observed Oden in a workout last week in his hometown of Indianapolis. ‘If we get Greg Oden, I think we will win a third (straight) title,’ Heat scout Tim Hardaway said. Oden hasn’t played in an NBA game since 2009 due to knee injuries. But he has been said to be looking good in his recovery, and San Antonio, Dallas, Sacramento, New Orleans and Atlanta are also interested in signing him.”

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  • Basketball Coach

    well he does fit well in a Heat jersey, he should also consider SA right? they’ll be on fire after last season’s loss from the Heat.


  • pposse

    the rich get richer. Lebron and his older brother Greg Oden on the same team now. Wow, how many lottery picks will this team have now? Lebron James, D Wade, Chris Bosh, Oden, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Shane Battier.

    Oh, but its okay though for a team to have that much talent, cause Lebron still “carried” them to a championship.

  • uqk

    oden needs to play in phoenix

  • Max

    Are you trying to tell us Lebron didn’t ‘carry’ the Heat to the chip?

  • bike

    If he’s healthy, it would go a long way to helping them three peat. Just bring him along real slow with the objective of getting him prime for the playoffs.

  • Enigmatic

    Rashard Lewis was the 32nd overall pick in ’98.

  • shockexchange

    He was crying on draft day because his stock fell so low. Now he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • pposse

    he was the consistent factor, not denying that. But please define the word “carry”.

    So just because there wasn’t another guy consistently putting up 20 ppg in the playoffs Lebron carried them? In every win the Heat had in the playoffs some other guy stepped their game up. Other guys was getting 20 in wins or close too. It wasn’t just Lebron with some eye popping stat and everyone else putting up mediocre numbers. It might have been Wade or Bosh putting up mediocre numbers, but then magically out of nowhere a guy like Mario Chalmers will drop 24 or in game 7 of the NBA finals shane battier will shoot 6/6 from the 3 pt line…so who really cares if Bosh scored 0 pts. Other guys stepped up. That’s what happens when you have all the talent in the world on your team. Ray Allen had 20 pt games too.

  • pposse

    i assumed he was a lottery pick cause he came out straight from hs. Still 6 lottery picks!

  • RayJr

    Oden has to sign with the Heat. This is a no brainer situation. Yes the Heat are a highly watched/scrutinized team, but Oden won’t have to have pressure performing with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh leading them. He can ease his way back and not have to be forced to play too much too soon. He should be good for 15 mins a game max.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i think you might have proved Max’s point. if u have one guy that is great almost every game and the rest of the team consists of guys that show up and drop 20 once every 6 games (those are usually called role players) then a good case can be made for the best player carrying that team. but yes, i agree the carry would have to defined before this discussion amounts to anything

  • Enigmatic

    Yup. Him, Carlos Boozer and Monta Ellis are all laughing all the way to the bank now. From 2nd rounders to multimillionaires. Not bad.

  • Anthony

    If Oden goes to the Heat that solidifies the one “Achilles Heel” Miami had and that is size in the front court…..Slam stay on this story, be the 1st to break the news! Oden on The Heat, supa-ugly!

  • spit hot fiyah


  • RayJr

    After going to the Finals 3 years in a row and winning back-to-back ships is that really still an “Achilles Heel” for Miami anymore?


    simple answer NO

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    - Ray Allen was a lottery pick in june ’96 lol. That’s like saying the Rockets just snagged a lottery pick in Marcus Camby.

    - Rashard Lewis was a 2nd round pick

    - Oden may have been a lottery pick, but he’s also a guy who is playing on two bad knees and who hasn’t played a meaningful game in 4 years.

    - One way or another, most teams have 4-6 lottery picks. From bad teams like the Bobcats and Pelicans, to average teams like the Rapstors and Cavs, to good teams like the Clippers and Bulls.

    You seem like a guy who follows basketball and knows the game, but your distain for Lebron makes you say some vastly irrational things.

  • Max

    Mhm,, ‘Doing everything for your team and being the main reason for each game you win.’
    Or something like that.

    He scored 10 more points than the 2nd leading scorer, was their leading rebounder, most assists, the best defender.
    Without Lebron guys like Mario Chalmers and especially Battier and those guys wouldn’t each have a great game almost every other night.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Greg Oden can just sit his crippled black ass on the bench and watch Lebron win him a free championship while Oden plays the role of “EDDY CURRY”

  • pposse

    Yes Lebron was the main reason they won; he was also the main piece, the offense revolves around Lebron James. Him having more points and assists than his teammates should come as no surprise. The only thing surprising is the rebounding. Lebron never had to be some sort of defensive specialist, his defense was not hindering guys like Paul George to get theirs…he played good d but don’t overstate it just cause he played better d then other players on his team.
    Guys on the Heat get great 3 pt opportunities because there are 3 guys on that team that you absolutely cannot double off of. Not one guy, three…if Wade or Bosh doesn’t hit a shot for 3 games straight you still are not told to just leave any of them wide open, they earned that. They earned themselves to be considered threats to me, the fans, and most importantly the coaches and the players at ALL times. They earned it through their HOF careers. If you look at the wins the Heat got in the last two rounds of the playoffs you will see stellar numbers from other guys on the team…but no, we are living in a world where Sasha Pavolovic = D Wade.

  • pposse

    Sorry not just lottery picks but top 5 lottery picks! And so what Ray Allen was still a lottery pick in 1996? Even tho the Heat are paying him 3 mill per yr the Celtics were still willing to give the old man 6 mill per.

    Seriously, outside of D Wade and Chris Bosh every other ball player on Miami earned their salaries in the playoffs. They all came up huge in one game or another which ultimately led them to winning the championship. Chris Anderson at one time was like 30/35, Udonis Haslem strung together two very important and good games in Indiana, Mike Miller showed out again in the finals, Chalmers came up huge in the finals twice against TP where he outplayed him twice, Ray Allen Game 6, etc. etc.

  • Basketball_iQ

    Lebron carried this team

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    ehh, Charlotte has like 9.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Yea technically speaking but they sure as hell don’t play like they are.

  • pposse

    they got 9? wtf is wrong with that team?!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Michael Jordan picked 7 of them lol

  • Virgil Starkwell

    Don’t be silly. Of course the greatest player in the world carries the Heat. By any definition. That’s what all-time greats do.

  • Virgil Starkwell

    If the Oden experiment works in Miami, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4…..etc:

  • pposse

    the closest i seen anyone to carrying a team per say in the last 15 yrs was 06 Wade vs Dallas. Even in that series Shaq was averaging like 20 and 10, so how can you even say Wade carried that team? He had a better all around series than Lebron did this yr too

  • Omek

    I totally agree. The pieces the Heat have signed is starting to get rather obscene. If Lebron is a true superstar, he would not need this many top players just to win a championship. For me, the Ray Allen signing was just so over-the-top in terms of all-star talent on an individual team in the NBA. It probably shouldn’t have even been approved by the league. There are so many players on that team now taking less money just to win several championships. I don’t remember Kobe or Jordan needing about 4 other players in double digits and three of the top players in the league to get championships.

  • Bang!

    I heard he just signed with them

  • Stepfan Raiford

    Hope he stay’s healthy but this was just too funny, not to post.

  • #13

    shaq was averaging more like 14 and 10, shooting 29% from the line

  • pposse

    i think in the wins in that series he was 20 and 10 but overall yeah his stats that series were wack

  • Feez_22

    The real list of lottery picks the heat had in 2012-2013 (not including juwan because… well sh$t he was a coach let’s be honest) are:

    Ray Allen – 37
    Shane Battier -34
    Mike Miller – 33
    Lebron James – 28
    Chris Bosh – 29
    Dwyane Wade – 31

    6 lottery picks and possibly 4 future hall of famers (if you think bosh is a hall of famer). However, it has to be noted that in the entire playoffs, the only guys on this list that consistently produced on the level they were expected to were lebron, miller and ray allen. I’d get your point more if bosh and wade played on the level they were supposed to play at but the fact is they did not for a myriad of reasons (injury to wade, matchup problems for bosh).

    However, lets not act like the heat had 6 lottery picks all in the prime of their careers. Only 3 are in their prime. Mike miller and shane battier’s careers didn’t project out to be ones of lottery picks. Ray is the only true “lottery pick” in theory and application and he was 37, in the twilight of his career.

    Adding oden wouldn’t be “the rich getting richer” It would be the rich attempting to stay rich to repeat. the “rich” who were collectively the oldest team in the league last year need a big guy it seems just to get even now. Hear me out for a sec. they were last in rebounding and were pummeled in the paint versus the bulls and pacers. Both the bulls and pacers were without key players who will be back so the heat being overtaken is a real thing here until they address that inside play. The pacers especially made the heat look vulnerable and just added another frontcourt player so the motive is clear… punish the heat inside and you can possibly win.

    BTW, busts should no longer count as first rounders. Oden is a bust for a reason. He just can’t stay healthy.

  • Feez_22

    Wade had a better all around nba finals than any perimeter player since michael jordan so… cool. wade carried that finals team in 06 clearly.

  • Feez_22

    #1 – this team was built for lebron to be the main piece, sure. Any team with lebron on it in the nba would feature lebron as the main feature of the offense. However, wade/bosh are on this team for this team to be top heavy. The offense is supposed to flow through all of them and did in their 27 game win streak. It couldn’t in the majority of the playoffs though because wade was injured and bosh had some matchup problems to deal with (noah/hibbert/duncan)

    2 – Lebron gets his 3pt shooters opportunities no matter if the big 3 are on the court or not. Since you like to nitpick, go rewatch game 2 of the finals. when the heat were hitting all their 3s, bosh and wade weren’t on the court. Lebron has always had the ability to elevate the 3pt shooters on his teams (in cleveland, mo williams shot 43 and 46% from 3 with lebron). The spacing helps the big 3 individually more because you can’t come and double one as much.

    3- the other guys are what they are… the OTHER GUYS. That is what good teams are about. OTHERS producing. Look at the spurs. at one point in the finals, the other big 3 (kahwi leonard, danny green, gary neal) were outproducing the spurs real big 3.

    The fact of the matter is the heat were built to be top heavy with the big 3. the fact that 2 of the big 3 were sporadic at best in the playoffs should tell you lebron actually had to carry em. Not only scoring (which you are pointing out) but assisting and rebounding too! He carried an inordinate amount of weight. I wouldn’t say he all out dragged them to a chip but i can say whole heartedly that lebron was the main reason they won a championship. You can harken back to the OTHERS having a good game or 2 every 6 or 7 games but the most consistent dominant miami heat player was lebron.. You can say that lebron had a bad games 1-3 of the finals because that would be true. However, he was still the overwhelming reason why the heat won the championship and was the overwhelming reason why they lost in 2011 to dallas.

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    Look at the production of Dwade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, AND Rashard Lewis (who didn’t even play). Why don’t you look at what the players currently do for the whole season and playoffs as opposed to simply look at past accomplishments. Or nitpick a couple of games or even possessions

    LeBron led that squad in pts, rebs, asst, steals, is clearly the best player in the league and makes his squad better by giving them chances to win. The pacers won nearly every “playing matchup” against the Heat, the only exception was LeBron was better than George and that turned out to being the factor. Wade has 1-2 good games in the finals and people say he is the best player on the Heat when in fact LeBron has historic seasons/numbers/accomplishments…

    I’m not saying LeBron is the GOAT, but to be ignorant is not cool. There is a short list of player better than LeBron and NONE OF THEM ARE IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW or HAVE BEEN throughout Bron’s career except for maybe Shaq.

  • Feez_22

    … let me ask a simple question.

    Did wade and bosh play like top 2 players in the league in the playoffs this year?

    If the answer is no, your paragraph was for nothing.

  • GetOuttaHereBro

    Lottery pick don’t mean anything if they can’t and haven’t produced…

  • pposse

    NO one is denying he was the overwhelming reason they won the chip this year, nobody…but he didn’t not carry them.

    However, I did watch the playoffs and the OTHERS did not just have a good game or 2 every 6 or 7 games. That is completely false. One of the OTHERS had a good game every single playoff game. Maybe they were not consistent, but somebody new stepped up for the Heat every game, while Lebron stayed consistently excellent. Lebron might have carried Bosh and Wade at times, but not the whole team. The OTHERS did what they had to do.

    The name Bosh and Wade carry meaning too, whether you see it or not..their names are not Varejao and Pavlovic. The name Bosh and Wade so long as they are printed on the back of a jersey should always be viewed as a threat, and was always viewed as a threat at any time in the game.

    Comparing this team to the Cavs cause Lebron said its okay or for whatever other ignorant reasons some people try and come up with over here is downright stupid – that is all i was saying. Now they are midst signing a #1 draft pick who hasn’t played ball in 3 years for a minimum. If this guy is half as good as his potential the league is in serious trouble.

  • pposse

    the only reason why i want to agree with Wade carrying that team to the chip was the aggression (enormous amount of ft attempts) and the simply cause when I was rooting for the Heat that year i really don’t remember anyone else as a scoring threat, or given the respect as a scoring threat.

  • Enigmatic

    Yeah, for sure. Forgot about Arenas. Could also add Ben Wallace. He got hella paid, and wasn’t even drafted.

  • Yea

    Dont cry just cause your team got smashed by the Heat. And 1 man can’t do it all, It takes 5 men on the floor to win a game. Just because Lebron is so popular doesn’t mean he did all the work

  • yea

    See now you’re making sense

  • pposse

    if your talking about the regular season, dwade played like the second best sg in the league. Bosh was an all star. I’m not trying or being ignorant, Lebron is pretty much the second best baller of all time in my eyes already. Just don’t like how some have described the Miami Heat to the Clevland Cavs talking about Lebron had to do the same thing he did in Cleveland bla bla

  • Feez_22

    #1 – If one of the others had a good game every single playoff game in conjunction to 2 of the 3 big 3 not playing good most of the playoffs, it causes a cancelling out effect. If one of the OTHERS had a good playoff game with wade and bosh having good playoff games then you would have a point. The heat needed the others to have those games because a couple of the heat’s main players were greatly sporadic.

    #2 – Names can carry weight but if those names are not producing, it is all for nothing. Production is what is important and if they are not producing, it is imperative someone else steps up (which is what happened). However, that doesn’t’ take away from the fact that both wade and bosh were highly sporadic. I am not saying they are scrubs bc they obviously are not. However, wade was clearly hobbled and bosh had matchup issues taking away from his game. In reality, the only heat player that played like a star through the duration of the playoffs was in fact lebron james. it is what it is and if people say lebron carried them for that fact, you cannot dispute them.

    #3 I agree that comparing this team to the cavs is stupid. The cavs didn’t have the talent to underachieve in the first place like the heat did so ya i agree.

    #4 – Again on the oden thing… Greg oden has played a total of 82 games in 3 nba seasons. He hasn’t played a game since 2009. it is 2013 now. he is a gamble for whoever takes him. If he can stay healthy (Big if… he has had a major injury in every year he’s been in the nba) and can produce in the playoffs, the heat would be much better for it. Chances are he plays a mike miller role for them. He can use the reg season to get as healthy as he can and if he is healthy for the playoffs (which is unlikely… he has had 3 non contact major injuries already) then he’d serve really good for them. if not, the heat can just have him on the roster to enjoy the ride.

    I think he should go to the suns to be honest. oh well.

  • pposse

    Its not a matter if i think Bosh is a HOFer, he is going there. He sacrificed parts of his game to play on the Heat – has to try and be an elite defender and give up offensive touches. Now he has 2 rings along with a bunch of other accolades, the chances he doesnt make it in at this point are slim to none.

    Wade and Bosh didn’t play to their potential in no way during the playoffs, but they are still threats. You can’t just replace those two guys and put in two players who could produce similar numbers to what they had in the playoffs and expect Lebron and the Heat to win. Their names still have clout, any coach, player on the opposing team knows this and gameplan accordingly. Lebron benefits from having them on his team, along with Ray Allen, Mike Miller, etc even if they do nothing at all (exaggerated but do you see the point?).

    Before Oden became a bust he was a very nice ball player. The fact that he is coming back, and perhaps play alongside some winners with winning habits does not sit well with me…at all (as a fan of an opposing team). You can’t teach 300 lbs and 7 ft. We’ll see im just not completely sold he is a bust.

  • Omek

    Yes they very much did. They may not have scored as much but the turnovers and defense they provided put them over-the-top in the finals. Wade even singlehandedly won one of those finals games that kept the Heat in the series.

    The amount of talent they have on one team is insanely over-powered. Just sayin’.

  • Feez_22

    shaq was given the respect as a scoring threat but wasn’t really effective doing so in that finals at least.

  • Omek

    I agree. No way Oden is a bust. I see him bringing the Heat straight to the finals once again.

  • pposse

    i could have sworn they had eric dampier guarding him 1 on 1 for the most part. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he was getting double teamed.

    It might just be a ‘style’ thing with Wade. The way he attacked the basket every time he touched the ball that series was something else…up to that point in his career that was how he played all the time. With Lebron its a little different, he doesn’t go in full attack mode all the time..probably cause he doesn’t have to, or he is just smarter and can beat you in other ways. In either way, I would use what 06 Wade did as the closest thing to a blueprint on how to ‘carry’ a team

  • Feez_22

    1: I don’t dispute bosh being a hall of famer. He definitely sacrificed to be on the heat. However, being a hall of famer isn’t about sacrifice or trying. It is about production and doing. I think he will make it into the HOF but the main reason why is because he was a part of this dynasty miami heat. there is no way imo that he makes the HOF if he is not a miami heat player. ray/lebron were HOF bound before miami and wade was HOF bound before the big 3.

    2: The heat actually had games where they did just what you said there lol… they literally took wade and bosh out of key games and the heat were better for it. Believe it or not… but if you look at games 2 and 6 of the finals (spec 4th q of game 6), that is exactly what they did. Bosh though had some great moments in that game 6. Scoring threats need to be gameplanned for no doubt and i am not saying lebron didn’t have anyone. in no way am i saying he 1 manned this… however, carrying a team doesn’t have to mean 1 manning it. Lebron was the most impactful heat player in mostly every major aspect of the games (i say mostly because he wasn’t the most impactful at 3pt shooting). That has to count for something.

    3: i explained your oden pt in a post above.

  • Feez_22

    how can you say a player that has played 82 games in 3 seasons is not a bust? he’s not a talent bust but is clearly an injury bust. He has had 3 major knee surgeries… players just don’t come back from that.

  • Feez_22

    not one on one. He was doubled all the time. it gave wade driving lanes to the rim all day. If you re-watch some of the highlights on youtube, you will see the effect of shaq.

    Wade’s carrying of a team to a finals was as close to what shaq did in 2001 v. the sixers when he avg 38-16 in the finals. Wade super carried.

  • pposse

    based off of potential i still prefer not to call him a bust just yet. This is America everyone is deserved a second and third chance…mind you..this guy took OSU to the championship or final 4 with his left hand. Its irritating and does not sit well with a Heat ‘hater’ that this particular guy might suit up and help the team single handedly with their only weakness

  • Omek

    Because he will be surround by the best players in the league. He doesn’t have to do much at all. That’s why he won’t be a bust on their team. They can also rest him and put in one of their several other all-star players.

  • Feez_22

    this will basically be oden’s 4th chance. I hope he comes back. i really do. he was such a pure talent potential wise. If he can come back good, the heat might have the best frontcourt in the NBA (Lebron, bosh at the 4 and a healthy oden at the 5 would be a terror) and could account for wade diminishing due to injury but the fact is no one has seen a fully healthy oden since his high school days.

  • Feez_22

    Wade was 16-4.6-4 on 45% in the playoffs.
    Bosh was 12.1-7.3-1.5 on 46.8% in the playoffs.

    If this is what you would constitute as top 2 player in the league production, you are out of your mind. & no… turnovers and defense don’t mask it bc in fact, the heat had multiple ROLE PLAYERS that did that.

  • pposse

    2. Cannot remember game 2, but the only thing that saved the Heat in game 6 was a miracle. An unearthly act happened…i remember both of them coming back in the game with 4 mins left..but really Spoelstra jagged. He should have put them back in around the 6 minute mark, when they were ahead in the game …but he kept them out and the Spurs came back to take the lead or cut the lead to a point, then Spo put them back in.

    Spo’s an average coach which I believe makes for exciting Heat games cause he’s slow to make the proper adjustment. He ends up making them, but its like he needs halftime to digest everything before he makes the final ‘right’ decision. He’s still a student, not a teacher or a boss like Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach or Pat Riley…real curious to get a hold of an honest opinion that Riley has of Spo. This also is a factor.

  • Omek

    Exactly, replace a superstar with another. Their bench is the deepest in the league. Each one of those guys can be an all-star on any given night. And more likely than not 2 or more of them dominate a game. Wade and Bosh don’t need to have a stellar game every game. Yet somehow they come through when it counts, and that makes them top players in the league. I realize their numbers were much lower this year overall, but just looking at those average stats minimizes their performances in pivotal playoff games.

    According to your numbers we could remove Wade and Bosh from every game, replace them with bench players, and Lebron would still get two championships. Still want to stick with that notion?

  • Feez_22

    # actually, the heat were up before spo put wade and bosh back in. the heat lost the lead when wade-bosh came back in. Bosh however was big in getting that lead back with those 2 rebounds.

    I honestly think spo is a decent coach. I don’t think he’s next level like a lot of people think but he isn’t bad. Spoelstra coached a 15 win miami heat team the year before to two 40+ win seasons. Also, both of those miami heat teams were i believe 1st in the nba in fg% against. Pretty good defensively.

    TBH, i think the most overrated coach in the nba is doc rivers. That convo can be had for another article though.

  • Feez_22

    Now the heat’s bench is the deepest in the league? wait… are you saying that the heat have superstars on their bench now???? wow. 2 completely false statements.

    each one of the heat’s bench players can be an all star on any given night?

    Mike miller’s peak game in the playoffs= 15 points in game 3 of the finals. He scored 5 or less points in 13 of the 17 playoff games this year. But hell… he’s an all star on any given night to you.

    Norris cole had 2 18pt games as his peak games in the playoffs in round 2 v. chicago. had 32 pts combined in the finals. all star any given night? good grief

    Udonis haslem: had 5 good games on the heat’s way to the championship. your case has some legs with ud as he had a 17pt and 16pt game v indy. In the finals, udonis was a no show on both ends.

    Shane battier: Literally had 1 “all star caliber” game in 17 playoff games. Yet he is a superstar on any given night? LOL

    the ONLY heat bench players who you can say played like a fringe all star on any given night was ray allen/birdman as they consistently had good games 3/4 rounds of the playoffs. the rest were spotty at best in most of these games. your revisionist history clouds your judgement on what was really the case with these bench players.

    BTW, My notion is not that wade and bosh didn’t have anything to do with them winning 2 rings. they clearly did. I am saying that they did NOT play like top 2 players in the nba like you are asserting. their matchups routinely outplayed them in the playoffs and their numbers were vastly decreased from what they did in the regular season. vastly.

    BTW, the numbers wouldn’t support lebron winning 2x without wade and bosh every game because the heat’s bench isn’t superstar laden as you say LOL oh man this is pretty ridiculous.

  • Feez_22

    btw… you said wade and bosh played like top 2 players in the nba. If you are that type of player, you should have a stellar game every game or every other game. period. They didn’t and i said why. Injuries and matchups.

    Mario chalmers comes through when it counts. so does ray allen. would i call them top 2 players in the nba? hell no. why? because they aren’t. Bosh and wade were top players in the reg season but were not in the playoffs so give it up.

  • Omek

    So Wade, Bosh, Allen, and Chalmers are not top NBA players? And Wade and Bosh are vital to Lebron winning 2 championships but not as important and played horribly in the playoffs at the same time? LOL oh man that is pretty ridiculous.

  • grgeblck

    One smaller piece of puzzle to complete the heat. We all know heat is weak on the inside. As long as the pay is not ridiculous, it’s a great pick up.

  • Hans Lowyn Castillo

    yeah.. that’s right.. :D

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Mario Chalmers is NOT a “top NBA player”. He’s not even a top NBA point guard. He’s not even a top 20 NBA point guard. On some nights, he’s not even the best point guard on his team!

    Ray Allen has not been a “top NBA player” in years.

    Wade, Bosh, Allen and pretty much all of Miami’s role players not named “Birdman” were extremely inconsistent throughout the playoffs. For instance, in game 7 of the finals, Tiago Splitter outscored Bosh, Allen, Haslem and Mike Miller COMBINED. Oh, and by the way, Splitter scored 2 points.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    “…according to team scout Tim Hardaway, the 25-year old center would help ensure a third consecutive ‘chip…”…Does 52 year old Greg have a son the same name…???

  • Feez_22

    #1 – wade and bosh are top nba players. They just were not top nba players in the playoffs which is a fact.

    #2 – Ray allen is a top ROLE PLAYER at this point in his career but i’d say a top nba player is top 25-30. ray allen isn’t that anymore because of his age. Ray left boston in part because they felt starting freaking avery bradley over him was more effective. He is THE top 3pt shooter though. specialist.

    #3 – Mario chalmers is a top nba player? in what freaking world is this a fact? Mario chalmers is barely a top 20 pg in the nba nevertheless a top 30 overall player. No, he is not a top nba player.

    Wade and bosh were important to winning championships. They just did not play like the top nba players in these playoffs. That is all i said. Learn how to read for once. calling mario chalmers a top nba player… LOL teams have backup point guards better than mario chalmers and this is a fact smh.

  • spit hot fiyah

    true, i guess the list goes on if we start digging deep.

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  • Virgil Starkwell

    No doubt. Wade had the best finals performance in history. I watch this team every game. Lebron is the heart and soul of the team. Without him, they are a 6 seed. He carried them.

  • Interdico Scriptor