Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 at 9:40 am  |  16 responses

Toronto Raptors to Buy Out Marcus Camby’s Contract

38-year old Marcus Camby had no interest in being part of the Toronto Raptors’ rebuilding project. So, they’re cutting him loose. According to Yahoo! Sports, the Raptors will buyout the final two years of Camby’s $7.5 million deal: “The Raptors acquired Camby in the recent trade that sent forward-center Andrea Bargnani to the New York Knicks. Camby said after the trade was agreed upon that he would prefer to play for a title-contending team. Camby, 38, played sparingly for the Knicks last season. The Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls are expected to have interest in Camby if he clears waivers and becomes a free agent, a league source said.”

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  • JML-G

    any contender could use Camby

  • Dev

    If he’s in shape cus that was the problem for most of the year with NY

  • Sancheezie

    smh @ camby.. acting as if he was even healthy to play more then half a season.

  • Mike Gilbert

    Bulls plz

  • aндрій базилевич

    so what if the raptors go to the eastern finals …then what …sure camby the team that effin drafted you is willing to give you your moneys worth somewhere else. bye.

  • LLC#12

    I don’t think he’s interested in playing, I think he’s interested in finding a bench he can sit on for a year and get a championship ring at the end of it


    so the miami heat’s new Juwan Howard?

  • Sancheezie

    hahaha your def right.

  • Sancheezie

    howards the team Goon. he checked lance stephenson last year & he’s a loan shark, ask antonie walker

  • patrick

    Wait..so did the Raptors pay him $7.5m? Or no? i would think that an incredible waste of money if they did pay him that? Or did they pay him less, say around $1m?

  • Seth
  • aндрій базилевич

    camby should just donate half of that to a toronto charity for goodness sakes ..they gave birth to him they can take him out

  • spit hot fiyah

    a buy out usually means less. so that the team saves money and the player can play somewhere he wants to play

  • Dfrance

    Its usually less, but definitely not 6.5 million dollars less. They maybe gave him $5 mill or so.

  • Dfrance

    Use him for what? To keep the bench warm? He’s 38 and his best years are way behind him, he just needs to retire.

  • Dfrance

    I don’t get why any team would be interested. Why not sign a young healthy big man with some upside? The DLeague is full of them.