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Contest: Win Courtside Jones Vintage T-Shirt

Talk about an old-school baller, win a shirt!

Our friends at Courtside Jones are giving SLAMonline readers a chance to win a free vintage shirt that celebrates the ABA ballers of the ’70s.

Here’s how you can win it: drop a comment (be sure to register with your real e-mail address) telling us about who your favorite old-school baller is and why.

We’ll sort through the comments, pick a winner and ship the shirt out ASAP, so get your responses up soon!

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  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    DR J… Just because of the fro life.

  • Tony Plumley

    the Goat. Always Thought Jumping And Making Change Off Of Top Of backboard Was Awesome

  • diego17

    Michael Jordan – cuz he was a great player and is a great guy

  • mugsy555

    “The Enforcer” Maurice Lucas because he made the ABA All Time Team and went on to a great NBA career for the Portland Trail Blazers. R.I.P.

  • AJ

    Dominique ‘The Human Highlight Film’ Wilkins because with his 42 inch vertical he was France’s first astronaut!

  • Randy Yim

    My favorite old-school baller would definitely have to be Lenny Wilkens! Loved his playing days with the Sonics, plus he brought the 206 it’s only championship! He was an old-school baller and an old-school coach. Being inducted to the HOF 3 times is pretty impressive

  • Daniel J

    Pistol Pete Maravich!! One of the most prolific scorers and passers the game has ever seen! Incredibly skilled and decades ahead of his time

  • logues

    larry bird… the baddest white boy to ever step foot on a basketball court. talk about having it all… shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, hustle, heart, dedication, clutch, mustache…

  • coach skelton

    Favorite ABA player of all-time is Rick Barry. Who else had the chutzpah to shoot free-throws like that?

  • Brandon

    Larry Bird… the dude could knock down a J from anywhere on the court, a flat-out beast

  • jay chau

    My hats off to Calvin Murphy. One of the old-school little guys of the league. Fearless, relentless, and straight up drop buckets on you. Hey, he’s got a few records too; can’t knock him down!

  • troyboy

    Its a tie between 2 ballers for me even though you said one lol. So I’m going to make them one..Joe Hammond & pee wee Kirkland cause I grew up on them in Harlem…tburgess

  • KBM

    Pistol Pete because he was killin cats before it was called killin cats.

  • Leonardo Solo

    Bill Russell invented defense and fast-break offense. Russell.

  • DropTheBall

    Detroit Pistons Bad boys vs Air jordan Bulls, the intensity of the game, just like watching it on live.

  • nikhil

    my old school baller is tiny tots and i dont know

  • Jason David

    My favorite old-school baller is Magic Johnson because for me he’s the greatest PG of all time.

  • Leo Sepkowitz

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their answers. We’ll be contacting the winner and shipping the shirt out this week!

  • Zamir

    My favorite old school baller has to be Ed “Booger” Smith. He’s probably one of the most talented point gaurd to never make the NBA. Watching Soul in the Hole you see how much talent New York basketball players have but 50% of them tend to get caught hustling off the court. Booger had one of the quickest handles if I had to compare it to any player to make the league, I would compare him to Iverson or Tim Hardaway. He also knew how to break a defense apart just with his speed and quickness and his slashing to the rim was great even though he was 5″11 he knew how to use his body to finish at the rim. Lastly the best part about his game was that he got his players involved and always passed before taking a shot. He stapled himself into New York street basketball just by making his teammates better and racking up dimes. If I could compare Booger to any nba player I would say Penny Hardaway they both didn’t need to score alot of points instead they would look for there teammates and they both had the best no look passes that I have ever seen. Ed Booger Smith is a New York Legend.

  • Lester Dizon

    my old school baller is MJ because of his amazing dunks and offensive plays. and his wonderful shoes. haha

  • Najee Fareed

    My favorite old school baller is Larry Bird because of the intensity, poise, confidence, and all-around skill he played with. He was deemed the white hope but took another path that transcended color which was still a big problem in the NBA at the time. He connected with everyone in the crowds on some level whether you loved or hated him. He is easily thee third greatest player of All-time behind Jordan and Kobe. He is greatness incarnate. (n.fareed71024@gmail.com)

  • Kymberly Pray

    The Hick from French Lick aka Larry Bird.
    The 80′s were a different time for basketball and Larry Bird was one of the reasons way it was an era of great games that are still referenced today.

    Larry Bird strong suit was his diversity. He was a great shooter, rebounder, and defender going up against some greats: Moses Malone, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson among them.

    Larry Bird was great at the trick shots, AND he did them all in the short shorts!

  • Recollection

    James Worthy is my favorite old-school baller as he was a key component of showtime, and had a tremendous finishing ability around the rim. He wouldn’t try to do too much as he knew his role on the team. As humble as can be too. All-around great guy.