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Dwyane Wade Says ‘I’m Not Done Yet’

Write off Dwyane Wade at your own peril, the Miami Heat superstar guard claims. He’s getting healthier, and Wade feels confident that he’ll continue to play an enormous role for the defending NBA champs. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “About to turn 32 during the coming season, Wade has heard it all this offseason when it has come to diminished expectations. To some, it already is a given that after struggling through the push to last season’s NBA championship, his role alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh will be reduced, or at least more closely managed, going forward. It is a concession Wade stressed won’t be made, won’t need to be made. ‘I think we’ve been around each other long enough to where we respect each other’s opinions, respect each other’s decision, and most importantly, it’s about the big picture,’ he said of Heat management and the coaching staff. ‘So I’m never closed minded on things, but, also, I’m a player. I want to be on the floor. Obviously, I want to be on the floor healthy. So, we’ll see. I’m going to go into the season, take it day by day, step by step. I’m not going to think about what people say I should do or think I should do. I’ll do what my body tells me to do.’ [...] ‘I’m not done yet,’ Wade said. ‘I still got more in the tank. Like I said, my focus is just to make sure physically I can do the things I need to do. My skills haven’t diminished by no stretch of the imagination.’ Yes, there are concessions to age after 10 years in the league, but not to the degree many anticipate, amid speculation ranging from the Heat holding him out of a preset number of games during the regular season to resting him on the second nights of back-to-back games. ‘You lose something as you get older, when it comes to your athleticism,’ he said, ‘but you don’t lose your game, you don’t lose what’s up here [pointing to his head]. My job, my whole life, I’ve always had that kind of doubter, people have always doubted me. And I don’t know how I would succeed without it. So I welcome it, and it gives me a challenge and I will see if I can live up to my challenge.’ For Wade, the target is not the Oct. 1 start of training camp, but the Oct. 29 regular-season opener against the visiting Chicago Bulls. ‘I’m still in my process of recovering from the bone bruises that I had, and the tendinitis in my knee,’ he said. ‘So, you know, I’m not 100 percent, but I’m getting better, and over the course of time, it will get better and better as I get strong.’”

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  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Not worried about Wade’s health at all. Top 4 or 5 SG of all-time. Legacy is set. Seeing him win 4 rings would be great though. If Miami wins it again, they’ll be known as a dynasty (3 titles in 4 seasons)…a dynasty created only because Wade made a decision to not only allow LeBron and Bosh to join him in Miami, but then to also step aside and let LeBron lead the team. Not because his skills had diminished, but because he knew LeBron was the better player. Says a lot about his character and his knowledge of the game and the best way to win. Also says a lot about his intelligence…he knows his place with the Heat organization and in the history of the game.

  • IggI

    D Wade 4ever…

  • keyon dooling

    Wade shoulda gone back to training with Timmy Grover though…

  • sam
  • LP @ThisisEther

    you mean 3 titles in 3 seasons? or were you describing the requirements to be a dynasty…

  • Busta213

    Im not saying you didnt make a lot of good points, but I think its pretty reasonable to be worried about Wades health at this stage. He was running on fumes these playoffs gone and was inconsistent during the one before.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I was talking about the full time for the Big 3 including the first season when they got to the Finals but lost. Them getting there in their first season was pretty special even though they lost.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    He banged knees with Manu which is different than him just breaking down on his own. If he was just breaking down, I’d share in the worries. But the bone bruises to his right knee and the left knee injury after colliding with Manu, those are just bad luck plays that could happen to anyone. If he can have some good fortune and avoid taking some of those hard hits at the basket especially in the regular season, I think he’ll be fine. But what that’s going to require is an even better jumpshot as he gets older. So I hope he’s working on it.

  • LakeShow

    We’ll see.

    His history is neither foreboding or promising.

    He can go either way from here.

    Establish his rightful spot behind MJ and KB or become diminished by his reckless play and fail to finish his career like the great player he is.

    He’ll never be Flash again, and that’s fine, he doesn’t need to be, he can be just as good. He must develop an outside game and play more in the post instead of as a slasher and finisher at the hoop.

  • did dis dude jus did dis?

    I’m a fan of both Kobe and Wade however I think Wade was the better player in their best years. Meaning to say if I could have one of them at their absolute peak it would be Dwayne Wade. I think it’s very close but I’d give the edge to Wade. Of course overall Kobe > Wade, but I think Wades best years are significantly better than Kobes were. I wonder if anyone else has thought about this because I remember the Wade vs Kobe debate was pretty big a few years ago.

  • kadavour


  • LakeShow

    I don’t see why.
    But okay.

    Wades Best three statistical years:

    27 – 6.7 – 5.7 – 1.9 – .8 on 48% fg’s and 17% 3 point FG’s
    27 – 7.5 – 4.7 – 2.1 – 1.2 on 49% and 26% 3 point FG’s
    30 – 7.5 – 5 – 2.2 – 1.3 on 49% fg’s and 31% 3 point FG’s

    Kobe’s best three statistical years:

    29 – 5 – 5.9 – 1.7 – .6 on 46% fg’s and 30% 3 point fg’s
    30 – 5.9 – 6.9 – 2.2 .8 on 45% fg’s and 38% 3 point fg’s
    35 – 4.5 – 5.3 – 1.8 .5 on 45% fg’s and 35% 3 point fg’s

    Wade is more efficient, Kobe is more prolific.
    Wade has the more complete defensive game. Kobe’s got the more complete offensive game.
    Wade’s the more willing passer. Kobe’s the more feared scorer.

    You have an argument, I don’t think it’s better than mine though.

  • Busta213

    But he was already hobbled by the end of the regular season – which is why he got rested vs. the Bucks – way before he got a chance to play against Manu.
    Wade’s game has always been a physical one – there WILL be some hard contact – guaranteed.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i would much rather have prime Kobe over prime Wade. It’s a huge difference in how teams guarded them. Wade is very one-dimensional on offense. Which is why he found most (ALL) of his team success when he had a teammate other teams paid more attention too.

  • LakeShow

    *Shed’s single tear

  • bike

    Wade’s an old 32 in basketball years. Too many crashes slashing and driving and he never really developed a solid outside shot. You have to figure in a significant amount of down time during the regular season anymore.

  • did dis dude jus did dis?



    I’m look at their numbers per 36 mins and they are very close. I value wades efficiency and that is probably why my opinion is what it is.


    Kobe also had his fair share of help.

    I see what you are saying however Wade had one of his best years with no other significant teammate (2008-2009). Look at how terrible that roster is and Wade still managed:

    79 games played
    30.2 pts/game on 49% shooting
    5 boards
    7.5 assists
    2.2 stls
    1.3 blks
    ^ (season stats not per 36 mins)

    All teams were geared to stop Wade that year and they simply couldn’t. It was one of the greatest seasons from a SG that I have ever seen.

    Again I think it’s close but just my opinion. Overall and terms of legacy is Kobe but I think people really forget how good Wade was at his peak.

  • LakeShow

    Why are you looking at their per 36 numbers?

    Is Wades best year really better though than either of Kobe’s top two years?

    30 – 8 – 5 – 2 – 1 on 49%


    30 -6 – 7 – 2 – 1 on 45%

    (35 – 5 – 5 – 2 – .5 on 45%)

    That’s the rounded figures of each…

    You can’t really make a “statistically greater argument” for either.

    Similar stats, overall better career for KB even if you look at them year by year.

    People on this site have not forgotten bout Wade lemme tell you.

    I’m always reminded whenever I try and call KB the best SG in the L.

  • did dis dude jus did dis?

    Technically we can look at it per 36 mins or 48 mins. It just levels the playing field because obviously if one person is playing more minutes they are going to average more points/rebs/ast/everything else. Either way I’d take Wade’s statline in 2008-2009 over any single year that Kobe played (barely just due to efficiency). Wade also has a higher PER & Win Share in these years if you are into more advanced stats.

    I already agree that Kobe has a greater career and was consistently the better player but at their peaks you can say there were pretty even. It is just a matter of opinion in that regard. I remember watching them go at it a few years ago and it was just awesome to be able to witness 2 of the greatest sg’s the game has seen.

  • LakeShow

    But them playing more is part of their stats. It shouldn’t be taken away from them.

    Like what nbk said below, teams played Kobe completely differently than D-Wade. He was a guaranteed double team and his offensive ability helped open up the lane for his big men to thrive.

    Being a feared scorer does allot for a player and his team.

    Good banter though. Have a goodie

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I think if he can change his game a little like Kobe did as his athleticism started to leave him, he’ll be okay. More jumpshots. Less rim attacks. I’d feature Bosh more in the offense during the regular season to take some of the burden off of Wade. We know LeBron’s going to do what he does.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Smart move.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I agree. He has to improve his jumpshot and post game so that he doesn’t have to take so many hits going to the basket. But I think his spot is already established. His spot as a legend is set. What he’s done already speaks for itself. What he’s done already puts him behind MJ, Kobe and maybe Jerry West with the two guard position. Nothing he does from this point on can or will diminish anything he’s already done. Whatever happens in the future, he’s straight.

    We’d all love to see him end his career still performing like a star, but even if that doesn’t happen, we have years of greatness from him to watch and remind ourselves of who and what he was. Like Iverson…I watched him go from 27 a night to 18 a night rather quickly. The injuries and the burden of carrying a franchise by himself eventually caught up to him. But it didn’t make him any less of a legend. His time was just up.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    bruh, 2 can play this game……..and i think i’m pretty good at it…….

    (Note: I’m going to edit your comment so that it puts both guys in proper perspective then blanket stats give)

    “Kobe also had his fair share of help.

    I see what you are saying however Wade had one of his best years with no other significant teammate (2008-2009). Look at how terrible that roster is and Wade still managed:

    79 games played
    30.2 pts/game on 49% shooting (.574-TS%)
    5 boards
    7.5 assists
    2.2 stls
    1.3 blks

    ^ (season stats not per 36 mins)
    Miami Heat – (43-39, equally awful roster to LA…but in Eastern Conference)

    Win Shares = 14.7

    All teams were geared to stop Wade that year and they simply couldn’t. It was one of the greatest seasons from a SG that I have ever seen.”



    Let’s look at Kobe….without any help…..in a tougher conference……


    80 games played
    35.4 pts/game on 45% shooting (.559-TS%)
    5 boards
    4.5 assists
    1.8 stls
    .4 blks
    ^ (season stats not per 36 mins)
    LA Lakers – (45-37, equally awful roster…but in Western Conference)

    Win Shares = 15.3


    - Notable Comparisons,

    . Game with 40+ points

    . Dwyane Wade – 13

    . Kobe Bryant – 27

    . Game with 50+ points

    . Dwyane Wade – 3

    . Kobe Bryant – 6

    . Games with 10+ assists

    . Dwyane Wade – 18

    . Kobe Bryant – 2

    . Games with 15+ assists

    . Dwyane Wade – 2

    . Kobe Bryant – 0

    So while I would contend that both are of these are two of the greatest seasons of all-time…..i’d give the nod for the performance by Kobe. He was magnificent, even took the #2 seeded Suns to 7 games…..while Wade’s team lost in 7 games to the Hawks….Kobe’s team was facing a steeper hill imo, and he put up a better individual and team performance.

  • LakeShow

    Yeah, well said.

    I just know that if he becomes decimated with injuries it’s going to be hard for the Heat to three peat and hard for him to regain his old self.

    That will be a major blemish to his career.

    This season will say ALLOT.

  • Lloyd

    They need to give Bosh a bigger role this season and not make him a three-point shooter. He probably has one of, if not the most reliable mid-range jump shots in the league and he was able to put the ball on the floor too. If DWade is being restricted due to physical limitations, they need to let Bosh pick up that slack.

  • Sirchuck

    Wade should become the Heats 6th man ala 2008 olympics. Would really bolster that second unit

  • RKJ92

    LakeShow just so you know.. I agree with taking prime Kobe over prime Wade I just thought you’d like to hear that <3

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I don’t think them not winning a 3rd in a row will be a blemish to his career. He could get hurt again next season and it wouldn’t mean anything to me to the point where I’d view his career differently. It’s hard to criticize a team that wins 2 titles in 3 seasons. Hard to criticize a player with 1 Finals MVP and 3 championships just because he didn’t complete a 3 peat. If they make it to the Finals again and lose, he’d be 3 for 5 in the Finals…I can’t knock him at all for that. As he said himself, whatever happens from this point on for him, he’s playing with house money. If he wins, it will add to his legacy. If he loses, it won’t take away from it. 3 titles is enough to secure his place.

  • Feez_22

    not 3 peating will be a major blemish to wade’s career? Umm… no.

    Wade’s legacy is already cemented. When you are a 3 time champion and have won as the lead guy (with the best finals performance by a perimeter player since mj at the time) and as a 2nd option, your legacy is pretty intact. If the heat fail to 3 peat, it will be because battling teams with superior big men will finally have caught up to them most likely.

    The only blemish to wade’s career is injuries. We as basketball fans have seen many players end as all timers even though they were injury plagued. Heck… when that panel voted on the top 50 players ever they put bill walton in. Bill was injury plagued pretty much his whole career yet people mainly remember that he was an amazing player when healthy. The same will happen with dwyane wade.

  • Feez_22

    Dwyane wade at his peak was also a guaranteed double team… also, d-wade at his peak not only opened up the lane for his big men as well to thrive but he often found them. Look hat his 08-09 year… 30ppg 7.5 assists per game.

    Wade’s been a double team threat since his 2nd year in the NBA. I saw it first hand as a pistons fan watching wade absolutely destroy the 04-05 pistons in the conf finals (until he got hurt of course LOL) and then saw him do it again in 05-06 so no… wade was an absolute double team threat even as an inexperienced nba player. Diff is wade had a stretch between his 2nd and 7th yr where he was above 6.5 assists per every year. peaked out at 7.5 (which he achieved 2x). Don’t act like kobe was the only double team threat whose off ability helped his big men to thrive… Wade was as well.

  • LakeShow

    *Proceeds into balling eyes out into open palms hysterically.

  • LakeShow

    Naw. You took what I said and ran with it.

    “He was a guaranteed double team and his offensive ability helped open up the lane for his big men to thrive.”

    That’s what I said.

    What that means is that KB is a 1 on 1 isolation player that can drag entire defenses away and shade towards him.

    Wade is a slasher.

    Both have their benefits for certain teams. KB compliments his big men well in this regard.

    Wade would be double teamed once he came into the lane or slashed, where as KB was double teamed as far out as beyond the three point line at times…

    KB was the more feared scorer. Rightfully or not.

  • Feez_22

    You may “fear” a perimeter scorer but more often than not, the more impactful scorer who creates more problems for a defense is the slasher. You can account for a perimeter scorer with 1-2 guys on the perimeter. That leaves 3 defenders for 4 players. however, if you are a slasher, you could drive and have 3 players collapse on you. You kick it out and it’s 2 on 4 or if you drive and a few people collapse you can pass it in the interior for an easy score. This is why wade as a youngster/prime wade was hard to guard even for the best defenses (he obliterated great pistons defenses, celtic defense in the playoffs).

    The reason teams deploy defenses like the box one (celtics used this) or man to man/zone variations (spurs used this) is to keep players out of the paint because if you don’t, they can collapse the defense and just wreck your whole gameplan. It also attracts more foul calls which is another added element.

    From my years of watching the nba, i noticed the difference between perimeter and paint scoring. So yes… kobe may have been the most feared scorer as he was the more volatile and risk reward scorer (he could drop 50 anytime, could drop 60 if he wanted to) but wade scoring as a slasher is more impactful to destroying other teams gameplan. It sort of simulates another big man being on the court. Gets players in foul trouble, attracts a lot of free throws and often attracts triple teams in the paint which leads to kickouts for open 3s or dumpoffs to big men (this is the main reason wade has avg 6.1 asst for his career including multiple 7 asst seasons). Just wanted to point out the diff.

  • LakeShow

    Alright well you illustrated your point.

    I still feel Kobe is the more scary opponent, thus the worse one to face for a defense. But you have made some points as to why D-Wades style can be just as effective.

  • Feez_22

    alright. I respect your stance.

  • RKJ92

    My internet was down, and I JUST saw this now LOL haha!