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Jeanie Buss Says Phil Jackson Not Done Coaching in the NBA

Los Angeles Lakers co-owner and executive Jeanie Buss is engaged to legendary coach Phil Jackson. Despite Phil’s repeatedly claiming to be done with the whole coaching thing, Jeanie isn’t really buying it. Per the LA Times: “It has to be the right situation,’ Buss said Thursday during a live radio segment on ESPN Los Angeles (710 AM). Buss, who is engaged to Jackson, said the former Lakers coach still has ‘that need where he’s got to coach something.’ Early last season, the Lakers fired Mike Brown but hired Coach Mike D’Antoni after interviewing Jackson for the position. According to Buss, Jackson believes the current roster is well-suited for D’Antoni. ‘Phil has said the team now is really going to do well under D’Antoni’s system,’ said Buss. ‘Phil felt he was better for Dwight Howard.’ Howard left for the Houston Rockets as a free agent this summer. ‘I don’t know how things are going to turn out,’ Buss said of Jackson. ‘I just don’t think he’s done contributing yet. I think he’s got a lot to give.’”

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  • JibbsIsBallin

    Politics as usuaaaaal

  • LLC#12

    Out of curiosity, has the Shock Exchange ever derided Phil Jacksons coaching achievements by commenting that Phil just “aligned himself with exceptionally more talent than the rest of the L” ? Or is that barb saved just for “Horry Jr”

    Anyway, Phil, come coach my university team. I’m serious, the jobs yours, I’m not about to offer it to another completely undeserving coach before you’ve had chance to even weigh up the offer.

  • KingBenjamin

    I got a feeling that the Lakers are going to let Mike D’Antoni coach the team for one more season because realistically he’s not going to attract any big name free agents in 2014, the Lakers are giving Phil another year off to get healthy and they’ll have him back on the sidelines in 2014 ready to compete for another title with a reloaded Lakers squad.

  • danpowers

    but maybe the nba is done with phil jackson…

  • shockexchange

    SE will put it back to you. How many coaching jobs have come available since Phil was spurned by LA. The Nets (prior to Pierce and Garnett), Denver and several other teams courted him, yet Phil balked. If he’s so interested in returning to coaching then why didn’t he take the 10 or so openings out there?

  • LLC#12

    Yeah, it is a reasonable argument, I was just wondering if one of your taglines had a more extended usage than just Kobe.
    I think if I had already won 11 championships, I wouldn’t want to coach teams that aren’t gonna compete for more chips either…I’d just hold out for teams that could add to my tally. Looks like Phil could be holding out for a while, though…

  • shockexchange

    Phil’s not stupid. It’s best to let people assume you’re an above average coach then to get bounced early in the playoffs in BK, Denver, Orlando, Milwaukee, et. al and remove all doubt. You notice how when LA was knocked off by Dallas he left coaching due to health reasons, yet by the time Rent-A-Center arrived Phil’s health had recovered.

  • Clos1881

    Other coaches have had those same jobs and didn’t win

  • grgeblck

    too many ifs and yets.

  • grgeblck

    we should not take any retirements seriously nowadays.

  • MasterSplinter

    Phil Jackson to the Rockets after next season?

  • Ben Ireland

    He’s not an above average coach, he’s the greatest. Period. I don’t care how much talent you have, 11 rings is a damn hard thing to do. I see your point about the health reasons thing, but I’d imagine it’s more feeling antsy in retirement, something I’m sure happens to everyone. Most people don’t retire from quite as awesome a job though, so it’d be worse for him. Assuming it won’t kill him, I’d suck up a few chest pains for the chance of coaching in the NBA too. But I don’t see him coming back now. With Jeanie there, I would imagine he’d want to be in LA. No way Phil wants to start from scratch in a year or two, while dragging along a mediocre roster. He’d have maybe 3 years of competitive coaching left if he came back, I think (and I base that on nothing but age, and will). And the Clippers aren’t getting rid of Doc for him. So I don’t think he comes back.
    Also, I like Rent-A-Center. Very fitting haha.

  • shockexchange

    Ben, we are in agreement. “No way Phil wants to start from scratch … while dragging along a mediocre roster.” He won’t win trying to coach up “equal talent” or “more talent” than the rest of the L. He would rather sit on the sidelines and feign interest in coaching before he risks getting exposed. After all, He is the greatest until proven otherwise.

  • Ben Ireland

    The overall gist (jist?) s the same, I’m simply pointing out that he’s not a fraud like you say. To me, Phil’s worth about eight- ten wins for a mediocre team like the Lakers this year. He can turn chicken sh*t into chicken salad, but he can’t make a roast dinner; there’s not much championship aspirations with this squad atm. Though we hear so much about how he’s an incredible teacher and mentor, it would really be interesting to see him start from scratch and coach a rookie up. He caught Kobe, Shaq and Jordan all in their primes and bent them a little to play in his system, which emphasised their strengths. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have him take a good rookie (not even necessarily someone like Wiggins; I’m thinking a Kawhi Leonard type who falls through the cracks but has a great upside) and put him in that system and build the roster the way he wants? I doubt it’s realistic, but man, it might be fun watching a team like that rebuild.

  • shockexchange

    SE never said Phil was a fraud. He was key to the Bulls’ chips because he got those guy to play better together as a team. SE is not so sure about his value-added with Shaq because Shaq led a young Orlando team to the finals. Had that team stayed together, they would have won multiple chips.

    And no, it wouldn’t be interesting to see Phil take a rookie and try to build a roster around him – it would be a train wreck. Why do you think Phil hasn’t returned to coaching despite all the openings out there?

  • bike

    She’s just getting tired of coming home night after night finding Phil stoned and sitting on his ass all day.

  • Ben Ireland

    My bad, you just say exposed alot, it sounds like that. Phil’s great at dealing with egos, which is why he was so good with established rosters. And I honestly don’t think those Shaq in Orlando teams go far, though I’ll admit I was like 6 at the time. But Olojuwan was dominant then and Jordan came back, and I don’t think Shaq was quite the dominant force just yet from what I’ve watched. Plus Penny’s injuries and things like that, I just don’t see them taking down the Rockets or Jordan’s Bulls, though Shaq would likely have put up monster numbers so who knows.

    I guess I like Phil a bit more than you, I think I’d like to see him coach a talented rookie. But that’s what I want, not what he wants, it seems, so he’s holding out for a championship level squad, and I’d wager he would prefer one in LA. You must at least agree he’d be better than D’Antoni right now.

  • shockexchange

    Phil is a better coach than D’Antoni. But the original question from LLC#12 was whether Phil’s success was due to aligning himself with “exceptionally more talent than the rest of the L.” Until he actually takes a team with good or mediocre talent and coaches them up, it’s impossible to prove otherwise. The fact that Phil’s holding out for championship-caliber talent speaks to what he thinks of his own coaching ability.

  • Ben Ireland

    I think it’s more an age thing. Phil turns 68 before next season, and coaching up takes alot of time. I don’t see him putting that much work into proving it. I guess it’s a moot point, but having read his books, I don’t think Phil lacks confidence in his coaching ability, more an aging body. I think he’d be excellent for the record, but you’re right, it’s impossible to prove and likely will never happen.