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Kobe Bryant Says He ‘Shattered’ Rehab Timetable

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard Kobe Bryant has remained very confident as he recovers from a torn Achilles tendon, saying he’s well ahead of schedule, and giving the front-office reason to believe he’ll suit up on Opening Night (if not before.)

In reality, Bryant doesn’t know for sure when he’ll return to the court, but he seems to believe that tremendous progress has been made so far.


NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant said on Saturday, that he “shattered” the normal rehabilitation timetable for an Achilles tendon injury. [...] Bryant, speaking at the second stop of his China tour, said his Achilles tendon now feels strong and the surgery paid off well. “It was pretty innovative, the procedure that we did, in terms of how we attach the tendon and where it was torn. And you know, it’s really complicated procedures that they normally do—and taking tendons from the big toe and bring it—and, you know, I don’t want to bore you guys with nasty stuff. But we really simplified the procedure, and kind of took a risk with it, a calculated risk, and it’s been very successful for us.”

The NBA giant did not say whether he would be ready to play pre-season. “We don’t know. That’s the thing about this injury, it’s that the surgical procedure was different, how we did it was different. And because of that, the recovery has been different, the timetable has been different. You know, the normal timetable for recovering for an Achilles—we’ve shattered that. Three and a half months, I can already walk just fine, I’m doing and lifting weights with the Achilles just fine, and that’s different. We don’t know what that timetable’s going to be. It’s just kind of, it’s new territory for us all.”

Kobe has plenty of motivation to play again soon, and the Lakers have made it clear they’re not interested in tanking next season.

No matter how confident he may sound about the recovery, Kobe Bryant’s return date remains up in the air, but Lakers fans have to be pleased with their star’s sporadic (and strangely entertaining) medical updates.

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  • i_ball

    Kobe being Kobe. Props to the doctors if he really comes back early fully healthy

  • TR

    Deer antler spray

  • Anthony

    His blessing may just be his curse in this case…If Kobe’s competitive nature leads him to play heavy minutes to try to secure early season wins….it won’t be a good look for The Mamba post All-Star break.

  • spit hot fiyah

    like this?

  • The Seed

    Will play first game of the season.

  • Shooting Guard

    this is kobe as we know.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Anyone really surprised?

  • initbruv

    He said “we” shattered that, i.e. he and the medical staff who have been helping him.

  • bike

    That’s because he’s Kobe Motherfu*kin Bryant.

  • Ismael

    He might be rushing this. It’s a pretty serious injury and if he tears it again because it’s not fully healed. That’s it for The Mamba.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    PED’S ?

  • Jay Brodes

    i am optimistic on this.hope kb can come close to his production and dunks this past year..still blame dantoni for his injury but it is what it is! get well soon kb and cant wait to see the kbix!

  • LakeShow

    As long as he is close to returning around the start of the season(at worse December) that is all the hope we need for a decent season.

  • Dfrance

    I just hope he comes back when he’s fully recovered and doesn’t force the issue. I’d hate to see him battling injuries the rest of his career.

  • TR


  • robb

    This guy’s incredible, he’s always experimenting with stuff and tries different approaches to everything, he even experiments with his own body. He’s a psycho.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    I shattered rehab timetables too… but that’s another story…

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    If they could bottle this mans desire and competitive that would be some Vino.

  • Dev

    He hit up his boy A-Rod for them steroids lol

  • Dev

    He tryna pass Jordan on the scoring list, I think it was karma that he got hurt in the first place lol

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Would hate to see him rush back and get hurt again especially at his age. He knows his body best, but I don’t want my last memory of Kobe to be him limping off the court and never returning.

  • King David

    PEDs, oops did i say that out loud…..

  • John Bathias

    He must have contacted Terrell and asked him about and Adrain Peterson about their unheard of recovery times as well.

  • Shifty


  • Darksaber

    Innovative procedure or not, walking, and even light weight work or resistance training is normal after 3 months (speaking from personal experience with a non-sci-fi surgery). He of course will overdo it, that’s his nature.
    One of my buddies had the same problem, returned to the court after 5 months, played reasonably well, tore his opposite knee’s ACL shortly after. He was depending on his opposite leg too much, didn’t build up the confidence in his repaired achilles.

  • GetOuttaHereBrothhhhhher

    Who cares if he is trying to pass Jordan on the scoring list. That’s not and should not be evidence for anyone to say that Kobe is better than Jordan…but Lakers Fans and Kobe Fans will find anything no matter how ridiculous and irrational to say Kobe is better than Jordan or even LeBron. In all honesty, I see the top 5 of all time already Jordan, LeBron, Kareem, Shaq, and fill a fifth…Kobe at best is 10th best all time but even though I am not a Wade fan at all, some people have been giving convincing arguments that Wade is better than Kobe all time already.

    People will say, “oh brother is hating.” – I am not enough said. Just being rational.

  • GetOuttaHereBrotherrrrrrrrrrrr

    I love how one person is at least somewhat suspicious of Kobe’s miraculous recovery rate. LeBron takes PED’s, but has a natural looking body and has the same frame since High School; he just filled out…but Kobe can recover super quick from Achilles and go through a lot of injuries, but people will say “he’s Kobe mother$#$# bryant.”…Double standard much. What has society come to.

  • Tina Turner

    You’re simply the Best! Better than all the rest!

  • Conor

  • GetOuttaHereBrotherrrrr

    …we meet again…conor

  • Dev

    Not a Kobe fan AT ALL but aint no way in hell Wade better than Kobe cus like u said Kobe is easily top 10 all time and Wade aint that close

  • Drig

    No Magic……….

  • Drig

    Just hope he isn’t overworking his other leg to compensate for it. We need you to stay healthy Kobe!

  • Mike From Spain

    I’d say his doctors did

  • Mike From Spain

    REDs… Recovery Enhancement Drugs?

    And, how are stem cell treatments PEDs? I suspect some exotic biotech there, but not necessarily PEDs.

  • playa

    Whoa dude,where you came up with all of this??First of all you starts pointless debate about kobe vs everyone completely out of nowhere,secondly most of your stuff makes no sense at all.People will not say”oh brother is hating”, but rather “he talks/types to/for himself and making strange points on off topic discussion that takes places only in his head”.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    I dont think anybody is REALLY suspicious of Lebron…its just jokes…

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