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Kobe Bryant Says He Would Have Picked North Carolina, Not Duke

It has long been believed that had Kobe Bryant attended college, he would have gone to Duke and played under his coach with Team USA, Mike Krzyzewski. But in a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel during Kobe Up Close on Thursday night, Kobe said he would have instead joined Vince Carter and the North Carolina Tar Heels (reported by the L.A. Times, via PBT): “Defying urban legend that he was Duke-bound, had he gone to college instead of the NBA straight out of high school, Bryant said he was leaning toward North Carolina. ‘I love [Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski],’ Bryant said. ‘The truth has to come out.’ Why North Carolina? Vince Carter, a Tar Heel, was one of the top guards in the country at the time. ‘I want to play against him, every single day,’ Bryant said.”

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  • smith stopped, smith blocked.

    wait, kobe talks about a unc player, and it’s VC !?

  • bike

    Well, it’s where Jordan went.

  • ChosenOne

    I watched the show, and he was talking about how he had a try-out for the Clippers in the build up to the 96 draft, and the Clippers organization said it was the best workout they had ever seen. But they said they couldn’t draft him as the fans/city/media/owners wouldn’t be taken seriously if they drafted this 17 year old kid…… Lol, gotta love the Clippers….

  • RipCity

    who else was on the team at the time? I know Sheed was there about the same time, that team would have killed with those three

  • Keegan

    Sheed and Stackhouse were gone. They had Vince, Antawn Jamison, Ed Cota, Shammond Williams, Ademola Okulaja (spellcheck lol)…they had a nice little squad.

  • jytaqetizah

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    Sheed and Stackhouse were gone.
    They had Vince, Antawn Jamison, Ed Cota, Shammond Williams, Ademola
    Okulaja (spellcheck lol)…they had a nice little squad.

  • Jay Brodes

    i really was always under the impression he was going to done dukie blue..kinda interesting…was disappointed mamba did not bust out a sneak peak of the kbix last night…booo!

  • Ugh

    I would have, too… and my story is just as interesting and relevant. Hooray off-season news.

    Who am I kidding? This is the kind of stuff that gets a run during the season, too. :(

  • smith stopped, smith blocked.

    .i mean he’s often compared (most of the time, by himself.) to some other unc alumnus, even if it was a decade earlier. on the same subject, i remember a kobe interview in kicks, in which he talked about a phone call from rip hamilton, who had won the final four finals, and rip was kinda trash-talking, and kobe simply shot with both barrels :” if i went to college, do you think you would have won that damn title !?” not only classic, legendary !

  • TBRK

    woah, was that a hybrid spam/intelligible response post???

  • TBRK

    nvr mind….smh

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    Yeah, the bots now have a way to copy + paste a random response in the comment section, then add spam to it. It’s best to just flag it!