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Larry Sanders Excited to Play With Brandon Knight in Milwaukee

With Brandon Jennings now in Detroit, and no longer having to deal with Monta Ellis, Larry Sanders says he’s ready and excited to lead the young Milwaukee Bucks into the future (shaky as it may seem.) Sanders is looking forward to teaming up with new point guard Brandon Knight. Per the Journal Sentinel: “Sanders said he learned a few things during his time with the U.S. team that can translate to the upcoming season. ‘It’s not really putting their egos aside but joining egos for the USA ego,’ Sanders said. ‘How they all had the same goal in mind, the USA team, they just won gold (in the 2012 Olympics). I think that’s something we can definitely bring to the Bucks, just everybody pointing in the same direction.’ Sanders was asked his reaction to Tuesday’s trade sending Brandon Jennings to Detroit and bringing 21-year-old point guard Brandon Knight to Milwaukee. ‘Well, Brandon Knight is a tough player, man,’ Sanders said. ‘He plays extremely hard. Every time I’ve had a chance to play against him, he’s been a tough competitor. Sometimes he was out of position, jumping for blocks and stuff, but he don’t have to do that no more. He can focus all of his energy up top. I just see me and him having a heck of a pick-and-roll game. Just hounding guys, he’s a good defender, so he’s going to add an element to our team as far as guard defense up top. And he can shoot the ball well, too, push the ball. A lot of speed. I think he’s a great addition to the team.’ Sanders said it will be important that the Bucks stay unified and he likes the players management has signed or acquired through trades this summer. A divided locker room contributed heavily to a poor regular-season finish and a four-game sweep at the hands of Miami in the first round of the playoffs last season. ‘From the gate, too, from the beginning,’ Sanders said. ‘It’s not an issue we should have to address in April in the playoffs. It’s something that should be addressed in preseason, before we even play a regular-season game. Everything will be ironed out. You go through situations and you learn from them. You learn how not to do things and how to handle things better.’ Sanders will be entering just his fourth season but is one of the young players the Bucks are building around, along with 22-year-old John Henson, Knight and even 18-year-old rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    ” Sometimes he was out of position, jumping for blocks and stuff,..” yeah we all remember that time

  • Greg

    Knight> Jennings in 2014

  • David

    So is OJ Mayo even on this team? Because I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard a single thing about him since he signed. Yet he’s the team’s best player….?

  • JoeMaMa

    Gatorade player of the year in high school – twice. One year of college – leads team to SEC Championship, Final 4. Goes to a broken franchise, but still puts up good numbers for a young point guard on an aimless team.
    I’m in a Bucks fan, I’m ecstatic. Young point guard with a great head on his shoulders (4.3 in GPA in high school), willingness to learn and play hard, great attitude (players and coaches only have good things to say), and he’s only 21. He’s going to get way better. Point guard is the toughest position in the league. And he’s a better defender than Jennings, stronger, and more team-oriented.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Tells you a lot about what people think…a team with OJ Mayo as it’s best player isn’t going to do too much.

  • Saleem Rainman

    lol, but why?

  • Hillbilly

    “Hey, now!”
    - H. Kingsley

  • Ryan

    Definitely. Sadly I’m a Pistons’ fan and for some reason we gave up on this guy.

  • AiRsMiTh

    Brandon Knight is the epitome of a great prospect. Maybe not exceptional, but I would love to have a talented, smart, competitive, athletic, and mature player on my team. People seem to think he’s garbage because of just one play (it was bad, yes). I don’t see why Knight would be incapable of making the transition to the 1. He is referred to as a shooting guard in a point guard’s body. Uh, so then what does that make BJ?

    Bucks have a good young team to build on, and hopefully their FO won’t ruin it. They probably won’t make the playoffs, nor should they, but they have good young players who rebound and/or play defense. Add in a future lottery pick, or two and suddenly Milwaukee may have a promising future.

    Knight, Ilyasova, Sanders, Henson, Udoh, Mbah a Moute, Harris, Antetokounmpo are all no older than 26. Plus they got that European center and Middleton. They have a lot of young bigs, maybe OJ Mayo will get it together, good role player in Neal. Interesting. I can’t wait for another season.

  • jackmack

    uhhhhh havent you heard? the bucks gave away Luc Richard for a pair of second rounders a while ago

  • Yuggy

    As Pistons fan, I think we got raw end of this one. Knight has all the tools to be a great PG, maybe not a creative playmaker like Jennings, but he’s just so solid in every way. He’s going to learn how to play pick and roll better. He’s a better shooter and finisher than jennings. And he has a lot more defensive potential. I think pistons jumped the gun on this one out of knee jerk opportunity.

    And Bucks, don’t sleep on Middleton. Pistons may have given away a real diamond in the rough on that one. He played so well in his first 20 nba games to end last season and I dont see any weaknesses in his game. He was pretty good at everything and fairly smart. Very good shooter and has a decent handle.

  • JackPackage

    Agree 100%. An intelligent, hard-working, young player with a high ceiling.

    I guarantee that Brandon Knight has a better chance of becoming a distributing franchise PG than Brandon Jennings.

    The NBA is a ridiculous place where prospects are thrown on the rubbish heap if they aren’t amazing right away.