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NBA Teams Using GPS Tracking Devices on Players

Data-tracking cameras are so last week. GPS is now where it’s at in the League. The Dallas Mavericks are one of eight teams that are beginning to experiment with wearable GPS tracking devices on players, as a tool to help them better understand and train their athletes. Per Jeff Caplan of NBA.com: “The devices track player movements and body vitals and are designed to optimize training efficiency and mitigate injury risks. ‘We just want to be able to get smarter about our players and how to train them and how to put them in a position to succeed,’ said Mavs owner Mark Cuban. ‘So that’s just one component of a lot of different things that we’re doing.’ Athletes wear a cell-phone sized device on the inside of their jerseys between their shoulders, and it records their every movement in all directions as well as their heart rate. This gives coaches what Catapult’s Gary McCoy describes as a ‘dashboard’ for players’ bodies. While the devices have only been used in practices, Cuban said that he is considering using them during the preseason and that the league has not yet prevented him from doing so. (The Spurs have used the devices in Summer League games, becoming the first team to use them in game situations. The NBA prohibits the use of the devices during regular season games.) For the Mavs, the Catapult technology seems to be only one part of a much larger sports science technology plan. Cuban recently fired his 10-year strength and conditioning coach and said his replacement will be ‘more of an expert in performance technology science.’ The Mavs were also one of the first four NBA teams–along with the Spurs, Rockets, and Thunder–to install SportVU cameras in the rafters of its arena in 2011 to track player and ball movements throughout games.”

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  • Stainless

    what the hell

  • JoeMaMa

    This is the dumbest thing ever and a complete waste of….what? The Spurs are doing it? Oh. Well…carry on, then.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Great. More tracking. Are the teams going to give us twitter updates on the player’s status also?

  • Dfrance


  • Anthony

    Saw these on (or in) the Knick’s prac jerseys as well on NBA TV’s “The Association”…(great show by the way) this was a year or two ago tho. Basically what I’m saying is I’m not so sure this is “new” news. You gotta wonder tho w/ all the extras an NBA athlete has & the fact they have 8 working hrs a day to perfect their craft while the avg basketball lover has to work a 9-5 to live. if the talent differential is that big between an NBA player and that 6’7 guy at the Y that you look at & say, “If I had his height…..”

  • bike

    Old news. Latest tech gimmick is a suppository device players insert up their rectums that records minute variations in body heat. Evidently, this measure is strongly correlated with player performance. Kind of like a cylinder heat temperature gauge used on piston-powered aircraft.

  • Kristi

    They have this type of technology coming out in shoe soles to make it easy for athletes to wear. http://www.gtxcorp.com/sites/default/files/GTXCorp-AtlanticFootcare-SmartSole-PressRelease-Aug-07-2013.pdf

  • Ugh

    “Monta, this is Mark. What the hell are you doing on the freeway going 35mph?”
    “Uh, I’m playing pickup basketball, Cubes.”
    “If you were playing pickup ball your pulse would be over 100. It’s currently at 50. You’re on your moped again, aren’t you?”
    “How did -”
    “You think the GPS and biometric gear was only for training? We had you implanted with one while you slept. Now we don’t have to pay you for the rest of the year. Already worth the investment! Hahahaha!”