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Phoenix Suns Had a Fashion Show for Their New Uniforms (PHOTO)

The Phoenix Suns’ marketing department trotted out some of the team’s players for a fashion show, as they unveiled new uniforms for next season. Yes, sleeves are coming to the Valley of the Sun. Per the AZ Republic: “For more than two years, a team of tastemakers from the NBA, the Suns, adidas and Phoenix-based Fisher design firm worked on the three new uniforms — all with more minimalist designs and more high-tech fabrics, and one with sleeves — unveiled Thursday night at a press conference at Scottsdale Fashion Square. [...] For the fourth time since the team’s founding in 1968, the Suns have a new look to go with their revamped roster and refreshed set of logos, this time with aesthetic choices highlighting the team’s uptempo style of play, their historically bold color palette and the sun image and its associations, according to team president Jason Rowley. ‘We wanted to update the look, modernize the look, but also tie it back to the past and the legacy of the team,’ Rowley said. ‘We’ve got a lot of good, young players who are going to be the future of this team. It’s a new era and no better way to launch a new era than with new jerseys.’ The new look is called ‘Speed of Light,’ moving focus away from the ‘Phoenix’ element of the team’s identity and refocusing it on the actual sun, according to Leon Imas, creative director of content and identity at adidas. ‘It’s hot in Phoenix, so much so that the sun is like another citizen in the city’s culture,’ Imas said. Gone is the color-blocking, oversized graphics and blocky text. Instead, the uniforms are essentially monotone, with a nod to the Charles Barkley-era speeding sun concept, and a stylized return to the Dick Van Arsdale-era sun on the bottom outside of the shorts, although not nearly as short. The designs are filled with ‘discovery points,’ or little details that help tell the Suns’ story, Imas said.”

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  • Ishmael Jenkins


  • JibbsIsBallin

    Nobody wore sunglasses?

  • Max

    Those short sleeved jerseys gotta go..

  • Anthony

    Why Caron Butler got the “Damn I wish I was back in L.A.” face?

  • tracy

    i wonder what and if any effects this will have on the game on the opposing players, and refs, having a jersey the same color as the ball.

  • danpowers

    why did they change the dope jerseys they had in the mid 90s in the first place? makes no f*cking sense. that away jersey looks at least better than that grey/purple rubbish they had before. but these home jersey and sleeved alternates… meh…

  • The Seed

    I was about to say the same thing.

  • Mrdjhiphop23

    For real. The only reason why they made those is so they can put some ads on it.

  • bike

    Houston is also considering a new jerseys with a new look called ‘Seed of Dwight’.

  • spit hot fiyah

    and make a few more bucks

  • spit hot fiyah

    these would have been way nicer.

  • DK

    I like the short-sleeved joints!

  • RipCity

    no that purple is terrible

  • RipCity

    home jersey needs more purple

  • danpowers

    maybe it is that or that those orange lines are so slim for that white base. as i said, they had the perfect look and dope jerseys in the 90s and that new away jersey somehow seems to be a little inspired by that. just seems it went a little wrong with the home jersey.

  • RipCity

    that could be it too. I loved their 90′s jerseys too hopefully they can fix em up

  • melvo

    That’s the “Damn, I wish I didn’t have to wear this t-shirt” face.

  • Young C

    Why did they have a fashion show or why did they get new jerseys? The latter is because their former jerseys, while not terrible, were dated and needed to be changed.

  • Young C

    Really? Purple zebra stripes? That purple is awful an and the logo on front is lazy and cartoonish.

  • Young C

    Style wise, I actually like the short sleeved jerseys; although I don’t know how it affects them performance wise. The thing I don’t like about the short sleeved jerseys is the fact that the only reason why the league is introducing them is so that they have more space on the jerseys for advertising in the future.

  • Jun al

    That took more than two years to design?!?

  • jytaqetizah

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    i wonder what and if any effects
    this will have on the game on the opposing players, and refs, having a
    jersey the same color as the ball.

  • Jay Brodes

    nice but hate the t-shirts…this should be a no-no!! sorry lord stern..dumb idea!!

  • Ugh

    You don’t think it’s so they can sell them as t-shirts to men with upper arm flab playing X-Box?

  • T-man


  • Basketball Coach

    what’s up with the sleeves? GSW to use these short sleeve jerseys right?


  • Mack

    Purple’s not bad, white needs some work. FOH with the short sleeves.