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Reebok Responds to Allen Iverson’s Impending Retirement

Hours ago, sources told SLAMonline that Allen Iverson would be officially announcing his retirement in the coming days. In the ensuing time, the story has grown legs of its own, as Twitter and the WWW have come together to share, laugh and cry about the news. And now Reebok, the sole sponsor that stuck with the 11-time All-Star throughout the duration of his career, is ready to officially respond to the story.

“Allen Iverson is easily one of the greatest players to have ever played in the NBA,” says Todd Krinsky, Reebok’s VP of Global Classics and Basketball. “He changed the game and set the new standard for the next generation of players. Reebok is proud to have been beside Allen since the Draft, and his legacy will continue to live on.”

Though the timing is coincidental, Reebok Classics has long-planned an Iverson-based shoe launch for this coming Friday, August 23.

As for the far future, the Canton, MA-based brand still has a contract with Iverson and plans on continuing their business relationship well into the future.

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  • Maximilien

    AI3. I remember buying your shoes in the 5th grade. And then in the 6th and then in the 7th. I don’t care what anyone says. They made me better.

  • i_ball

    I heard/read ones something like this “damn… AI was so good he made people actually want to buy Reeboks”

  • 23

    Lol youre too old to actually believe that

  • north

    They were one of the first shoes to be made specifically for slashing guards; proper lateral support, light but sturdy. There may be some truth, even though minute, to Max’s statement if he played a similar game.

  • Steven

    A small sample of what the 2013-14 nba could feature if an nba team would invite Allen Iverson to a training camp and sign him? youtu.be/8SsSdN9rkTw

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Hell yea man. There were something about all those AI shoes.

  • Maximilien

    Never underestimate the importance of confidence in sport. If you BELIEVE the shoes make you better, chances are they do.

  • BugEyes

    Favorite player of all time, swag was invented the moment he stepped over tyronn lue, crossed up Jordan and took a team full of misfits to the finals

  • shockexchange

    Excellent post. That Denver team underperformed, so apparently it was A.I.’s fault. Detroit was woeful so Curry benched him for Rodney Stuckey. Neither team improved after he left though. It must have been wonderful to have been a teammate of A.I. during those years. If you played poorly, somehow the media and the coach always focused on A.I.

  • bike

    Pound for pound, the toughest guy to ever play the game. Always had the utmost respect for his game.

    Still wished he would have toned down the defiant, rebellious narrative a notch or two. Seemed like for every great thing he did on the court, it always got offset by something he did off the court.

  • Steven

    Let me be clear: Iverson is not the same player right now that he was in his prime which I believe was from 2004 to 2008 (his final full season in Denver). Knowledgeable Iverson fans understand this and Iverson himself has admitted to this. Retirements are not final especially in this case. Iverson is not retiring because he`s ready, he`s retiring because none of the 30 nba teams have shown any interest in signing him or inviting him to a training camp.

    He can still ball but apparently that`s not a valid qualification to be readmitted into the nba. Iverson left the league as a borderline starter/reserve still averaging double figures (13.9 ppg, 4 apg). There`s no question that he can average at least these numbers and probably better numbers with improved fitness and greater focus on the game – 2 things that were lacking during his 2nd stint with Philly from 2009-10.

  • shockexchange

    “Let me be clear: Iverson is not the same player right now that he was in his prime” <—- none of us, including SE, are the same as we were in our prime. The Shock Exchange's point is that A.I. was a convenient scapegoat in Denver and Detroit – the media fueled the flames with constant articles of A.I.'s demise. Rodney Stuckey was supposed to be so much better than A.I. Nobody even speaks this guy's name anymore.

  • Steven310

    I am not arguing with you, I am agreeing with you 100%. Sorry for the confusion. I posted 4 videos to my youtube page in early June around Iverson`s birthday in order to educate people on the truth about what really happened to Iverson from 2008-10. The video that I posted is only Part 1 of the collection.

    The purpose of the videos is to educate people on the relationship between Iverson and the nba, to compare Iverson`s last 3 seasons where he posted his worse statistics of his career to current nba guards and reserves, to prove that Iverson is being blackballed from the league because he can still play, and to support Iverson`s return to the nba so he can end his career on his own terms.

  • JockExchange

    The Jock Exchange says you know nothing what you speak about

  • shockexchange

    ^^ This

  • Clos1881

    I think teams are afraid he won’t accept his role

  • Toto Sandigan

    for me,its not yet the right time for him to retire..he can still play basketball,he is a superstar.if he played worse in a couple games i think he could easily adjust.he needs some training and keep on practicing to be back for what he was.Ai is a great player and a king of crossover..!

  • Reid Brown

    Reebok DMX for life. They just feel better then any Jordan I have ever bought. And they got that Swag daddy!! Iverson you are my favorite athlete, rapper, and role model of all time. You will be forever prosperous in your future endeavors. God bless and congrats of your retirement from the city of brotherly love. MY CITY BABY! PHILLY STAND UUUUUUUUP!