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Shabazz Muhammad Kicked Out of NBA Rookie Transition Program

According to USA Today, Minnesota Timberwolves rookie guard Shabazz Muhammad was sent home from the League’s Rookie Transition Program for bringing a female guest into his hotel room Tuesday night: “Muhammad, who also will be fined, was here for the four-day program which helps rookies transition into the league through a series of seminars, instructions and guest speakers. Nearly 50 rookies or players are participating in the program which ends Friday. Just hours before Muhammad was sent home, players were given the rules for the program, which included no guests unless approved by program administrators. Muhammad, the No. 14 pick in the draft, will have to return next summer and complete the program with the 2014 draft class and others who have not yet attended.”

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  • Dfrance

    How is he supposed to prepare for that on the road groupie life, without a female. This Rookie Transition program curriculum is lacking.

  • BugEyes

    Lol kudos

  • DeBaliviere

    “female guest” = Hooker. Looks like Shabadoo doesn’t need a “Transition Program.”

  • robb

    lol absolutely

  • patrick

    Why such strict rules? lax up a bit,,nba is like a nanny gov’t?

  • Gman

    I’d say he is ahead of the program.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    No guest without approval? Sounds like an obnoxious landlord.

  • RunNGun

    Better being caught for groupies/women than PEDs or weed.

  • The Seed

    Who cares NBA, this is a double standard.

  • Napier

    Draft kids, you get kids…

  • Da Real

    This is a perfect opportunity to teach him and the rest of the guys. Don’t kick him out, open up a dialogue with the group and the player. The league is a family, show him you got his back. Side note – this kid hasn’t done himself any favors in the last 18 months, BUT it seems as if the league is set on black balling him. Might be the Mussilim name? Kinda like chris Jackson / Abdul Raouf

  • bike

    The problem wasn’t really the woman–it was the fact she was in possession of a large bag of condoms that had been punctured. Players are advised to only use nba-approved condoms that have Stern’s pic. As the condoms stretch, it shows Stern’s smile getting wider and wider.

  • Jared

    No, the league really IS NOT a family. First and foremost, it´s a big business. So to say “family affairs” might occur under some circumstances but the primary purpose of this organization is the same as for any other entrepreneurship, which is to make a profit. Basketball comes up second, like it or don´t.

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