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Terrence Jones Pleads Not Guilty to Charge of Stomping on a Homeless Man

According to Terrence Jones’ lawyer, the 21-year-old Houston Rockets forward did not violently step on a sleeping homeless man’s leg, as the police allege. Jones entered a not guilty plea to a harassment charge in Portland, Oregon. Per the Houston Chronicle: “Jones, who was accompanied by his mother and other family members, did not speak at the arraignment. His attorney, Kevin O’Connell, entered the not guilty plea on his behalf. According to a police spokesman, Sgt. Anthony Passadore observed Jones shortly after 2 a.m. walk past two men sleeping in a doorway, shout ‘wake up’ and stomp on one of the men’s legs. Jones was with a group of about eight people when he was stopped and taken into custody about a half a block from the incident. The victim, Daniel John Kellerher, 46, did not require medical attention. He is uninjured and is not pressing charges. O’Connell said he would not comment on details of the incident but is certain Jones did not attempt to violently step on Kellerher. ‘I’m convinced this is not a criminal incident,’ O’Connell said. ‘He’s charged with harassment, and it will go away, I’m sure. It should not be a criminal matter. I think Terrence told him, ‘You better wake up,’ or something. The fella was sleeping on the sidewalk. He’s very embarrassed by this. He’s a young kid who can’t understand why this happened. He’s really upset over it. He’s not a person who would do something spiteful.’ Rockets spokesperson Tracey Hughes said the organization is aware of the reports but has no comment.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    it wasn’t me, what do you mean i look nervous?

  • ricefield

    Punk. Look around dude. If your play doesn’t improve that will be you soon.

  • theDankerNuggets

    he is just a kid, give a 21 year old millions of dollars and the adoration of thousands of people and it’s gonna go to their head. I think this experience will be a good wake up call for him to bring him back to the real world

  • Marvin

    “he is just a kid” is an excuse. im pretty sure kids who r no less than 10 know about homelessness & not taking the phrase “kick a man when he’s down” literally

  • theDankerNuggets

    i’m not making an excuse for him, I totally think he’s a spoiled punk, i’m just saying all this money, fame, and attention is bound to mess with your head when your really not very mature yet anyway. But it’s things like this in life that happen to us all including pro athletes, we will face adversity and be forced to do some introspection