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Tim Duncan Divorced in Secret Hearing

It’s now officially over — following a messy legal battle, San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan has separated from his wife Amy after 12 years of marriage. Per the Express-News: “In an unusual and secret hearing Tuesday that didn’t even occur at the Bexar County Courthouse, state District Judge David A. Canales granted the divorce between Duncan and his college sweetheart, Amy. The judge later said that he held the hearing during his lunch hour at the offices of Tim Duncan’s lawyer, Sue Hall, at her request. The couple and their lawyers were present. Several court observers saw the special request as unusual given that so-called ‘home’ visits by judges are not normally afforded to the general public. ‘I would say it’s highly unusual, but I think it would be highly disruptive for them to come to court,’ said attorney Jean Brown, who practices family law. Canales said it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a judge to hold an on-the-record hearing off-site, though it was the first time he has been asked to do it. Notice of the hearing appeared nowhere on any public docket. Canales said that when a judge gets an agreement in a divorce case, it is not necessary to give public notice of a hearing. He added that the parties felt uncomfortable coming to court because of the possible ‘paparazzi’ factor — people taking pictures of them or asking for autographs. ‘I don’t see it as doing a special favor for the sake of a favor,’ Canales said. ‘These folks were involved in a very private matter. It was mainly for privacy.’ [...] Amy Duncan initiated the divorce proceedings March 27. Tim Duncan responded with a counterpetition … The Duncans were college sweethearts at Wake Forest University, where Tim starred on the Deacons basketball team and Amy was a cheerleader. Tim graduated in 1997 and was the first overall pick in the NBA draft, made by the Spurs. The couple married July 21, 2001, and have a daughter and a son, records show. Little explanation is given for the breakup.”

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  • JibbsIsBallin

    Sucks to see this type of stuff.

  • AlbertBarr

    Even if it was an unhappy breakup, they obviously tried to get it completed with class and privacy and mutual respect. At least in the eyes of the public. It is sad, yes. But in this modern world we may live long enough for several lifetimes, several loves, several careers—sometimes ending one is the best way to start another. Here is to the Duncans being happy, cheers.

  • paradoxy

    I don’t really understand the point of a “Secret” hearing if the media will publically expose it.

  • whooo!

    Given that dude has earned over $200M in NBA salaries, I sure as hell hope he had a prenup!

  • j.kimchi

    Prenups rarely hold up these days for men. At the very least, she got a huge settlement. If he has earned 200 M plus say 30 M in endorsements plus millions more in investments, she probably got at least 50 M in a deal. That’s feminist America for you.

  • Guest who

    It said Tim Duncan is gay.

  • Guillermo Contreras

    The problem is it was off-site, and it was court business. The county’s governing commission has to approve any hearings not done at the courthouse That was not done.

  • kennyharris

    Life is so strange now everybody need to pray we no marriages don’t last some do some don’t it’s sad to hear it’s always a secret who cares god cares for every one lets understand something here we all will be judge for our sins on matter who you are or what you do.

  • http://www.nevadadivorce.org/ Nevada divorce

    Congrats on walking away like adults

  • Smits#45

    It’s the same in the Netherlands. I hope it makes you feel better…