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Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Seeks $1.2 Million in Child Support

The latest twist in the ongoing legal drama between Allen Iverson and his ex-wife, is that she wants the former NBA superstar to fork over a lump sum payment of $1.2 million in child support payments. Per TMZ: “After the couple’s nasty divorce Iverson was ordered to pay $8000/month in child support for their 5 kids. Problem is, Tawanna has gone to court on numerous occasions because A.I. won’t pay. It came to a head in July when a judge threatened Iverson with jail, unless he forked over $40,000 in back support — which he did. But Tawanna says she doesn’t want to keep running into the same problem. On August 1st she filed docs asking a judge to make A.I. cover all the support through October 2026 (when their youngest turns 18). After the math, it comes to $1,272,000 which Tawanna wants put in a trust for the children. A court has yet to rule.”

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  • Mike Gilbert

    well AI, looks like it’s time to lace up again

  • Da Real

    Hate to say it, but smart move by her, get it while the getting is good. It’s sad because that should be a light check for A.I.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    its sad because 40 000 is a lot of money to invest with… Not couning all the money she has gotten from him previously…

  • LLC#12

    If AI wanted to, he could make a couple million this season somewhere in the world…

    Anyway, $8,000 per kid per month, annually, is $96,000 per kid right? What’s the average US annual salary, like $35k? (guess)

    Man, those kids must be living the high life!

  • CasualFan

    You could say this about every player in the history of the league who has ever gone broke.Invest your money is a “rich” mindset. Being paid rich and thinking rich are two different things. Dudes get paid rich. Still haven’t caught up to the think rich part.

  • raylikenoother

    Sad thing that AI’s gonna get broker than he already is

  • Alexzandar Davilijanovic

    Hey Allen, remember that $40k you dropped on a diamond ear hoop at L.A.? jeez

  • paid

    A lot of people aren’t aware that Allen Iverson has $25 million in a trust fund for himself that he cannot even dream of touching until he’s 50 years old. So no matter how broke he currently is, no matter what he’s going through now, he can never touch that money until then. He might be on the verge of broke now, but if he makes it to 50 he’ll be fine…As for that child support, I’m not mad at her. If he hasn’t been consistent on a monthly basis, a lump sum is a smarter bet. Plus, she wants it in their trust funds. How can anyone be mad at a mother for securing her kids?

  • bringbackthesonics

    pretty sure its $8000 p/month for all 5 kids

  • anik

    Really? Securing her kids you do not need 1.2 million to raise a kid!!! AI’s kids shouldn’t be on food stamps but 1.2 million is some B.S

  • DMC14

    its not to raise them (its going to a trust fund she wont have access). its for there future and honestly she is doing the right thing by her kids from what i have read. i loved A.I. as a player but he sounds like a deadbeat dad. why did he not allready have trust funds set up for the kids (he’s had the money to do it).

  • tony

    So what? You mad bro? A. It’s not your money B. You either don’t have kids or won’t make a good parent if you aren’t trying to make their lives as secure as possible. Or maybe you’re just jealous you can’t get your kids a million. And FYI, it isn’t 1.2 million a piece. They have 5 kids. He’s getting off easy for a rich guy.

  • bird

    While I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a deadbeat dad, you hit the nail on the head. WHY DON’T THEY ALREADY HAVE TRUST FUNDS??? That’s the first thing you do with the first five million. If I earned a half of his earnings my kids would already be set.

  • Shifty

    Actually research has shown that in normal households in terms of where both parents have jobs, the cost of a child from 0 to 18 adds up to around just over a million dollars, so maybe 1.2 for five isn’t enough.
    And if you are wondering where this research is, I don’t know, its just a general knowledge thing I have learnt for the one time I will use it like now.

  • OneStep

    Hey AI. They’re your kids. Man the f up!

  • King David

    $41 million ***

  • King David

    #TeamNoKids !!!

  • Mindyabiz

    Im sure AI kids are well taken care of with private education and the whole nine. And Im sure there is a reason why he doesnt want to give money to her. Probably figures he’s already paying or paid for everything else. Cheaper to keep her!

  • Mike From Spain

    uhmmm… I hope I don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers but reading the comments and this Iverson story, I remembered this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3PJF0YE-x4&t=2m3s

  • Pissed Off

    It boggles my mind when commentors on here and other forums act like they know how much an athlete has in their bank account, SMH these athletes have a private life MAJORITY of their off court or off field sh*t isn’t reported or is inaccurate….this guy is not broke he is a section of his damn shoes in footlocker.

  • bike

    Stopped reading right after ‘Per TMZ……’.

  • Busta213

    Lol, so everyone elses assessment of his finances is mind-bogglingly wrong, but yours is correct?

  • Guest3

    People kill me. These are the same people who were killing over that
    kidnapping story reported by none other than tmz. That story turned out
    to be a lie since Tawanna knew exactly where Iverson was and was less
    than an hour drive away. And now here we go again. Since people have not
    caught on yet this is nothing but a smoke cloud to continue to make
    Iverson seem like the villain.

    I know ppl who know Chuck personally and he nor his kids are in financial distress lol. In fact, they`re well off rofl.


    RE the trust fund:

    “A person with a firm grip on the situation informs me Iverson has an account worth $32 million, a principal he is prohibited from touching until 55. In the meantime, it feeds him $1 million annually.

    At 45, Iverson is eligible to start drawing on an NBA pension that maxes out at 10 years of active duty, or take whatever’s there as lump sum. He will be entitled roughly to $8,000 per month ($800 per x 10).”

    Source –> http://bit.ly/19MexD1

  • GOTcommonSENSE

    So basically it’s costs $50,000 a year to raise one child up to the age of 18? Yea, glad I don’t have any!
    And the 1.2 mil isn’t for the five kids, it’s for their youngest until 2026