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Anderson Varejao Reportedly Cleared For All Basketball Activities

No word yet on whether Cavs center Andrew Bynum will be ready for training camp this year, but now—per The Plain Dealer—we know that Cleveland big man Anderson Varejao, who missed most of 2012-13 with a blood clot, is all good to go: “1. I hear that Anderson Varejao was been cleared for all basketball activities when the Cavs open training camp in a few weeks. Varejao missed 57 games last season because of a leg injury followed by blood clots. In the last three seasons, he has played only 81 games … and missed 149 … due to various injuries. So it’s hard to count on him. 2. But when Varejao has been on the court — especially the last two seasons — he has been terrific. Yes, it’s only 50 total games, but he’s averaged 13.0 rebounds and 12.5 points, shooting 49 percent from the field. 3. Note to coach Mike Brown: Don’t play Varejao too much! He averaged 33 minutes per game the last two seasons under Byron Scott. Too much. Is that why he got hurt? Who knows? But the Cavs have a lot of big men — Anthony Bennett, Tyler Zeller, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Bynum and Varejao — capable of playing center and/or power forward. Varejao never averaged more than 28 minutes a game when Brown was coach.”

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  • LLC#12

    I really rate Varejao, he brings a lot to a team. I hope he gets the minutes he deserves, but I’m interested to see how the Cavs big man rotation works out. A lot of it depends on if the elephant in the room is able to play basketball or not, I don’t see Bynum being much of a factor this season.

  • asfsf

    kyrie, dion, anthony bennet, tristan, andrew bynum

    thats easily a 7th seed in the east

    could upset the bulls

  • TV63

    Good Advice on Varejao. Brown will listen.

  • Evan Boland

    If one of Bynum or Varejao can play over 65 games I’d be pleased.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    hmmm. Maybe u won’t make too many friends w/ that… but we’re not here to make friends… I agree they can rank. I agree DRose and co have work to do, but

  • danpowers

    doenst look too shebby on paper but what about spacing? not every team needs a true stretch 4 but thompson cant even make a shot from anywhere outside the paint. that lineup shouldnt share too many minutes.

  • Smits#45

    The guy was a beast on the boards before he got injured. If he and Bynum can overcome their injuries the Cavs have a very powerful front court.

  • JC

    Thompson shoots with his right hand now, watch out.

  • Mike Gilbert

    could upset the Bulls, lol….let’s see the Cavs play anything that resembles defense before we talk about them beating championship contenders

  • LakeShow

    Very injury prone, but very talented and dangerous front court.

    The Cavs are as good as their health allows them to be.

  • danpowers

    you think thatll let him add range? hhmmmmm

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Title should just read “cleared for flopping….”