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Contest: Win a Limited Edition Under Armour Kemba Walker T-Shirt

Leave a comment, win some free gear.

After a breakout season in which he averaged 17.7 points, 5.7 assists and 3.5 rebounds, Kemba Walker is poised to pick up where he left off and help lead the Charlotte Bobcats into new territory. But he isn’t just taking care of business on the court. As you read here on Monday, the former UConn star and 2011 NCAA national champ has also been busy giving back to the community that raised him, refurbishing the same blacktop he played on as a child with the help of Under Armour and the NBA FIT program. Among the free gear given out to the kids in attendance in last week’s ribbon-cutting ceremony was a black/orange Under Armour “15 KW” t-shirt (shown above). And now you’ll have a chance to rock it, too, as we’re giving away this fresh limited edition shirt to three of our readers.

All you have to do is follow SLAM on Twitter (@SLAMonline), Under Armour on Twitter (@UAbasketball), and then just leave a comment below explaining why you’d like to win the shirt. Maybe you’re a fan of Kemba’s game, maybe simply need a shirt to play ball in, or maybe you have a random, creative reason. Whatever it is, we won’t judge. Just make sure you leave a valid email so we can hit you up if you win.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Comment entries for the contest are now closed. Any new comments will not be considered.

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  • Brandon

    I would like to win because I’ve been a big fan of Kemba’s since he was at UCONN. Kemba is one guy that is never afraid to take the big shot or hesitant to take on any challenge.

  • Connor

    I would love to win this shirt because KEMBA IS A THUG and UnderArmour is a unique brand that isn’t too mainstream so it’s still let’s me express my individuality

  • Ryan

    I really need some new ball clothes lol. All of my others are either really dirty or ripped. I would love to win these

  • kendall l

    I love Kemba’s game because every night he leaves it all out on the floor no matter the score. He is a warrior. We he made the dude from Pitt fall, and then hit the jumper for the win!!! NO WORDS! Kemba truly gives his heart and soul when he laces em up and you gotta respect that. lunsfordkendall@gmail.com

  • Dan J

    Been a fan of Kemba’s for a long time, and I might as well try to get my first piece of UA clothing for free

  • Christopher Brothers

    Growing up in CT and being a lifelong UConn fan, I used to go to Midnight madness every year. The ride UConn has taken us fans in the past 15 years has been phenomenal. But the 11′ championship team was special. Kemba led that team like most can’t, and it was truly a pleasure watching him and the boys prove everyone wrong. This shirt would be great to have simply because Kemba is a special part of UConn Country and I’d love to be able to rep him because of it.

    Email- christopherbrothers1@yahoo.com
    Twitter- Chris_Bro3

  • TameFlame

    UA is great gear, but Under Armour clothes aren’t really available in Denmark. Kemba Walker is a great idol of mine, and I have great respect for him, after his recent actions. Plus, that shirt is dope!

  • Brendan Taylor

    Kemba Walker has been someone I have loved since 1st hearing about him at Rice high school and seeing him play in the UA Elite 24 game with Brandon Jennings. My wish came true when my Bobcats drafted him and You just have to love the guy. He works his tail off, gives you everything he has and he hasn’t missed an NBA game yet. He will be a huge reason Charlotte will be back on the map soon, defintly my favorite player in the league right now.

    I think I should win this because he is my favorite player in the NBA (HANDS DOWN). Also I will actually be going to Charlotte Bobcats media day on Monday so I could tell him about this when I interview him (If I Win). I love what him and Under Armour is selling and that is work ethic, commitment to the game and giving back to your community. They aren’t trying to make you worship the next great basketball player like NIKE does and I respect that.

    If I do win tweet me @thatboybtaylor Email: Nelsontaylor978@gmail.com

  • kenny

    About 12 years ago I had this weird incident that’s rather embarrassing for a 31 one year old to admit. Long story short, I lost my swag. Despite constant searches and amateur detective work I was never able to re-locate it. I think this shirt is exactly what I need to get it back.

  • Kevin Arevalo

    No one really knows kemba until they want something. He is the underdog as I see it he is a champ at heart. I have followed him since college anf let me tell yoy this guy can ball! I wanted him to go to my team the Trail Blazers but I still try to keep up with him and he how he has become a team leader! Wish I could have that jersey and rock the sh!T out of it!!!

  • Jake Katz

    This would be a sweet shirt to rock on the court while running pickup. I think that Kemba embodies the valuable attributes that allow you to be successful on the blacktop. He is exceptionally quick, allowing him to get to the hole with ease, which i believe is more effective when playing outside as the rims don’t lend themselves to outside shooting. Once he gets in the lane he also has the toughness and athletic ability to finishing amongst the bigs. I would also love to own this shirt because of the memories I have watching Kemba’s amazing championship season which began with the Maui invitational and included a Big East Championship as well as a National Championship.

  • The Gregorio Veluz

    I want to be Kemba Walker for Halloween :)

  • Eric Chan

    Kemba’s awesome, been follwing him since college and with his addition to UnderArmour I even got some UA kicks!

  • Elijah Rodriguez

    Kemba Walker is the most underrated point guard/player and is a future All-Star, and under armour is a great brand of all apparel types.

  • Big Les

    Like him I’m college and he’s developing as a professional, your 3rd year a big year. Continue grinding and bring back that UCONN score attitude. Good Luck and bring it this year. A playoff berth with a great 20-5 Start.
    #WeTrainPerformance @WeTrainBallers

  • Christian

    Kemba is one of the most exciting young point guards in the NBA! Even before the conclusion of the Big East tournament in his senior year at UCONN, I called the Huskies to win it all. In retrospect, I should have made that bet in Vegas, but it was still great to brag to my friends about it. A fresh new tee would bring back good memories and allow me to brag to my friends again

  • Guilherme Locatelli

    I would love to win because Kemba is the type a player I can relate to: small guy, biggest heart, leave it all out on the court! Also, is one damn fine shirt !

  • Rapoholic

    because I am probably the only guy from Macedonia, or even Europe, who wants to win the shirt.

    And 15 is my number… :)

  • Kenny

    I’m from New York and he’s been my favorite high school, and college and NBA player. Some fear to represent him would be awesome.


    I like how kemba is a beast on the court but stays humble. Also his intelligence on and off the court as well. Well rounded dude.

  • Kasper Knudsen

    I would really like one of thoose KW shirts! I Been a fan of kemba since he was a High school prospect!! And still a huge fan of him, and how he has carried the bobcats with his great stats! And that’s why i would love to win one of thoose shirts!
    You Can email me here if i win: kasperknudsen@youseeme.dk
    Have a good Day.

  • Doug

    Kembas a speedy guard I’d love to rock his gear on the court

  • Ezequiel]•[Zeekio #X

    That shirt is so awesome, and it’s like it says “15 KiloWatts”, I’m engineer, I love it.

  • Mohamud

    Kemba is one of my favorite players on his league.
    1. EVEN before this contest i was following you guys on Twitter which shows i’ve been a fan before this.
    2. I have a lot of sleeved shirts, i think this shirt would be my first no sleeved shirt
    3. Under Armour is a nice brand and they are getting more popular do to those AWESOME commercials
    4. it would be comfortable to play in a sleeveless shirt for the first time,
    5. If I win this i won’t dare to ever rock any other brand but @UAbasketball
    If i win this email me at: Nustaxo@gmail.com
    #BallAllDayLong #SLAMisMySourcefortheBestinBasketball
    #UAB for Life

  • Jevin

    I hate Kemba Walker, and I want to burn his jersey after I get it.

    I love him

  • chris

    I like the shirt lol ctdakid@yahoo.com

  • emman


  • peter

    i’m a big fan of kemba’s since he was in college and of UA’s brand. Both are up and coming and have big things in store for them. peterific@gmail.com

  • Aaron Yates

    kemba is one of the great young guards, but 15 is my favorite number. Under Armour is really starting to boom, and it would be nice to have some gear to match my hoop bag. aaronyts@aol.com

  • Roy

    Because only I can put that t shirt on and showcase the same ‘edge’ and crazy athleticism that he beholds on the court.

  • Josh Hsu

    15 has been one of my favorite numbers as child! It was on every basketball jersey I’ve played in from kindergarten – high school. This would be perfect! (loving the Under Armour NFL Combine theme, btw!) – Josh H.

    Email: josh_5224@yahoo.com

  • Ethan

    I’m a big fan of Kemba and have been following him on youtube ever since he was at Rice. I really want the shirt to rep him because he is an up and coming superstar of the NBA.

  • Chris MacDonald

    Bobcat season ticket holder right here. Show some mercy and at least give me a shirt of my favorite player?

  • carlo0702

    I’m from Philippines ..i want KEMBA WALKER shirt :) please :) tnx <3


  • Kwame Otchere

    I feel that my game is, Kemba Walker based, and I just need something to ball in. kwame.otchere@hotmail.com

  • Hassan.A

    Im a Canadian Point Guard that just loves to play basket ball and Kemba Walker has been a big inspiration to my game with his nice passes and plays so it would be really appreciated if im able to win that KW shirt to show my support.

  • JDOGG80

    Charlotte HORNETS fan and Kemba will look so awesome in that teal, purple and white and I would look so awesome in that shirt!

  • http://www.ispithotfire.com Michael

    Best of luck in the new season!

  • Ivander Bacani

    I included Kemba’s legendary stepback into my game. I’m a fan of his and want to wear something that represents him whenever I’m walking onto a court. Also I want it to be the first thing I ever win in a contest giveaway lol.
    twitter: ixvnder
    email: ixvnder_bvcvni@yahoo.com

  • Anson

    I am in love with basketball. One of the reasons I went to UConn was because of basketball. Me and Kemba Walker enrolled in UConn in the same year. He brought us a championship in the year that nobody believed in us, but we did it because of Kemba. He is one of the greatest huskies in the school history, and I will always be one of his biggest fans. Go Team Kemba!

  • Jay Yu

    I’ve been with Under Armour basketball since day 1, and trust me, to be able to get their top model kicks isn’t as easy as you think in my Toronto areas. UA builds a family-like environment, just look at the players they endorse (including Kemba), AAU tourneys they hold, and community programs. I consider myself part of their family, or at least I try pretty hard to earn money to purchase their gear for my own competitions, because really, their apparel gives you the bang for your buck. I just want to share that being a loyal fan to UA and their athletes makes me feel like someone who’s taking a different path than most others. It’s not easy to put trust in something relatively new to the basketball scene, but I’ve made a good share of investments into it and I really do wish Under Armour well. If I can add something extra to my closet with that Kemba shirt, well, that would be a pretty exciting moment. Thanks for reading SLAM fam.

    P.S. – I haven’t forgotten Cardiac Kemba’s step-back J over McGhee for the win.

  • Tim Gillerman

    I need a shirt it’s getting cold out here. Tim1taz@hotmail.com timur.yuzefpolsky@my.liu.edu

  • Edmilton Malinao

    I want to have that shirt because there is no Under Armour store here in the Philippines, I really want to have one of your prods especially the charge bb 2, such a hell of a nice kicks.

  • don

    olympic village now carries under armour products

  • Izaak Wasley

    This would be sick.

  • Kevin Kung
  • Ill Helio

    i’m from Brazil and after 5 years playing minor championships just accepted the invite of my homecity basketball team to play and defende our city, i’m 25 and it would mean a lot

  • dwademan

    I’m from france, and Kemba is one of my favourite playrr, just after our tony parker :)

  • D Rose

    i’d like to play ball in that shirt. and i also like kemba since his rookie days

  • Taga Pasay

    15 is the date where i get my pay; however, i can’t still afford to buy this jersey. why don’t you guys just send it to my home while i’m busting my ass working with this dork boss of mine. once i get that jersey, i’ll slap my boss in the face using that jersey, resign, and get a real job. oh by the way, size is XL.

  • Gokul

    Walker Rocks!!!!!!!

  • Keith Jacobson

    I want to show off my stuff on the courts

  • Langer Lukas


  • Seth

    I’d like to win that sharp-lookin’ shirt. @staticseth

  • Charles Campbell

    With a Shirt that Sharp I can’t help but be as Sharp And as a Ct. native and Uconn Fan Love Kemba

  • Todd the Bod

    Long time reader here, I recently moved to Carolina and need to represent my new favorite player. What a better way to start my new life here and to impress some local southern sweeties than to rock this Kemba cut off on the blacktop with my mullet like I’m Kenny effin Powers. Im out like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

  • Chris

    sick shirt

  • Gabriel

    I’m from Hong Kong, China and the stars in the NBA are really unappreciated, they only care about the superstars and not the rising ones. I have been a Kemba Walker fan for a long time, and the way he plays amazes me, even when he was at UConn. I would want this shirt because I am a great fan of Under Armour and this would be a great t shirt to wear when playing ball. I surely hope the best for Mr.Walker in this upcoming season.


    A huge fan in China.


  • Edmund

    Because i actually saw him play in that jersey at the elite 24 midnight run and i wear number 15 too. I also just had a growth spurt so i don’t have any clothes or shoes that fit.

  • Mike Gilbert

    I would love to win this shirt, not only because I love watching Kemba Walker for his unique scoring ability, but I would love to be able represent someone who is so involved with charity work. Big ups to Kemba!

  • JB

    Kemba Walker in the NCAA Tournament told his teammates to “WE WILL PROTECT THIS HOUSE!” Mission accomplished.

  • juan

    just awesome

  • juan

    he is my idol…recently bought his sneakers and a charlotte bobcats jersey with his name and number on it…If I take this shirt I will do a party…BIG fan here!!!! GO BOBCATS

  • Sebby Herndon

    I would use the shirt to ball in and hopefully become as explosive and quick as Kemba.