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DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly ‘On Course’ To Receive Extension From Kings

Paul George, John Wall and Larry Sanders have already removed their names from the 2014 Restricted Free Agent market by inking extensions, and it looks like DeMarcus Cousins will eventually follow suit. From ESPN.com: “Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins is on course to see his contract extended before the Oct. 31 extension deadline for 2010 first-round picks, according to sources with knowledge of the talks. Two sources told ESPN.com that Cousins could actually have a deal wrapped up before the Kings open training camp next week in Santa Barbara, Calif. …Cousins is said to be seeking a five-year max deal in the $80 million range that teams can award their designated franchise players, as already seen with Wall in Washington and soon to be repeated this week with George in Indiana. Yet it remains to be seen where the Kings and Cousins end up on contract terms after the 23-year-old’s three up-and-down seasons in Sacramento. Cousins has averaged 16.3 points and 9.8 rebounds while frequently flashing his unique gifts for a player his size, but he has also led or been near the league lead in fouls committed throughout a career marked by defensive struggles. Cousins’ volatility has likewise resulted in multiple suspensions, including a team-imposed ban last December for what the Kings termed unprofessional behavior.”

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  • JibbsIsBallin

    I can see why Paul George and John Wall type of players get those max contracts. They’ve been proving themselves in the short time and they’ve got so much potential. Cousins has plenty of potential for a big man, but he has not been consistent with it. Hopefully cousins will step up to the plate now that it looks like the Kings are putting up the money.

  • danpowers

    how does cousins career production of 16,3ppg and 9,8rpg (17,1 and 9,9 recently) prove anything less (or more) than george or wall? he is a headcase which hurts his efficiency, but still good numbers for a guy his age.

  • spit hot fiyah

    production-wise he is right there. the question is: is this a guy that the kings want to build around and make their center piece?

    that question is obvious with the aforementioned players

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Cousins can be a dominating beast in the League. But I think he has the anger/frustration issue which holds him back from his potential sometimes. If he can get past that, he could be putting up bigger numbers and attract free agents to come to Sacramento to build a team around him.

  • Mike Gilbert

    Anyone have any idea how much he is going to get? Deandre Jordan got about 12 million a year, and I have a hard time believing Jordan will be making more than Cousins. What max would he be eligible for? If he gets one like Eric Gordon signed, it could potentially be a good deal

  • danpowers

    true that. conditioning is also a big issue. he lacks stamina to be more efficient

  • danpowers

    i guess as soon as the kings are able to present him anything close to a direction and a draft of what they are trying to build there, that “headcase” drama could disappear.

  • Shifty

    He really needs a veteran big like a KG or a Duncan that he can look up to and learn the skills to be a professional and give your all on the court,play defense, too bad the kings are unlikely to get someone of that caliber. In fact he just needs anything that is better then what he has been in last few years. This reminds me kinda like Chris Weber’s early days, wasted on bad teams and a lot of big men in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s, given lots of money but were not told how to be professional.

  • straight cake
  • RKJ92

    He will be signed anywhere from 14-16 million annually.

  • JoeMaMa

    “Well, DeMarcus, you’ve put up good numbers on a very bad and directionless team, while being repeatedly suspended, even by our lax ‘rebuilding’ standards, due to many idiotic and childish outbursts at teammates and coaches. You have a league-wide reputation as the most immature player in the NBA, and you’ve shown yourself thus far to be a very bad defender. But we’d like to celebrate the saving of our franchise by throwing a massive pile of money at you. Also, we’re arranging a rotating casket for Mitch Richmond when he dies.”

  • LP @ThisisEther

    this video is from the future?

  • Dfrance

    Wall hasn’t proven that he can stay healthy, but he got a max deal. Sometimes you just gotta pay based on potential and hope the other things will work themselves out. You don’t want to let Cousins walk and watch him blossom on another team.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    True, not too many guys in the League with this type of potential at that position. I’d like to see the Kings back close to where they were back when Vlade Divac and Bibby use to run things.

  • TR

    I think Vasquez is gonna straighten out Demarcus. Hes a pass first PG who will keep the big man happy. I think they’ll have great chemistry.

  • Smits#45

    Cousins leading the league in fouls isn’t good mainly because most of them are frustration fouls. Besides that I do believe it can be usefull for your team to have a bigman who makes sure that his opponent knows who’s guarding the paint.

  • straight cake

    Charles Barkley is usually spot on.