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Dwight Howard Thinks He Can Make ’75 to 80 Percent From The Line’

Dwight Howard is feeling optimistic about being a Houston Rocket. Maybe too optimistic. When asked about his goals for ’13-14, Howard responded that he wants to make “75 to 80 percent” from the free-throw line (in addition to winning a Championship and DPOY). The center is a career 57.7 percent shooter from the stripe. Via the Houston Chronicle:

“Howard has entered every NBA season – this is his 10th – with a list of goals. Every year, he takes a couple of hours to think about the upcoming months. He writes a list of goals to strive for each year.

‘This season, I want to win a Championship,’ he said. ‘I want to shoot 75 to 80 percent from the free-throw line. I want to win defensive player of the year.

‘I also want to help make Houston a better city. I want to contribute to this community and take advantage of the opportunities I have here.’”

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  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange thinks he can date Lola Falana and Pam Grier at the same ___ time, in addition to having Jayne Kennedy on call. *Womp*

  • spit hot fiyah

    ” We do our talking on the floor”

    that was yesterday

  • sulsbrück


  • spit hot fiyah

    “This season, I want to win a Cchampionship,”

    did he stutter when he said that?

  • C.M.G

    he didnt mean 75% he meant 7.5%….it was a typo lol

  • MightyMouse

    Even the title seemed mocking lol “Dwight Howard THINKS He Can Make…”

  • pposse

    you gotta crawl before you walk

  • itsJustaQustion

    Bro can you beat dwight howard in the post?

  • NomoreSleeping

    Can you yam on dwight howard in the post?

  • pposse

    No but Id bet on myself to beat him in a ft contest

  • RKJ92


  • BugEyes

    Dwight is a young buck playing reindeer games

  • Doyoureallay

    what’s your physical measurements? Do you have youtube footage of yourself playing basketball?

  • LLC#12

    That is completely irrelevant to what he said. I didn’t realise the correlation between physical measurements and FT ability…

  • Ben Ireland

    What if he did tho… Were you gonna challenge to a big game down on the river court, and loser stops playing ball…. FOREVER?

  • Ben Ireland

    Can you imagine if nomoresleeping , really was Dwight Howard? Is it weird I’d barely be surprised?

  • W3

    i’m sorry to say…. Dwight Howard is spending too much time with lamar odom

  • DoTheyWantToKnow

    it’s difficult when you have big physique to shoot generally speaking. Is anyone interested in attending a rockets game? Twitter Dwight Howard. Post a youtube of you challenging Dwight Howard to free throws!

  • robb


  • Jay Brodes

    i will believe it when i see it…keep talking dwight..keep talking!

  • pposse

    naw i dont, ill spare the world my bball mix tape

  • pposse

    alls im saying is that he should try and get to a respectable 70% ft shooting before talking about getting to an elite level of 80%.

  • Drig

    Bro…………..no. I remember last season when he said something similar. It didn’t end very nicely.

  • Ugh

    Total crap. It’s a matter of practice and discipline.

    He won’t make 60%, talking 80% is a joke.

  • rainman10

    I know it’s only practice but…

  • Saleem Rainman

    Dude’s already makin a fool of himself before the season even starts.

  • Kaya Brabham

    The Roster DH have on the Houston Rockets (with the best bigman coaches in the league), DH could shoot 50% (from Hackashaq) and still make it to the Western Conference Finals .

  • Sergio

    Oh, boy, this is a great board. Its unbelievable how only Kobe, Nash and Meeks dont decrease significantly their percentage. But Howard, really, how can he down down 33 percentage points? Thats ridiculous!

  • Drig

    Just goes to show you being Nash in practice is worth zilch. The crowd and the fatigue/ lack of playing time puts a lot of stress.

    I must say I’m surprised to see Pau’s % so low. Maybe I overlooked it last season but that’s very poor by his standards.

  • Qing Zhang

    Sacre makes 90% in pratice, why can’t Dwight aim for that at first, and maybe it will make his in game free throw 8% better, which makes a big difference.

  • Clos1881

    Dwight’s gonna have a big year everyone doesn’t fit well with Kobe I think it will be difficult to get some guys to go their after this season. I know everyone liked to talk sh*t about Dwight but fresh off back surgery and with a torn labrum he averaged like 18 13 and 3 lol by far the best big in basketball regardless of what shaq or anyone else says and in Houston those numbers should improve.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    82% is low? what the??

  • therichardkirby

    James Harden, Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly…the drop off after that is STEEP

  • Drig

    Not in practice. During the games ( 71% ). Maybe this was taken after the first half or so of the season when Pau was slowed down by injuries.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    when the lights hit you its a different world.

  • http://basketball-performance.com/ Basketball Tips

    and the crowd, don’t forget the crowd.


  • patrick

    wow how unmotivated is he??? he only shot a bit more free throw’s than most of the guys on the team..even tho he is by far the worse..he should be shooting double 1400 (so ie. 2800) since he’s so bad….

  • patrick

    the guy’s technique is horrible..he doesn’t extend his arm normally after release..doesn’t follow thru normally..if he changes this i think he could shoot 75-80%…he’s screwing up the technique and it’s not rocket science imo that that’s what he needs to correct asap..