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Former NBA Player Craig Ehlo Pleads Guilty to Reckless Burning

In early August, former NBA player Craig Ehlo’s name randomly popped up across the newsfeed, as it was reported that Ehlo was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Turns out Ehlo lit a bunch of clothes on fire during a dispute—no one was reportedly harmed—and he has now pled guilty to Second Degree Reckless Burning. He was sentenced to 364 days in jail, but 363 of them—minus the one he already served—have reportedly been suspended. Per KREM.com: “Former NBA star Craig Ehlo entered a guilty plea Wednesday morning according to court officials. Superior court workers said Ehlo pleaded guilty to a one count of Second Degree Reckless Burning. The charge is a misdemeanor. The judge sentenced Ehlo to 364 days in jail. However, 363 of those days were suspended according to court records. Ehlo received credit for the one day he served when he was arrested in August. Court documents said Craig Ehlo lit clothes on fire on August 1 causing damage to his home in South Spokane. He was allegedly fighting with family when he lit his clothes on fire with gasoline. The documents also said family members had to hold him down until deputies arrived at the home. No one was hurt during the incident. … Ehlo was last scheduled to appear in court on August 14th but did not show up. His lawyer said Ehlo had entered a program for six weeks. The judge granted permission for Ehlo to leave the state to seek treatment. The 51-year-old recently coached at Eastern Washington University and resigned July 11. Ehlo played at Washington State University 1981-1983 and was drafted into the NBA by the Houston Rockets. He played for 14 seasons with the Rockets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks and Seattle SuperSonics.”

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  • LLC#12

    Gonna have to try harder if you want to be remembered for something other than MJ hiting a shot in your face. As it stands, “guy who MJ hit a shot over” still has more ring to it than “guy who burnt some stuff”

  • Mengke Bateer

    There is more to life than basketball. And that is obvious in this case involving Craig Ehlo. Maybe he had a bad day, maybe it is not that simple and there are other, deeper issues. Regardless, he voluntarily entered a program, inferring that he hopes to treat his issues. Yes, Jordan owned him whenever they played. That shot in Cleveland has resonated in the majority’s memory since its occurrence. I do hope he gets better, though. At 51, he is far removed from defending Jordan, far removed from donning an NBA uniform.

  • Wazzat

    “He’s on fire”

  • Ugh

    And you’re gonna have to try harder to be remembered for something other than being “the guy who kicked the guy MJ hit a shot over while he was down”. Which. as it stands, is slightly above leaving a comment on YouTube, but still below reposting a meme on Facebook.

  • Smits#45

    Ehlo: “I don’t like my family, I’m gonna burn my own clothes, that’ll teach them.”

  • Daniel Noel

    “Former nba star Craig Ehlo”… did i miss something?

  • Daniel Noel


  • Joe Dumars

    If MJ had his way with him… imagine what today’s ELITE scoring guards would do to him on a nightly basis. We are living in the golden age of basketball. Get over it old timer. You lucky you only played Drexler and MJ.

  • robb

    Boom Shakalaka!

  • Fat Lever

    If there was anyone that I would have guessed would have been charged with reckless burning, my pick would have been SuperCoolBeas.

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    I never knew Second Degree Reckless Burning was a thing.

  • El Guapo

    Every one of you guys who commented here is a complete jerk with and stupid to boot. The guy played 14 YEARS in the NBA. Jordan made a lot of good shots on lots over lots of guys…just because Ehlo cared enough to show such anguish over losing a hard fought game the Press and morons like you people feed on him. Ehlo scored over 20 in that same game including the previous shot at the other end that set up the whole dramatic finish. He was an amazing player in college who once led the Pac-10 in assists and steals. Not all that big, strong and fast…just a tremendous overachiever as a player. His current troubles are probably caused by some kind of family heartbreak like a cheating wife or some such thing…hard to say, but nobody does something like that unless its over some gut wrenching heartbreak. You guys must have all been born yesterday not to know that…and if not, you’re just sadistic ***holes, the kind that probably teased special education students on the playground when you were in school. You’re all gutless cowards and make me sick to my stomach.

  • Eleanor

    Craig Ehlo is one of the nicest people I have ever known, if he burned something there was a reason for it!! Judge not lest ye be judged.