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JR Smith Says He Let Team Down With Drug Suspension

New York Knicks guard JR Smith was handed a five-game suspension for violating the NBA’s drug policy. Smith told the media today that he feels bad about disappointing his teammates, coaches and employer with the weed bust. Per the NY Post: “‘The worst thing is I feel let my teammates down,’ Smith said Monday at Knicks Media Day. ‘I let Mr. Dolan down. I’m looking to move forward from it. As soon as I’m able to play, I’m hoping to have a good season.’ In a surprising remark, Smith contradicted the Knicks’ version of why he delayed offseason knee surgery. Smith knew he likely needed surgery on his chipped patella tendon after the season ended in mid-May, but he waited until mid-July after re-signing with the Knicks. The Knicks have said Smith wanted to see whether the injury healed, but Smith called it a ‘family decision’ and said he wanted to get his contract status resolved before undergoing surgery. Smith is rehabbing from knee surgery, and said he hopes to be ready physically for the season opener. However, he then would have to begin serving the five-game ban, meaning he likely would not debut until the season’s sixth game at the Garden against the Spurs. Mike Woodson didn’t sound happy about Smith’s drug suspension. ‘I don’t condone anything like that,’ Woodson said. ‘J.R. knows he made a major mistake. Hopefully it’ll be a learning experience.’”

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  • LakeShow

    Smoke a joint, you’ll feel better.

  • robb


  • Busta213

    When is JR going to figure all this stuff out? Hes been coming off the bench with less talented players starting ahead of him almost his entire career – simply because they were less likely to do something boneheaded….

  • Allen Iverson

    next time smoke in the off season on the low like the rest of the brothaz in the L dont take groupie pix with rappers with blunts in your mouth and stay away from the clubs and rihanna and u could win

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    The tools JR SMITh has are easily top 3 sg in the league. He needs to learn from Kobe or ANdre Miller.

  • Legalizit

    Get traded back to Denver, after the new year toke up all you want.

  • Smits#45

    I’ve always thought that weed was illegal in the States. Don’t these guys face any legal prosecution for possession? I’m not saying they SHOULD but all you ever hear is that these guys only get suspended.

  • danpowers

    all these ill advised shots, hat elbow against terry, go clubbing during the playoffs and now getting caught with weed… this guy really causes hair loss among knicks fans

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Really depends on the amount you get caught with and the state. Out here in Cali I know it’s 1oz.

  • danpowers

    i have to disagree with that top3 statement. he has limitations regarding his ball handling, drive and at times – defensive iq. his horrid shot selection is often a result of a mix of discipline issues and defenders taking his drive away quite easily. if he fixes his bball iq issues he can be top 5 tho judging by his talent.

  • Smits#45

    That figures. I suppose it’s then seen as a user quantity instead of intend to sell.