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Kemba Walker is Sick of Losing With the Charlotte Bobcats

Point guard Kemba Walker is sick and tired of all the losing in Charlotte, and alongside big man Al Jefferson, Walker is determined to turn things around for the Bobcats. Per the Charlotte Observer: “Thursday morning 15 or so players were in the practice gym doing 3-on-3 drills with the new coaching staff. Center Al Jefferson, the most significant off-season acquisition, says he’s never seen anything like this in nine previous NBA seasons. ‘A lot of veterans might choose not to, but they’re here. We’re getting together and getting to know one another,’ Jefferson said. ‘I told Kemba (Walker) when I first signed that I’m not coming here to lose. I’m coming here to turn things around,’ Jefferson added. ‘I think (the seriousness of purpose) started with me. If I’m here in September, everyone should be. If Ben Gordon is here, same thing. If Brendan Haywood, a guy who already won a championship (with the Dallas Mavericks) is here, everybody should be here. That’s the way we look at it.’ New coach Steve Clifford was taken aback by how strong attendance has been during these voluntary get-togethers. Much of that was Walker’s doing; as this team’s starting point guard and one of the captains last season, Walker became the driving force in encouraging teammates to be in Charlotte all of September. ‘Basketball is all about chemistry. I asked (Clifford) to put together a schedule and I’d do my best to get guys to show up. There wasn’t the slightest hesitation; they’re down with it about coming,’ Walker said. ‘We have a whole new coaching staff and it’s important we get in sync with those guys. This month will help a whole lot at training camp.’ [...] ‘We’re trying to change the culture around here,’ Walker said. ‘I’ve been losing for two years now. I’m sick of it. I’ve been winning my entire career and I want to get that feeling back.’”

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  • upyours

    If he’s sick of losing, he should try winning instead. Might make him feel better.

  • Yknot

    That’s why it’s a TEAM sport if he could win by himself he would……

  • u r slow

    That’s why we have dictionaries. To look up words like ‘facetious’.

  • Yknot

    That’s why we have comedians. To have a standard and realize when you’re ‘funny’, and when you’re not.

  • Ben Ireland

    I like Kemba, and he really is a winner, clutch as they come. Just a pity he’s gotta play for Charlotte. But Kemba, Zeller, and MKG? Maybe they’re watchable this season at least, if not exactly winning everything.

  • Shumpert

    MKG must drastically improve his (offensive) game. But even if so, they are no way near a winning record. Also, I don’t like the respect Al gives veteran players.

    “..If Ben Gordon is here, same thing. If Brendan Haywood, a guy who already won a championship (with the Dallas Mavericks) is here, everybody should be here”

    Gordon should be there with his huge contract and he should be motivated as hell proving he’s worth being in the starting line-up

  • shockexchange

    Interpretation: “Kemba is sick of trying build through the draft.”

  • playa

    So he’s sick of Jordan too?? I woudln’t be shocked honestly.

  • AboveYou

    I didn’t realize there was an official standard by which we judge humor. Is there some sort of official certification one must earn before exhibiting humor? Take it easy. You took his comment way too literally.

  • anon

    word. That Brendan Haywood bit raised an eyebrow. It’s like saying “If Darko, a guy who already won a championship Pistons is here, everybody should be here.”

  • RKJ92

    It’s called setting an example, and the team clearly needs to learn dedication, and good work habits in order to win. This is a good look by Al showing the younger players some veteran presence.

  • Drig

    Well……..improving your O would be a start. And overthrowing the entire inept Bobcats FO wouldn’t be too bad either.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    sometimes players on bad team have longer duration careers in the nba. What’s more important winning or having a job in the nba?

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    not a good core considering other options

    Damian Lillard, kawhi leonard, klay thompson, i think zeller would be a good fit here rather than bismack, kemba and mkg

  • robb

    If you are a competitor winning, obviously.

  • Ben Ireland

    Oh, Im not arguing that at all. The Bobcats drafted horribly. I mean watchable as a semi- backhanded compliment haha. They’ll be fun this year (I hope) but they could have been so much more. The Draft’s unpredictable though, and those guys were all taken relatively late. It’s hard to know what’s going on. Maybe someday they’ll luck out. Just pleaseeeeeee don’t let that be for Wiggins.

  • ATF

    It’s all good, he’s going to be losing with the Hornets next year

  • danpowers

    yes there is a standard. when a fake audience claps and laughs in sitcoms thats supposed to educate us to find sarcasm and cynicism funny. standups just ride this wave. i was suprised how many people from different cultures have an aversion against this kind of humor lol

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  • D-N- JAE

    Yeah hindsight is always 20/20 but I think the Cats have a better team than people really realize. Kemba, MKG,Henderson,Zeller and Jefferson all starting then Sessions, Gordon, Jeff Taylor(don’t sleep), McRoberts and Biyombo coming off the bench….They lost a lot last season due to lame big men and bad coaching. I watched Kemba and Biyombo bust Jeremy Lin and my boy James Hardens Ass last year (Biyombo literally had about five blocks on James Harden himself and Kemba was making Jeremy Lin look like a high school kid,) but the coach did things like have MKG on the bench most of the fourth quarter and not play Ben Gordon at all sometimes…That dude had no clue…This year they have solid big men and a better coaching staff. I think If they really come in this year on a mission they could grab that 8th seed in the eastern conference but that would be best case scenario. I got them winning about 30-35 games though.

  • Ben Ireland

    I don’t see it, but if you’re right, then the Bobcats are morons. Tank again, get one of the six or seven franchise guys this year. Al’s a solid second piece, and still relatively young. Kemba as your third scorer? Perfect. But you need that one star first. The Hornets could e dangerous next year, but not quite yet I hope.

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