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Knicks Hire Steve Mills As President and GM

The Knicks hired MSG president Steve Mills as the team’s president and GM today. Mills replaces Glen Grunwald, who was promoted to GM in April 2012 and had overseen the additions of Tyson Chandler and JR Smith, and the decision to let Jeremy Lin walk. Grunwald will stay on board as an advisor.

NEW YORK, September 26, 2013 – The New York Knickerbockers announced today that Steve Mills, who previously served as a key executive with the Knicks for 10 years, has been named the team’s president and general manager. Mills replaces Glen Grunwald, who will remain with the organization as an advisor.

“I am pleased to be able to welcome Steve back to the Knicks. He is a well-respected sports executive with a strong background in basketball, as well as a familiarity with NBA operations and our company. We look forward to his leadership and believe he is the right person to help us reach our ultimate goal of winning an NBA Championship,” said James Dolan, executive chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company.

“We are grateful for Glen’s many years of valuable service and pleased that he will remain with the organization.”

A 30-year veteran of the sports world, Mills’ career has included 16 years with the National Basketball Association, where his talents led to a notable ascent from account executive to senior vice president of basketball and player development. This was followed by 10 years at The Madison Square Garden Company, where Mills had a wide range of responsibilities that included overseeing business and basketball operations for the Knicks and Liberty, along with business operations for the Rangers and for all other sports-related activities at The Garden.

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  • jmm

    Because the best time to hire a new GM is at the end of the offseason, after the draft, after you sign a bunch of free agents. Let’s go KNICKS!

  • ChosenOne

    Yeah, I think “Make it happen Mills!” will catch on around here…

  • pposse

    why is it that everyone who gets replaced in the knicks organization still has an ‘advisory’ position open to them?!

  • bike

    His first assignment will be to instruct the players that it’s OK to believe they will win it all but please don’t tell anyone about it.

  • danpowers

    wtf is this again?

  • RKJ92

    MAKE IT HAPPEN MILLS! — For Dan at least!! haha

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIeIA3G2s5UPQfRPYFyFDw Hart26

    James Dolan strikes again. SMH! First Walsh, now Glen. No need for this.

  • danpowers

    make what happen? bringing thomas back? lol

  • RKJ92

    Noooo lol! make the Knicks contenders bro! that’s my 2nd team too you know!

  • danpowers

    you know that mills was the one who got isiah thomas on board back then? dolan is a big thomas fan and mills not member of the anti-thomas camp. in my eyes that implies a horrible future. if mills gets that chump back consider me a raptors fan lol

  • RKJ92

    lol man I don’t think Mills is good by any means i’m just trying to be positive about the signing :(

  • danpowers

    im afraid the only positive thing now is to take it like that: we should be greatfull that we had a couple of entertaining seasons before the knicks get turned into a losing franchise again. it was nice as long as it lasted lol

  • RKJ92

    haha I think next year you guys will be, or should be in rebuild mode all your guys are 30 years old+, except for Shump, and Hardway jr.

  • danpowers

    there are no first round picks until 2017. free agent signings and smart trades of expiring contracts are the only posibility for the franchise to “rebuild”. i would expect a man like grunwald to be able to handle that situation without an off-year (or off-decade).

    the only thing i associate with mills is that he was the guy who pulled a thomas so as a burned child i am only able to expect the worst. im still waiting for nbk’s patented “i love the knicks” post

  • RKJ92

    Ohhhh ya..! another thing is that your organization thinks Grunwald did well by bringing in Chandler, JR, and Melo, and I mean ya that’s great and all, but now look at your future… that is a sight for sore eyes man.. :( coming from a Raptor fan too lol

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  • Kaya Brabham

    Was Steve Mill the Knicks interim GM months before the Knicks hired GM Laydum back in 1999??? curious

  • mindfeck

    jr is 28, bargnani is 27