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Miami Heat Considering Signing Michael Beasley

The Heat are reportedly “considering the possibility” of signing Michael Beasley, but no offer has been made and nothing is imminent, according to Yahoo. Already, Heat beat writers have all but quashed the rumor, citing sources. AP’s Tim Reynolds says, “There’s nothing to Beasley reunion reports,” and the Miami Herald‘s Joe Goodman writes that there’s “no chance the Heat would sign Beasley.” Super Cool Beas was arrested on marijuana possession and was under investigation for sexual assault in May:

The two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat are considering the possibility of bringing back troubled free-agent forward Michael Beasley, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Several of the Heat’s key veteran players are supportive of the signing of Beasley, and he has a strong interest in returning to the franchise responsible for taking him with the second overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, sources told Yahoo.

No offer has been made and no deal is considered imminent, sources said.

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  • Whatsthematteryou

    If they don’t sign beasley, they’ll miss out on an arbitrage opportunity.

    Beasley gets the tutelage of lebron and Dwade with juwan howard to constantly check him.

    Udonis is not having any beasley’s laziness.

    imagine this line up:

    Wade, Bron, Beasley, Bosh, Oden —> playing at full strenght

    that’s easily better than 72 game win season

  • Jer

    South beach isn’t for irresponsible young adults. South beach is for grown ups who have self control. Bad rumor. Where there is smoke there is fire. It’s always something cooking behind the scenes. Beasley needs to be at a quiet town like he was in Minnesota. Little to nothing to do in the cold besides work out at gym on his craft, eat, and rest. None of the temptation out there in the major metropolitans. Go to Oklahoma with your boy Durant. Guaranteed to be more productive and out of trouble.

  • ifIwereaG

    lol that line up has to be the Showtime lakers in Miami.

    they just need a white guy to shoot threes with ashton kutcher looks

  • Adam Webber

    Dude stop watching bball, your clueless. That team has no pg and no outside shooter and oden is injury pron.. Even with a starting lineup with all top 5 picks they wouldn’t be better then the bulls so just stop it idiot

  • Kerya

    Wow just imagine.. If Beasley got right. No, even the way he played last year would be enough to be effective off the bench. Under James and Wade’s wing, this guy could flourish. Low risk HIGH, VERY HIGH reward..

  • RKJ92

    Point guard 1: Mario Chalmers
    Point guard 2: Norris Cole
    Together statistically they are the best defensive point guard duo in the NBA today.
    So what if Oden is injury prone? what point are you even trying to make? they won the championship without him last year, what makes you think the outcome will be any different?
    The Heat are already better then the Bulls without Oden, or Beasley what are you even thinking? they raped the Bulls every year why is this year any different? their team is especially deluted after the first time they met up 3 years ago, and the Bulls were at full strength. Bulls lost Bellinelli, and they lost Nate Robinson, the addition of Tony Snell will not make up for those losses. I wouldn’t even consider the Bulls a threat.. all Miami has to be worried about is the Pacers, and Nets.

  • KingBenjamin

    If the Heat sign Beasley, they will be STACKED.

    Potential 2014 Heat Line-up (if healthy)
    PG Chalmers – Cole
    SG Wade – Allen
    SF James – Beasley – Battier – Jones
    PF Bosh – Haslem – Lewis – Varnado
    C Oden – Andersen- Anthony

  • Alexzandar Davilijanovic

    D.E.N.V.E.R. He needs Denver

  • RyanT

    Been rooting for Beasley since he was drafted, as a fan of the team who drafted him, I’d love to see him back in Miami, maybe there’s a chance he can fulfill the expectations of number 2 pick with the tutelage of the players on Miami’s current roster.

  • FaFa

    I wish BK a pick him up. #moreweopons

  • Allan

    2008 Draft reunion!

  • rhys

    kyle korver?

  • ATL dynamite

    Once upon a time, both of these dudes were kicked out of the rookie orientation camp like Shabazz did

  • ATL dynamite

    They already have Wilson Chandler and Gallinari

  • Breeze

    He’s talking about the 72 win Bulls champ.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    I beg to differ. This kid’s problems are not of an external nature.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    Low risk, high yield. Why not? Sign him to a non-guaranteed or have something in the contract say he can be cut if he gets into more legal trouble. I think Beasley can be a productive contributor in the right environment. Maybe the veterans in the locker room can limit how distracted he gets with the Miami nightlife.

  • Deckard

    LeBron James is a point guard.


    I secretly hope Beasley turns bron and wade into potheads

  • Kev

    why should the heat have such a positive effect on him? that didn’t happen in 08 with udonis and wade on the team

  • Max

    Lebron – DWade – Beas – Bosh – Oden – Ray.
    Everybody is gonna be the Heat on 2k.

  • Busta213

    Beasley wouldn’t even crack Spols rotation unless he commits to playing D, and that’s not guaranteed. its not even guaranteed that he’ll stop getting high while driving……
    If they picked him up, hed likely be a bench rotation player not a main cog…..

  • Thebarnicleloaf

    wow that’s harsh. can you beat beasley 1 on 1? I mean if you played him 1 on 1 i guarantee his D could hold you to less than 6 points up to 15 may it take it.

    maybe the heat should sign you over beasley??

  • flyguywitabowtie

    yeah they were smoking buddies ha. as well as d.wright…

  • Cortez Mack

    You should have saved your energy. He cannot be serious.

  • JoeMaMa

    He needs to check out of the league for a minute and get himself right. From a basketball standpoint, I’d love to see him step up and play some great ball. I still remember K-State. But he’s either too troubled or immature to fully grasp the opportunity he’s been given. I don’t fully blame him, as getting into the league at a young age can be tough…but he’s had many chances. He should at least talk to someone about his issues. The multiple drug charges, assault charge, multiple team violations…yikes.

  • Ben Ireland

    I hate when people say this. Can we just assume everyone is talking with the caveat of “for an NBA player?” I mean, I’m not making it to the L, but I’m still allowed to have opinions… One might even say a discussion forum is the place to share them!

  • Guest

    Maybe he should have specified that?

  • Busta213

    LOL, wait….what I said was less implausible than Beas and Oden rounding out a five man unit that wins 72 games? come on man!

    I could see Beasley taking Rashard’s minutes and some from Battier if his D is up to standards. I’m not sure what’s so harsh about that.

    Sure, the Heat should pick me up – I’m awesome at what I do (which isn’t playing pro ball, obviously ). I’d be an asset to their back-office.

    Hahaha – set up the game, man. I’m sure you realise how irrelevant it would be tho.

  • TBRK

    Beasley in Miami…..they need to sign a life coach as well

  • TBRK

    i see what you did there

  • geiek

    dude i think you need to relax.

    its obvious when you have a starting 5 of all top 5 picks… it could end up potentially being better than the bulls 72 wins.

    look at the starting five matchup

    Ron Harper, MJ, Scottie, Dennis, Luc Longley


    DWade, Lebron, Mike Beasley, Bosh, Oden

    wade and lebron better than MJ ron harper

    pippen would work beasley

    bosh and dennis would be weird if bosh is playing out at the three

    oden will work longely

    case and point Heat better wtih Beasley than the bulls in 96

  • Busta213

    Your logic is flawed, and your main critique on Beasley is that “he’d get worked”. Sounds like a dream addition!

    In reality, a lot of the bulls players added value because they fulfilled a role that helped the team (even though they weren’t great individual players). If Beas came with the effort from the last couple of years, he would ruin the Heats defensive chemistry….and it’s not like he’s been a great offensive player to make up for it…. and his shot selection sucks.

    LOL, and Longley had to fill a role vs the likes of Ewing and Shaq…..but Oden is going to work him? To what extent? :o )

  • blqsRbttrdanYYT

    lol bra are you pat riley or ken charques? Where did you learn how to coach? the homee is makin a point.

    You need be flissiz if you think Oden isn’t potential wise up to level or David robinson or Pat Ewing. Yea yea health hurts but potential potential potential.

    STOOOOp it STOOOOOOp it.

    Beasley needs some that veteran experience Zach Randolph got. You think Kawhi Leonard woulda been good or danny green without good veteran leadership from Popovich and Duncan. Come on spilikax. Beasley has potential to be 2nd best player in the league. POTENTIAL POTENTIAL.

    This is all about Potential. No one is saying its happened.But look at the potential.

  • Mike Gilbert

    they may not be. But clearly they are going to be aggrivated in a big town rather than a small town

  • pposse

    The heat are already stacked

  • grgeblck

    maybe they are counting on Lebron’s counselling skills.

  • Busta213

    I don’t know what to say to you…..when the main crux of your argument is “stop being realistic!” ….you are not on good ground.

    Im rooting for Greg, but he has only been able to play 82 games in 6 seasons. The Heat are not expecting the next DRob. If he comes in and gives e.g. 8pts, 8bds, 2blks per game and doesn’t get hurt he’d be a HUGE success for them.

    No, I don’t see ANY hope in heaven or hell that Beasley could become the second best player in the league. This “potential” is based on what now?

    Theres a reason the Heat didn’t even want to draft him in the first place. There are reasons why he just got cut by the Suns.
    You stop it….or keep day dreaming…I don’t mind either way. ;o)

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Oh I really don’t know about that but I do know that Jer stinks at geography and that Beasley’s problems should not be defined by what city he should or shouldn’t play in. Because thus far it hasn’t made any difference for him.

  • King David

    if u play with the Heat in 2K your GARBAGE

  • Pok Chow

    I love your reply! Kyle Korver! So true!

  • kibbles

    lol ur a moron

  • Basketball Coach

    ooh this is grand, and if the Heat can control his smoking problems, this will all work up.


  • pposse

    one guy, especially one guy who is not a premiere ball player on the team will NOT ruin any teams chemistry let alone the miami heat who only have d wade, bosh, lebron, ray allen etc.

  • Busta213

    Hey, Ive already said how much of a role I think he would fulfill on the Heat.
    But the argument is with regards to SCB being a starter on a Heat unit that wins 72+ games for the Heat. Im saying if he came with the same effort he gave the Suns etc, the Heat defense would not function as it should.

  • pposse

    i woulnd’t be surprised if they make a run at 70 this year with or without beasley, that team is way too dominant right now. There is only upside with Beasley on the team unless he starts shooting at the opposite hoop!