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Mike D’Antoni Says Pau Gasol a Better Post Player Than Dwight Howard

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni bungled the front-court situation last year in spectacular fashion — unable to get Dwight Howard to buy into his pick&roll schemes, and alienating Pau Gasol. With Howard out of the picture, D’Antoni says Gasol is a better option on the block, anyhow. Per NBA.com: “Question: How much of (praising Gasol) is propping him up, giving him that encouragement, and how much do you really believe this team is better with Pau than it would have been with Dwight? Answer: ‘I think those are two different points. When you say he’s one of the best skilled big men in the league, that’s not propping him up. That’s the truth. If the franchise had made a decision last year to kind of go another direction because of youth then you had to play around that. That was the direction it was going. But if you tell me right now who’d you rather post up, you want to post up Pau or you want to post up Dwight Howard and give him the ball? No (question). [Indicating Gasol] But if you want to re-sign somebody, who do you want? That’s where the problem was. It was clear who was the best post man. It’s nothing against Dwight. That’s the reality.’ Q: But is this team better off if it had Dwight now or with Pau there? A: ‘We’ll see, We’ll see. I don’t want to go out that far because obviously there’s an answer and I don’t want to offend anybody. I love Pau’s game. I think Pau’s won two championships and I think Pau’s been very instrumental. Like Lamar Odom at the four and Pau at the five, and now you’re back there. It kind of speaks for itself.’ Q: How glad are people — you, maybe players in the locker room — to just be done with all the craziness and say, ‘We don’t have to do that for another four or five years?’ A: ‘You’re done with the uncertainty. You’re done with ‘Does he want to be here or not? Do you have to appease him because then you’ll lose him?’ You’re done with that. So now you can just — you know what, we’re going to try this.’ Q: In other words, if he had been back …. A: ‘Then we’d have been fine too.’ [...] Q: Do you feel this team is better with this team than if Dwight had been here? A: ‘I think if Dwight were here it would have made us better. Yeah, I think it would. Yeah. He impacts the game, there’s no doubt about it.’”

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  • Dfrance

    In related news, water is wet. More at 11.

  • swag

    In related news, the boltzman constant is still = 1.3806488e-23 m^2 kg s^-2 K^-1. More at the 5.

    But who would you rather have Dwight or Pau in their primes especially in a league where centers don’t exist. Ben Wallace would have stazemed on centers… ben wallace would average 10 pts.. 15 rbs 2 blocks

  • shockexchange

    They are showing the Gimp all this love now that Rent-A-Center is gone. Don’t fall for it Pau. As soon as LA signs another top big man you’ll be relegated to the basement again.

  • bike

    The first installment of ‘so and so is better at ______ than Dwight’ from the Lakers.

  • spit hot fiyah

    ” I think Pau’s won two championship…”

    that would be correct coach

  • spit hot fiyah

    we all know this. now try to actually put him in the post!

  • Ben Ireland

    I get your nicknames usually… The Gimp tho? Please explain for me.

  • Ben Ireland

    Man, Robert Sacre is the next Wilt. Lakers are unbeatable, and that’s just before Kobe comes back!

  • Cortez Mack

    Pau Gasol is clearly a post player than Howard. this is not controversial. Hell, he is a better basketball player in general.

    The problem here is that D’Antoni abhors post play. He has explicitly referred to post plays as the most inefficient way to get baskets. I do not agree with this but this is is stated position. So, Gasol could be the best post player in the universe to D’Antoni. That does not improve the way he is utilized in his offensive schemes.

    By the way, D’antoni also implies that he was ordered to favor Howard over Gasol anyway so even if he was inclined to use Gasol more, he could not.

  • Fitzy

    you wouldnt know by the way he was using him last year.

  • LakeShow

    F*cking duh.

  • shockexchange

    Here – ( http://clicky.me/7NVc )

  • Junior Taylor

    Laker fans, media and players sure do talk a lot about a player “they don’t give a sh*t about”.

  • whooo!

    And water is wet.

  • Drig

    Hard to answer questions without mentioning Howard when EVERY QUESTION had Dwight Howard in it one way or the other.

    It’s not like we’re going out of our way to talk about him.

  • Drig

    Right? I mean, pretty sure Stevie Wonder could’ve come to that conclusion lol.

    Too mad Pau’s versatility forced him to take a hit for the sake of the team. And I can’t even be mad at MDA for doing it since it made sense……

  • Boonie K.

    Pau is the best post player, then its Dmarcus cousin.
    Dwight is the best rebounder but he has no post move. Just an awkward hook shoot everyone anticipated.

  • robb

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