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Victor Oladipo Will Play Both Guard Spots

When the Magic selected Victor Oladipo second overall in the Draft, he was mainly thought of as a lockdown defensive wing. According to Orlando GM Rob Hennigan, though, he’ll have plenty of responsibility on the other end of the floor, too.

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  • Vince

    I will be watching Oladipo closely this year, he has ridiculous upside and I fully expect him to compete for ROY. If he can develop his offensive game I can see him becoming a force in the L, at worst he’ll be a rich man’s Tony Allen and I’m absolutely fine with that. Don’t sleep on Orlando people, in a few years they could be the next OKC.

  • spit hot fiyah

    out of all the teams they came out on top of the Howard trade which is pretty amazing. and they also got away with robbery when they stole tobbias harris from the bucks

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Agreed, Tobias Harris has huge potential and the fact that the Bucks just let him go with ease is mind boggling.

  • LakeShow

    1. Bron

    2. KD

    3. CP3

    4. Howard

    5. Kobe

    6. Rose

    7. Westbrook

    8. Wade

    9. Parker

    10. M. Gasol

    11. LA

    12. George

    13. Hibbert

    14. Williams

    15. Carmelo

    16. Dirk

    (16b: Kyrie Irving / Left Dirk out at first!)

    17. James Harden

    18. Love

    19. Blake Griffin

    20. Rondo

    21. P. Gasol

    22. Noah

    23. Tim Duncan

    24. Al Horford

    25. Brook Lopez

    26. Anthony Davis

    27. Demarcus Cousins

    28. Chris Bosh

    29. Josh Smith

    30. Mike Conley

    31. John Wall

    32. Zach Randolf

    33. Paul Pierce

    35. Ricky Rubio

    36. Greg Monroe

    37. Andre Iguadala

    38. Kyle Lowry

    39. Jrue Holiday

    40. Damien Lillard

    41. David West

    42. Monta Ellis

    42. Eric Gordon

    43. Omer Asik

    44. Nicolas Batum

    45. Ty Lawson

    46. Tyreke Evans

    47. Geivis Vasquez

    48. Larry Sanders

    49. Serge Ibaka

    50. Rudy Gay


    Honorable Mention:

    Nikola Pekovic, Klay Thompson, Luol Deng, Ryan Anderson, Manu Ginobli, Tyson Chandler, Tony Allen, Jeff Green, Joe Johnson, Al Jefferson, Chandler Parsons


    Alright ya’ll… Who am I forgetting and who am I completely bunk about???

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Paul George and M. Gasol a little too high!! and Duncan too low…!!

  • LakeShow

    M. Gasol probably is a few spots high. I just really enjoy his game and think he is a winner through and through.

    PG is looking to improve upon being the leader of the team that took the champs to 7 games as the best player. His defense is matched by few.

    Duncan has to go back down to 15-9-2 right?? If he is still 17-10-3 then yeah he is too low!

  • Saleem Rainman

    oh also, no honourable mention for my boy Nash?? lol

  • LakeShow

    Prolly shoulda tossed him in!

    I have no idea what he’s gunna have to offer next season. I hope he gives us one last NASHTY season!

  • danpowers

    that would be a life time achievement award. idk but 12ppg with 6,7apg dont really imply to me to be a top 50 player for the upcoming season at the age of 39 / 40

  • jaddd

    dang was curiousmurious right>?

  • christianbullen

    you robbed melo. plain n simple.

  • christianbullen

    you also have the brow FAR too high, kyle lowry and vazquez both shouldnt be on this list, and i see omer asiks production going down this upcoming season.. maybe swap in Gortat.

  • ThatManSam

    I don’t see Curry?

  • grgeblck

    somebody tell me what’s with the Top 50 list?

  • MasterSplinter

    The fact that you have LA over Melo and Tim Duncan is beyond me….And did you forget that Kevin Garnett was still in the league????

  • MasterSplinter

    Curry needs to be in the top 15. I would actually take him over Williams.

  • mike

    it has nothing to do with oladipo…

  • Ryan Seavey

    Gortat is a scrub

  • Saleem Rainman

    how about 12-13 ppg to go with 8-9 assists , and palying pretty healthy for this coming year?

  • danpowers

    could happen at the start of the season. ont forget, he will turn 40 in the next season. do you really expect him to stay healthy? i dont really see that coming

  • Saleem Rainman

    sure i do, the past 7 or so years he’s always had issues with his back (he misses at least 5 games a season-which doesnt seem liek much but its usually neaar the end of the year- its jsut last year he suffered a freak fracture colliding with lillard, that freak injury costing him 30 games isnt gonna happen every year…

  • danpowers

    i just had to think of what i saw from kidd past season. he was pretty durable for his age and even though he contributed with many things – the injury bug and father time struck at the same time so that he couldnt really contribute significantly when he got back on the court.

    i guess the 40 is something like a natural border for all players not named michael jordan. those more or less 5 games nash misses annually could very well go up. i hope im wrong about that tho

  • Saleem Rainman

    Nash has played much better in his mid to late 30′s than Kidd has though, so there is that lol. Kidd has been limited for the past 5 seasons before retiring(relative to what he cud do in his prime ofc), but was still so good at the little things that he was still serving a purpose on the floor. You gotta remember, season before last, Nash lead the league in Assists for much of the season, and finished with most total assists. I’d say last year (as a result of the broken bone) was not the norm at all, as Nash had to try to get himself into rhythm while the team was trying to get themselves back into the playoffs. Dude STILL averaged 7 assists to go with practically a 50-40-90 shooting line, so if thats what “washed up” for Nash is, thats still pretty damn good. And like I said, i expect him to be considerably better than that when healthy.

  • danpowers

    could very well happen and id actually wish him that. im just a burned child with expecting anything from guys reaching 40 lol.