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Andray Blatche Calls Brooklyn Nets the Best Team in the NBA

Brooklyn Nets backup forward Andray Blatche is confident in his squad. Perhaps, a smidge too confident. Blatche says the Nets are the cream of the crop in the L. Per the NY Post: “I think we are the best team,’ he said during media day Monday at Barclays Center. ‘This team can be great. We got everything that a team needs to win a championship. We got heart, defense, offense, bench, great coaching staff.’ The talkative and high-scoring reserve forward, who enjoyed his best NBA campaign last season in Brooklyn, sees championship pedigree in the Nets after they added future Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in a blockbuster trade with the Celtics while also picking up scoring guard Jason Terry (also came through the trade with Boston), versatile forward Andrei Kirilenko and small forward Alan Anderson. James, Dwyane Wade and the two-time champions in Miami, who swept the 2012-13 season series from the Nets, do not scare Blatche. ‘In my head, yes, we’re the best team,’ said Blatche, who re-signed with the Nets after the Celtics trade. ‘Just because [the Heat] won the championship the last two years, I’m not going to give them they’re the best team. They did it last year. This is a whole new year. We’re going to try to be the best.’ [...] ‘Our whole starting five are All-Stars or once been All-Stars,’ he said, referring to the grouping of Pierce, Garnett, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. ‘I don’t understand how teams are going to stop up. We come off the bench with Kirilenko, Jason Terry, myself, Reggie [Evans]. We’re deep. We just got to put the work in. I had a couple of options to go different places, even some places they wanted me to fight for a starting position. I also saw what they have going on here. I wanted to be a part of it.’”

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  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    Hope KG slaps him for this.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i just really like the fact that he signed for the minimum so that washington has to pay as much of his salary as possible

  • BugEyes

    Was thatlike a stipulationin his contract?

  • LakeShow

    They could be.

    I have no idea who is better between the Pacers, Bulls, and Nets.

    I’m leaning Pacers though.

  • RKJ92

    I’d say It’s Brooklyn until there is one injury to any one of their older players, then it will be the Pacers RIGHT behind them.

  • danpowers

    me too.

    the nets look too good on paper to be true. idk if the pacers will win more regular season games than the nets, but in a head to head matchup id give them the edge. they can counter any of the nets stars defensively, especially on the perimeter. with hill, stephenson and goerge on pierce, williams and johnson that’ll make life real tough for this group to score. reggie evans cant do all the rebounding on his own, west and hibbert will give brook and garnett the business down low. at least when it comes to rebounding.

    there are also some aspects that speak for the nets but id still give the pacers the edge for their grit and age. plus, that nets core melted under pressure against rose-less and injury riddled bulls. i dont know if these three dogs of williams, johnson and lopez really bite when it counts. we will see if the addition of pierce and kg will be enough to turn them into a legit contender.

    plus, the nets yet have to win their division. they look better than the knicks on paper, but basketball is played on the hardwood. im buyin that they are better when i see em up in the standings by the end of this season.

  • spit hot fiyah

    he got amnestied, so the wizards have to pay the remaining years/$ on his contract that he had with them except for what he signs for with other teams

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Pacers definitely.

    I think paper is over hyping.

    Can’t see how the nets can get at the knicks

  • LakeShow

    What about the Nets and Knicks now?

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    even w/o stoudamire. knicks have the advantage athletically. how can nets play solid D. offensivley they have strong team, but their defense will be lacking when kg is your only defender

  • Lenin-Gil Phillips

    Sure the Pacers took the Miami heat to game 7 but the Nets gave them every mismatches in the regular season last year sweeping and blowing them up.

  • LakeShow

    Deron Williams is an above average defender.
    Same with Joe Johnson.
    Same with Paul Pierce.
    Same with Brook Lopez.
    Same with AK-47.
    And a defensive oriented coach in Kidd.
    So no it’s not just KG that plays defense.

    The Net’s are almost certainly better than the Knicks. Only injury or personnel problems could change that.

  • LakeShow

    Everyone know’s RS doesn’t mean sh*t.

  • bball knowledge

    When it comes down to Nets, Bulls, and Pacers it really comes down to coaching and Im going with Thibs on this one.

  • Lenin-Gil Phillips

    Yes, that’s why the Nets will even be better in the playoffs next year.

  • Slick Ric

    In the illustrious words of Tupac, I aint mad at you.

  • BugEyes

    I thought he was traded, thanks for the Intel

  • Lenin-Gil Phillips

    The East is definitely going to be fun to watch this year that’s for sure. At least 4 championship caliber teams with Nets, Heat, Pacers & Bulls maybe Knicks( gotta wait & see the status on Amare, Bargs & JR first) you couldn’t really say that in a long time. And also up and coming teams in the East like the Cavs, Pistons, Bobcats yes I said Bobcats.

  • C.M.G

    Lol the only above average you named is ak47.

  • Caboose

    The Pacers fit together better in my eyes. The Nets have a lot of guys who will want the ball in their hands. Unless Deron turns into Rondo, Joe learns to do something without the ball in his hand, and Lopez directs more of his energy to defense, the Nets may be a paper team. As for the Bulls, well, I’m not sold on them, even with Rose coming back.

  • Mike Gilbert

    while I highly disagree with you saying Bobcats (they are still going to be a bottom 5 team in the NBA) I think Al Jefferson/Cody Zellar combo is going to be perfect on offense. Kemba/Henderson/MKG/Zellar/Jefferson will actually be a really fun and respectable lineup! That bench though…that interior defense though…

  • Mike Gilbert

    JJ, PP and Brook Lopez are all above average defenders? I highly doubt that, but I’d love to be proven wrong

    The Nets did not have a very good defense last year, was that because of the players or the coaching? Obviously KG and AK-47 will improve the team defense regardless of the reason

    Also, what the heck is the Nets crunch time lineup going to be in the playoffs???

    Against the Heat I figure D-Will/JJ/PP/AK-47/KG

    Against the Bulls/Pacers…D-Will/JJ/PP/KG/Lopez?
    Unless Jason Terry or AK-47 are playing great? hmm

  • spit hot fiyah

    i’m here to help BugEyes

  • JML-G

    Bulls better on paper than Heat or Clippers? lay of the pipe, Lakeyboy

  • LakeShow


    We are talking about the eastern conference win totals… Gaddam

  • LakeShow

    You didn’t know that?

    Common man. Of course they are…

    The Net’s were completely disorganized last season. It’s a whole new ball game.

  • LakeShow

    Nope. Wake up.

  • Lenin-Gil Phillips

    I actually think their defense will be fine. MKG with his size can guard multiple positions, Kemba, Sessions, & Henderson are good defenders as well, & also their interior defense might be one of their strengths, Big Al, Bismack & slide in MKG at the four at times too. The bench ain’t too bad either. Ben Gordon is coming back and maybe will have a fresh start with a new coach, rising star Jeremy Taylor, Sessions also who is a good pg coming off the bench, & Bismack again who I think can develop to be a defensive specialist. What they really lack last year overall was their inside offense, having Jefferson & Zeller is going to finally provide that.

  • Mike Gilbert

    all i’m saying is that when Zellar and Jefferson are on the floor at the same time, they will get destroyed defensively. They have above average perimeter defenders which for the future though

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  • C.M.G

    It’s a well known fact that brook lopez is solely interested in scoring buckets, it’s also we’ll known that joe johnson has never played even average defense, and i dont see him starting to at his age…. paul pierce is 34 going on 35, he’s been exposed on the defensive end of the floor the last years in the play-offs….maybe 3 or 4 years ago he was above average defender….you might have a point with deron williams though….MAYBE we’ll see this year…but i mean jeremy lin made his name off deron Williams lol….