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Brandon Jennings Fires Back at Larry Sanders: ‘I Had to Take the Shots’

Listen here, Larry Sanders. Brandon Jennings didn’t mean to be a ball-hog in Milwaukee, he simply had to be one, you see. Per the Detroit Free Press: “Former teammate Larry Sanders may feel that Jennings should have passed more, but Jennings thinks the only way the Bucks had a chance was for him and backcourt mate Monta Ellis to take the majority of shots. ‘I had to, I had to, though,’ he said. ‘I mean, I had to take the shots. That’s just what it is. Me and Monta had to take those shots. Regardless for us to even get into the eighth spot in the playoffs, we had to take those shots. That’s just what it is.’ The back-and-forth started when Jennings was introduced to the Detroit media after being obtained from the Bucks during the summer. He was asked about his shot selection and said it wouldn’t be an issue because of the presence of promising big men Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe — options he didn’t have in Milwaukee. [...] Jennings said he wasn’t taking a shot at the Bucks by complimenting the Pistons’ front line, but he didn’t back down from his talent assessment. ‘I wasn’t taking shots at Milwaukee, but let’s be honest here,’ Jennings said. ‘I got two of the best young big men in the league. I’m not going to sugarcoat it or say it any other way. If he feels like I wasn’t passing him the ball … (laughs). There’s times that that I had 20, 18, 19 assists in a game over there, so I was passing. Sometimes you gotta be able to finish.’”

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  • Dfrance

    Gotta side with Jennings here. I always find it funny when dudes that are unpolished offensively talk about touches. Like when Ben Wallace couldn’t wait to get to the Bulls to show people he had an offensive game.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Sanders comments weren’t a complaint about touches, He was reacting to Jennings saying,

    Andrew Gruman @AndrewGruman
    Larry Sanders when asked for response to Brandon Jennings’ comments on playing with better bigs in DET: “He has to pass it to them first”

  • north

    Somewhere there was a stat about bad shots early in the shot clock for Jennings, it was ridiculously high. Larry is right, he never TRIED to pass. Maybe Jennings was just told that they record assists in the stat book, he thought it was rec league and they just recorded points.

  • Fat Lever

    Larry Sanders give’s Brandon’s response 2 thumbs up.

  • chyea

    Bullshit. Jennings has never been a play-making PG and he’s trying to justify his piss poor offensive efficiency. I’m gonna be laughing this year when he’s still putting up the same percentages and shooting 18 times a game on a team with supposedly far better big men. If you wanna argue about offensive talent, look at the rosters that Nash played with in his last years in Phoenix and how he still was tops in the league for assists per 36.

  • 313Hiphophead

    Andre Drummond = next superstar center / ….

  • davidR

    the systems were a lot different

  • Dfrance

    All I’m saying is, I’d rather have Jennings and Monta shooting than dumping it in to Larry Sanders. Didn’t call Jennings John Stockton or anything.

  • Dfrance

    I looked at that quote as Sanders taking exception to Jennings saying Det bigs were better and saying Jennings didn’t pass it to the Mil bigs. I definitely could be reading too much into it tho.

  • cflip

    Funny coming from a career 39% shooter, this is guy is delusional. His “had no help” excuse is bullshit, he had better shooters like Ersan and Redick he could of pass to, he shot because he wanted to. As matter of fact the team scored more and defended better when he was off the court.

  • chyea

    Damn, those are the only alternatives? It’s either Jennings shooting long contested threes or Sanders in the low post? Or maybe there’s such a thing as passing to get better looks or facilitating ball movement to get better looks…Wait, isn’t that what PGs are supposed to do?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    my point is more, it was Sanders being defensive. i don’t see how Andre Drummond is better than him today? so it just came off as a dig to say he’s playing with better players now. almost like an excuse for why Jennings was so truly terrible. instead of taking responsibility, Jennings has basically said, “i was that bad because my teammates were even worse” — which doesn’t make any sense, if you were so good, you would be able to get them good looks, or would have been able to get better looks yourself.
    basically, both guys are just being defensive. But “jennings started it” lol

  • spit hot fiyah

    iliasova, dunleavy and reddick come to mind

  • Ugh


  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    LOL too honest

  • Evan Boland

    Ersan and Reddick.. Ya… lol. He’s kinda correct.


    Jennings was never a pass first guy though. Can’t expect these guys to change their nature once they get to the league. They are who they are.