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Carmelo Anthony Says Kobe Bryant Won’t Recruit Him to the Lakers

The impending free agency of superstar forward Carmelo Anthony will dominate the conversation in the land of the Knickerbockers all season long. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most obvious suitors for Melo’s services next summer, but once again, Anthony says he doesn’t expect to end up in Hollywood. Per the Knicks Blog: “Carmelo Anthony says he doesn’t expect his friend Kobe Bryant to recruit him to come play for the Lakers. ‘No, I think Kobe respects me as a ballplayer, as a person, as a friend, so I don’t think none of them phone calls will be coming next,’ Anthony said Friday after practice. Technically, Bryant or any other player can’t tamper with Anthony during the season, but that wouldn’t stop Anthony from considering playing alongside Kobe. And it would be hard to demonstrate that the two had been in touch during the season anyway. LeBron James was in touch with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh before they all teamed up in Miami, and it is now in vogue for NBA stars to team up in an effort to win a championship. [...] Anthony continues to insist he doesn’t want to talk about his impending free agency and said he told coach Mike Woodson before the season began that it wouldn’t be a distraction. ‘Actually I went to him before the season and told him, ‘Don’t even think about worrying about me as far as let that interfere with my game or with this team because I’m not, so you shouldn’t,’ Anthony said.”

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  • ErnieD

    Assuming Kobe has enough left in the tank by then. Maybe the Knicks will trade him somewhere this year. San Antonio could use him in a playoff run for sure.

  • LLC#12

    Kobe and Melo on the same team would be a car crash I think. You can’t pair Kobe with a scorer. Star NBA players that would make a good duo with Kobe are guys like: LeBron, Rondo, CP3, K-Love, Paul George…

  • Dfrance

    ‘Don’t even think about worrying about me as far as let that interfere with my game or with this team because I’m not, so you shouldn’t,’ Anthony said.”

    Come again?

  • spit hot fiyah

    yeah, that’s not happening

  • Sérgio

    Rondo with Kobe would be unbelievable.

  • PC

    I like that pairing!

  • Anthony

    Obviously, NO English or grammar classes were taken during that 1 year at Cuse’. (smh…damn dude)

  • bike

    Woodsen replied ‘I won’t be worrying about your game if you say I shouldn’t because you say you’re not worried so I won’t think’.

  • JML-G

    he staying in New York, period

  • lol at u guys


  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Kobe and Melo needs a Rajon rondo to balance distribution. I wouldn’t mind seeing transition to a spot up shooter toward the end of his career and let Melo play small ball 4 with pau center

  • RunNGun

    To the Knicks! Make it happen, Walsh… wait… he’s already on the Knicks! To the Celtics… make it happen, Ainge!

  • Kobe Bryant


  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    i see carmelo going to the heat. And wade retiring due to health.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Melo would be a great pickup for the heat.

  • thebossman15

    rondo is a bum this dude would get defenses too double up on kobe, rondo has no jumpshot whatsoever..everytime kobe would drive rondo’s man would double up on him making it even more difficult for him too score than it already is.

  • Gomy Noah

    Kobe has actually said on record that the player he’d most like to play with in the NBA is Melo. WTF is wrong with Melo lol?

  • TJ Perkins

    Not necessarily. People forget that both kobe and Melo are probably the 2 best post up players in the league, pound for pound. Melo is big enough to play 3-4 spot and could essentially post up in place of what Pau does now.

    In a floor spreading offense, it could even work vice versa with Melo on the perimeter and kobe posting up smaller guards with his 6’6″ frame. Kobe is a great enough post player to post up a much larger Lebron so that dynamic shouldn’t be a problem and would probably extend Kobe’s career in the way Jordan became a back to basket player at 34-35.

    They could be interchangeable in that way. To be honest a ball dominant facilitator like a rondo or Lebron would probably pose more of a problem because they would dribble half the shot clock down before making a play.

    With kobe and Melo trading off perimeter and post ups it would still eat up shot clock but it would interchange more efficiently. Theoretically speaking.

  • dser

    Anthony should go to the clips for Barnes..reddickk. 2 first founders and jordan