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Carmelo Anthony Will Recruit Free Agents to New York

Free agency will be the pall that hangs over the 2013-’14 New York Knicks, but according to Carmelo Anthony, there’s nothing to worry about. Melo says he will recruit other stars to join him in Gotham. Per Newsday: “‘I haven’t had a complaint yet in my 11 years in this NBA about playing with me. I think people would love to come to play in New York. And when that time comes, we’ll be working on that. I have a big black book. I have a big Rolodex. People that talk about what’s going on with me in the offseason, this and that, I should be getting people to come here, I am. I’m trying.’ (Kenny) Smith said Monday there aren’t ‘a lot of guys saying they want to come to New York and play here with [Anthony].’ (Charles) Barkley said Anthony shouldn’t be talking about opting out, and should worry about trying to get players to join him. ‘I don’t listen to that guy,’ Anthony said. [...] ‘I don’t care about doubters,’ Anthony said. ‘I believe we have what it takes. We believe we have what it takes. But we have to go out there and do that, and show that and prove it. It’s hard. I mean, it’s hard to do, but we’ve got to take on that challenge. We’ve got to be ready for that.’ [...] Anthony likes the Knicks’ chances, and continues to say his focus is on this season and not his future. ‘The free agency, that’s not hanging over my head,’ Anthony said. ‘I’ll deal with that in the offseason when that time comes. I’m very excited about this season. I believe it’ll be a great season and I think we have a hell of a chance to do something this year.’”

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  • @iamMrjump

    MELO like WHO ? #GrandTheftRondo ?

  • Mars

    Rondo, Ibaka, AND trade JR Smith for Bledsoe. Do it now. Do it right now!

  • BugEyes

    New York is garbajosa, spike lee is more annoying than Stephen a

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Idk about that Stephen A is pretty damn annoying.

  • pposse

    damn the east would have way too many superstars in their primes if Westbrook came to NY

    *Edit i misread your post …forget what i just said

  • spit hot fiyah

    how about signing an extension so that the players u are recruiting actually know that u will be there

  • RayJr

    So nice of Melo to help out the Knicks before he goes to LA.

  • You Know

    Suns would not do that lmao

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