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Chris Kaman Injured His Finger Tobogganing at The Great Wall of China

No worries, Lakers fans—Chris Kaman is going to be just fine. But the non-seriousness of the injury doesn’t make it any less absurd. We’ll just let the LA Times take it away: “Now there’s the tobogganing injury sustained by Chris Kaman at the Great Wall of China. One of his fingers was squashed while he was sledding down a slippery concrete track after trekking along the wall for two hours Sunday with Lakers teammates and staffers. His sled, essentially a wheeled cart with a brake, was rammed from behind by teammate Shawne Williams. Kaman instinctively put out his hand as he saw Williams careening toward him and, well, ouch. Visitors to the Mutianyu portion of the wall take a gondola or cable car to the top of a hill where the wall is located. They can return the same way or take the toboggan down. ‘I didn’t hit the brake the whole time. Guys on the edge were yelling ‘Slow down’ and I just kept going,’ Kaman said. ‘All of a sudden I catch up to this guy close to the bottom, so now I have to brake. Shawne Williams comes behind me without hitting his brake at all and just smashed right into me.’ Williams was going 20-25 mph hour and Kaman was going only about 3 mph at the time of the collision, Kaman said. ‘My hand smashed right between the two sleds. I didn’t feel the end of my finger for, like, an hour,’ Kaman said, extending a bandaged, swollen middle finger. ‘It’s starting to throb a little right now.’ Will he play Tuesday against Golden State in an exhibition here? ‘Yeah, I’ll be fine,’ he said.”

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  • UnsolicitedAdvisor

    A headline for the ages.

  • spit hot fiyah

    right up there with vlad rad when it comes to weird off court injuries

  • bike

    He thought Williams was coming for his crotch and he reacted just like anyone else would after suffering trauma to that part of one’s body.

  • Smits#45

    I really just read this article to find out what tobogganing is.

  • robb

    Don’t give Bynum ideas!

  • raylikenoother

    What is Tobogganing?
    Ask Chris Kaman what he did on the Great Wall 1 year from now, he probabbly would’ve asked the same question.

  • Max

    The preseason allways has these weird ass injuries lol

  • Flud

    What is tobogganing? Kids don’t get out much any more

  • Dfrance

    Nick Young posted a video of himself crashing in the sled on Instagram.

    Funny as hell, but something tells me 1. NBA players shouldn’t patronize the toboggan and 2. Toboggans are probably not designed with giant NBA players in mind.