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Chris Kaman Says Clippers Will Never Win Like the Lakers

Having been a part of both organizations, Chris Kaman doesn’t see the LA Clippers ever reaching the same level of success the Los Angeles Lakers have enjoyed over the years. Also, DeAndre Jordan dismisses the notion that there’s a true rivaly between the two squads. Per the LA Times: “I don’t think it’ll ever be a rivalry. You guys [in the media] want it to be, though,’ Jordan said. ‘I would say Memphis more than the Lakers.’ That’s because the Clippers and Grizzlies have met in the first round of the playoffs the last two seasons. The Clippers won a thrilling Game 7 in Memphis during the 2012 playoffs and the Grizzlies beat the Clippers in six games last spring. ‘I hate every other NBA team in the league. If anybody [is our rival], I’d say Memphis,’ Jordan said. [...] It’s a Clippers town now? Not according to Kaman, the witty, loquacious center who signed a one-year deal with the Lakers in July. The teams play each other in the season opener Tuesday, a designated Lakers home game. ‘I respect what they’re doing and what they’ve done, but still, they’re nothing like the Lakers,’ Kaman said Monday. ‘You look up here at all the championships. They’re never going to have that. It’s never going to happen. I don’t see it. There’s just something about the Lakers. The history behind everything. It just makes it that much sweeter.’”

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  • Karl

    I don’t see why these new Laker players have anything to brag about. They’ve never achieved success ON the Lakers. They are merely riding the coattails of what previous greats on the Lakers have achieved thus far.
    Plus what gives him the right to say the Clippers will never win like the Lakers? You were on those teams (the Clippers) that never won anything…

  • Smits#45

    I agree with you for the most part however I must say that he didn’t mention him being the reason for the Lakers’ succes. Maybe it was just a reaction on a all the trashtalking from the Clippers which I find annoying as well. But yeah, you’re right, maybe Kaman should just focus on himself.

  • DieHard

    …it’s nothing more than the truth.

  • shockexchange

    *Game blouses*

  • Vince Gully

    Chris Kaman is like the guy older women settle on after seeing their girlfriends get married. First Dallas signs him for a year after striking out on Dwight and Deron Williams. Then the Lakers sign him for a year after seeing Dwight leave. These teams are thinking “we don’t REALLY want a mediocre center with injury problems….but Dirk and Kobe aren’t getting any younger…meh, might as well sign him for a year so that we can save some face and at least have SOMEBODY before we’re completely over the hill.” With all due respect to Dwight, Kaman is the new Rent-A-Center haha

  • Vince Gully

    I find it hilarious how Nick Young and Chris Kaman are repping the Lakers hard when they’ve never officially played for them. Don’t these guys know that they’ll be long gone before the Lakers sniff another championship? Don’t these guys know that they’re just keeping their spots warm for a potential Lebron signing down the road? At least Nick Young is from LA.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com/ Off The Backboard

    You know its going to be a long season when Nick Young and Chris Kaman are your team’s unofficial media spokesmen.

  • shockexchange