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Chris Paul and JJ Redick No Longer Feuding

Unbeknownst to most of the basketball world, Chris Paul and JJ Redick hated each other. Now that they’re co-workers, they have no choice but to get along. Per Yahoo! Sports: “We have actually had a chance to become real close, real quick,’ Paul said. ‘Who would have thought after the battles we had in college.’ Said Redick: ‘We connected right away.’ The rivalry between Paul and Redick began when they both played in the Atlantic Coast Conference at schools just a 90-minute drive from each other: Redick starred at Duke from 2002-06 and Paul was at Wake Forest from 2003-05. ‘We had some battles at Wake Forest,’ Redick said. ‘The game I kind of got into it with him our team had like three or four technicals.’ Said Paul: ‘Before I got to know him he was no friend of mine. It is what it is. But that’s how it was in college.’ The boiling point between Paul and Redick came in the summer of 2004 when both were counselors at the Jordan Brand Camp in Santa Barbara, Calif. During a scrimmage between the two, Redick became so irritated that he struck Paul. ‘I actually had to apologize to him,’ Redick said. ‘…I put my hands on him during a game. It was a hand to the face type of move. I don’t know how to describe it. We were in the dorm at UC Santa Barbara, and I was told I had to apologize to him. I knew he didn’t like me then, but he did [accept the apology].’ Since joining the NBA, Paul and Redick never spoke over the past seven seasons. Last season, Paul missed three games after bumping knees with Redick during a 104-101 loss to the Orlando Magic on Jan. 12 that snapped a franchise-record 13-game home winning streak for the Clippers. Redick said the last incident caused Paul to ‘harbor more animosity’ toward him. ‘I didn’t like him either,’ Redick said.”

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  • Smits#45

    I really have to watch more college games. Never knew about this.

  • Anthony

    The hate between some of the ACC down here schools is legendary! (Go PACK..NCSU)

  • Anthony

    “The had betwee some fo the ACC schools down here is legendary”…Geesh, I wish they had an edit feature up here!

  • Smits#45

    I guess that makes it even more fun to watch than the NBA. Too bad they don’t show those games where I live.

  • spit hot fiyah

    “i hate you!”

    “i feel the same way about you”

  • bike

    Redick was probably one of the most hated players ever in the history of the ACC. A sharp-shooting white boy from Duke was all the reason ACC fans needed.

  • Ryan Seavey

    AI rocked Ray Allen in the nose at a team USA tournament. Kinda similar here haha

  • http://www.dzfoot.com/ Matt Harpring’s Haircut

    I spent a couple of weeks in Durham this past summer and was impressed at how big college basketball was. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew it was huge .. but when I got there there I realized it was even more than just sports. Everyone was repping their team one or way another, whether it was a hat Duke, UNC license plate or a NC State shirt. I spoke to an old gentleman who’s been a NC State fan for some 40 years, learnt a lot of interesting things.

  • Janet William

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  • Tavoris Sinclair

    UConn was like the Duke of the Big East back then, so yeah…

  • Clos1881

    The pack is terrible

  • Zabbah

    No one cares.

  • AndyK415

    They do have an edit feature…