Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 4:15 pm  |  8 responses

Dwight Howard Heard ‘Kobe! Kobe’ Chants in the Philippines

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard went halfway around the world, yet he still couldn’t escape Kobe Bryant and his legion of fans. Howard was booed during an exhibition game in the Philippines and heard chants for his former Lakers teammate. Per InterAKTV: “During the Rockets’ preseason game on Thursday night against the Indiana Pacers, Howard was on the receiving end of some boos from the crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena. There were also scattered chants of ‘Kobe! Kobe!’ in reference to Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, with whom Howard had a clash of personality during his one season stint in Los Angeles. Howard didn’t fare much better on the floor, finishing with just nine points and three rebounds. He made just 3-of-9 shots from the field, struggling against bigger Pacers center Roy Hibbert, who blocked three of Howard’s attempts.”

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  • LakeShow

    Hibbert only played 20 mins and had 4 blocks. 3 of which on Howard…

    I think we know who the new best rim protector in the L is!

  • melvo

    I have a feeling that Dwight Howard is gonna have the worst season of his career this year…

  • don

    was my first time to see both hibbert and howard play live, but damn, dwight looks small beside hibbert. Them Goodyear tires doing Roy good…. it’s as if dwight shrunk…

  • pposse

    Howard historically has not fared well against C’s bigger than him. Still remember Yao Ming handling him pretty easily at times. And Hibbert now is a freaking monster, while DH was trying to lose weight this past off season

  • Busta213

    Barng serious injury, i don’t see how it can be worse than last year

  • melvo

    I don’t know, I think his performance is gonna dip because he’s gonna feel the weight of everything that’s happened to him over the last two years and the fact that a lot of people are rooting against him. Kinda like what happened to Lebron when he left Cleveland–except he kinda just lost his clutch factor. Dwight’s confidence might reach an all time low

  • Hursty

    My god, I’m almost 100% certain NONE of you watched the game judging by the comments here. The news report is inaccurate too. Howard dominated Hibbert in all facets of the game. Defense, team rebounding positioning, rim protection, PnR D, transition offense and rim runs and physical dominance. Hibbert didn’t score a point until mid-way through the 3rd quarter.
    Howard had left and right hooks, and a rolling lefty layup vs Hibbert. He looked good. Had a few jumpers/layups roll out, but to say he struggled vs Hibbert is a significant falsehood.

  • Busta213

    Well, in his career low season he was 12 & 10. That shouldnt be a problem to beat for a featured player.
    Why would it be tougher than the last 2 years when his own fans were openly against him? Houston is happy to have him, and they are still on their honeymoon period.