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George Hill Disagrees With Derrick Rose Saying Bulls and Pacers Aren’t Rivals

Derrick Rose recently dismissed talk of any sort of rivalry between the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers (saying only the Miami Heat qualify.) George Hill sees things differently — he says the Pacers and Bulls are on the same level, and ergo, rivals. Per Hoopsworld: “I don’t know how [Rose] can say we’re not rivals yet because we’ve been just as successful as they have been,’ Hill said. ‘But all I know right now is we’re the Central Division champions and for them, they have to come through us to get that. But if that’s what he believes, then that’s what he believes.’ Veteran forward Luis Scola, who joined the Pacers in free agency over the summer, had a different view of Rose’s comments. Scola believes the Pacers should serve notice on the court to erase any doubts on where the unit should be positioned among the league’s elite teams. ‘I don’t see anything negative about it,’ Scola said regarding Rose’s comments. ‘They asked him and he answered. We always demand honest answers from athletes and that was an honest answer. It doesn’t matter. We will try everything in our power to be the team to beat for everybody, but we got to prove that. Indiana was a great team last year and we want to be an even better team this year. It’s okay what [Rose] says. It’s okay what everybody says because we shouldn’t be looking at quotes from other teams.’”

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  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    lol The Pacers would easily be favorites if they had a decent point guard.

    But , the Bulls do have to go through the Pacers. That team is stacked!

  • JD

    George Hill is a very decent PG though.

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    yea but he can’t handle a strong defense .. Miami exploited this.

  • slamfan4life

    Pacers won last year when the Bulls had a less developed Butler and Rose on the sideline……Bulls got the division this year

  • perm

    The simplicity in Scola’s statement foregoes every he-said-this/they-reacted-with-that post ever. #sportsmedia

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    and barely squeaked by them.

  • @iamMrjump

    Chi-town only got Rose…Boozer is overrated.. Deng hit his ceiling. Now that kid P.George there is nothing but upside on his end… This is leading to a tough Central division winner will face the Heatles for a chance to dance

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    Problem still there and there backup C.J. Watson is worse. They’re both shooting guards.

  • pposse

    haha Pacers Bulls games will be fun this year

  • sent

    Bulls only won ONE game. Squeaking by would require more than one loss.

  • Jay Cutler

    Truly refreshing.

  • Smits#45

    The Pacers have improved significantly with Granger and Scola in their rotation. Even if Granger isn’t the same player that he was I believe they’ll still beat the Bulls. It all comes down to Rose if the Bulls are going to stand a chance. Besides Rose coming back the Bulls didn’t do anything except getting older.

  • spit hot fiyah

    calderon would been perfect. ended up being too expensive though

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    I wanted them to get CP3 but…..

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    D-Rose has been playing like the entire world told him he wouldn’t be nearly as good when he comes back. Downright scary. The Pacers are a great team even without a solid PG, but they have nothing for Rose. They have balanced scoring, but they don’t have that dude who can go off for 40. Derrick attacked Roy Hibbert more aggressively in his first preseason game in Indiana than LeBron did in the playoffs last season. No fear or hesitation at all. If they played a series with everyone healthy, I’d take Chicago in 6. The East will come down to Miami and Chicago if both teams stay healthy and I can’t wait to see that series. Will probably be better than the Finals. I don’t know how good people’s memories are, but the only team that stood in his way before he got hurt was Miami and the only player was LeBron James.

    The Pacers-Bulls have played just 1 postseason series since Rose has been in Chicago and Paul George has been in Indiana (two best players). George was a rookie during that series. That Pacers team was built around Granger. David West wasn’t there. So I can see why Rose says there’s no rivalry. Rivalries are made in the postseason, not in regular season games. George Hill needs to spend more time doing ballhandling drills and learning to run an offense. And prepare for the destruction that D-Rose looks like he’s going to put on every defender not named LeBron James. And with how he looks now, LeBron may have his hands full himself. He’s already admitted multiple times how tough it is to defend Derrick.

  • Wings23


  • LakeShow

    Rivalries… Everyone get’s all riled up about what’s a rivalry and what’s not…

    Everyone’s your rival, some more than others…

  • chingy

    Seeding this year is going to be huge in the Eastern conference. The 1 seed will only have to beat one of Chicago/Miami/Indiana whereas the 2/3 seeds will have to do that twice.

  • cbranson05

    being a rival and being 2 good teams are different things tho, right? maybe he is saying he doesn’t feel any rival type animosity for the pacers the same as he does for heat. the pacers, being in indiana, have this little brother syndrome with chicago, so they feel a need to make it a rival to not overshadowed. so i see where indy is coming from. d.rose is just like .. hey, i got no beef with those dudes, they just another good team we gotta beat

  • Anthony

    Love, love, love DRose…JUST…I’m not seeing it yet. He’s still amazing & better than most of the league…but until I see that 2 foot jump stop with some explosion (the same move where he tore his ACL) I am reserving judgement. Not saying he doesn’t have it…I just think the mental part is still effing with him.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    One move is keeping you from thinking he’s back to where he was, if not better? Have you watched highlights? The explosion is there. He’s way past the mental part. We’ve all seen it during the preseason. He’s planting and elevating off of that leg quite a bit in traffic. They play the Thunder on ESPN tonight at 9:30. You should watch.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    i wasnt talking about thr bulls

  • LP @ThisisEther

    No way you’ve seen any preseason BULLS games…He isn’t thinking one bit about that ACL, he is 100% healthy and more explosive…we’re a few days away, you’ll see….


    Anyone else think Hill’s response was the dumbest thing ever?

  • 3Chainz

    watch ESPN tonight if you think so….

  • Castrovi

    Sooooo, did you catch the game last night?

  • Toni Benz

    Pacers reached far despite not having their best player granger, while bulls w/o rose, sucks. Butler is overrated

  • Toni Benz

    If pacers had kept up playing against this championship team with the best player lebron, who is way better than rose, how can they not play against rose and an unproven bulls team in the playoffs, Rose hasn’t proven anything, except an undeserving mvp. He hasn’t lead his team to a championship, not even near a finals berth. He has zero rings.

  • Toni Benz

    No it isn’t. If rose can speak his mind, every one can.


    I’m talking in terms of his reasoning as to why they are rivals. Doesn’t make sense to me

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