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Jamal Crawford to Become More of a Catch-and-Shoot Player

First, he killed “Lob City”. And now Jamal Crawford’s glorious crossover and freestyling will be muted. Damn you, Doc Rivers! Crawford says he’s going to focus on more of a catch-and-shoot game this season. Per the LA Times (via PBT): “One of the pleasures of watching Jamal Crawford perform on the court is seeing his ability to shake a defender with his deft crossover dribble to create an open shot. But with Clippers Coach Doc Rivers stressing fewer isolation plays, that will probably lead to Crawford having the ball in his hands less often. So expect to see Crawford come off more screens in Rivers’ system and then look for a pass. ‘As far as creating stuff, there’s still a place for that,’ Crawford said. ‘But I think it’ll be a more catch-and-shoot type of thing.’ Over his 13-year NBA career, Crawford has had the basketball in his hands ‘most of the time’ before he takes a shot. Now he has to change his mind-set. ‘It’s an adjustment,’ Crawford said. ‘But I’ll make the best out of it. [Rivers] has some really good stuff that I think will benefit everybody.’ Rivers already has been impressed by Crawford after just three days of training camp. ‘He’s terrific coming off the picks without the ball,’ Rivers said. ‘He really is good. He’s a catch-and-shoot guy as well, and I didn’t know that and now I know.’ Crawford has a career average of 15.4 points, mostly because he’s such a creative and crafty ballhandler. He has made 41.1% of his shots over his career and 35% of his three-pointers.”

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  • LakeShow

    Damn you Doc!
    Probably for the best though.

  • The Seed

    Overrated Journey man on an overrated superstar team, see CP3.

  • BugEyes

    Can you say ray Allen anybody? Doc knows how to win

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Reporter: So Jamal I hear you’re gonna be a catch and shoot guy this year any truth to that man?

    Jamal: if by that you mean catch the ball 40 feet out from the hoop dribble out 22 seconds of the clock move in to 30 feet from the rim then wait for the hand in my face then shoot a fader, then yeah im gonna be a catch and shoot guy this year

  • burnt_chicken

    Over rated poster on an under rated site. See: BOOK IT.

  • Ugh

    Slam is way overrated.

  • uqk

    35%… ?

  • BugEyes

    Because he shoots off the dribble, if he spots up it should go up statistically speaking. just like ray

  • 3Chainz

    This is strictly to make Chris Paul assists go up, that plain and simple. First CP wants his coach fired for Doc. Then he wants to fight the “Flop Rule” , he says Blake has to step up in order for them to win. DROSE says “it’s on me” while CP says “it’s on Blake” Now he’s probably behind closed doors blowing Doc to make it all about him. Dude is way overrated!

  • The Seed

    Jamal Crawford is a journey man, he is an AND 1 player in the NBA. His moves are flashy, but check big games. He disappears like Blake in big games. Check his career. Also CP3 has done nothing, Doc his Coach agrees with me. CP3 has not even been too a Western Conf. Finals. also Melo is overrated until he proves something. That’s the Breaks.

  • Caboose

    Anything that puts the ball in CP’s hands more is gonna be good.

  • Caboose

    Yeah, no. Chris Paul is overrated? Defend that one, go ahead, I’ll wait.

  • da real Blake Griffin


  • Ken

    What is And1 player ? that sounds stupid and childish and is basically someones jealousy getting the best of them . Any real nba fan knows that there were fancy moves in the nba long before the And1 tour came along. Jamals averaged 14 ppg in the nba the past 10 years the fact that you equate that type of production to the And1 tour shows your lack of basketball knowledge.

    There is no such thing as a journeyman in the modern nba with free agency . Heck there are rumors now about the best player in the world possibly joining his 23rd team . Wouldnt he be a journeyman as well ?

    Stop clowning yourself

    Catch and shoot does not mean no more crossovers it actually means that his crossover wile be even more deadly because the isolations wont be so predictable the same with Chris Pauls. .

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Well first off they say he is 6ft tall but really he is only 5’11.75….can you believe this guy lmao jp

  • LakeShow

    Agreed. Just love watching JC do his thing.

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