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Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley Competing to Start for the Rockets

There’s no clear indication regarding who will be the starting point guard in Houston this season — for the time being, Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley are working to convince head coach Kevin McHale that they deserve the job. Per the Houston Chronicle: “I have two starting point guards,’ McHale said. That answer does not seem to satisfy the masses, however. Online message boards and social media continue to fill up with comments from fans who want to know which player will be dubbed the starter. ‘As a player, I always found it irrelevant,’ McHale said. ‘I came off the bench in a lot of games. What is the big difference in playing 271/2 minutes off the bench and playing 26 minutes as a starter? I guess it is a big deal to some people.’ It doesn’t seem to be for the players in the starting point guard battle. Lin and Beverley have the same goals this season, and neither mentions the starting job when discussing those goals. Both talk about playing for wins and eventually championships. Lin said that because the Rockets boast two strong point guards, it makes them a tougher challenge. ‘We have different strengths,’ Lin said. ‘(Beverley) is such a good defender and shooter. I am better with the ball in my hands, attacking. I think that makes us tough to scout, and it gives us the opportunity to give a lot of different looks.’ [...] As questions continue to swirl about who the Rockets’ starting point guard is this season, Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley played several minutes together Monday night. Lin started at point guard and played 33 minutes. Beverley came off the bench and played 26. ‘I thought (Lin) did a lot of nice things,’ coach Kevin McHale said. ‘He broke people down; he had eight assists. Between he and (Beverley), they had 13 assists and four turnovers. I liked when they were both in the game.’ Lin finished with six points, eight assists, four rebounds and three steals. Beverley had 10 points, five assists and two rebounds. McHale praised both for their defense. ‘I thought they were both really solid,’ he said. ‘Any mistakes that they do make are mistakes because they’re trying really hard and getting after it. They stay in place. They use their hands. They’re both diligent guys.’”

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  • LakeShow

    I can’t see them bringing that much money off the bench.

    Lin will be starting.

  • Kevin Wong

    It seems like a no-brainer to alternate who starts based on the opposition. If they want a speedy or orchestrated offense, they should have Lin, Howard, Harden, Parsons, Smith/Jones. If they want to clamp down on defense, they should start with Beverly, Harden, Howard, Asik, Parsons/Garcia.

    Who starts becomes irrelevant when each player gets fairly equal play time and can play multiple positions in the rotation. What matters most the chemistry and synergies each rotation can create and how they can exploit the opposition. Equally important is getting to the post-season with a healthy team.

  • spit hot fiyah

    beverly has a chance to one of the very best defensive guards in the L, his on ball defense is crazy

  • ScrewT

    Asik/Lin will be packaged for a PF by the deadline.

  • ballislife

    Remember when Lin was on top the world? Commercials and endorsement deals were just on the horizon, along with superstar status with New York graveling at his feet. Now he competing with beverly for a starting spot? hahaha

  • Clos1881

    I would take patrick Beverly to many times I have seen line and it seems as though he has no nuts and backs down from certain matchups.

  • Clos1881

    I have never heard of alternating pg based on matchups not sure about that one

  • Yknot

    I’ve liked his game ever since he was in high school on that NY VS. Chicago documentary. Even Wade thought he would be the one to make it back then.

  • JoeMaMa

    His run with the Knicks was magical, for many reasons. I loved it. It was a gift to New York basketball. And I love that he’s still doing well. Houston’s loving the fact that they have 2 young, improving PGs who compete hard and complement each other.
    And Lin’s raking in endorsements, I’m sure. He’s a superstar in Taiwan and a big deal in China too. A billion+ market wants their Lin. He’s doing just fine.


    Damn shame considering how much Lin is being paid. Smh. We shouldn’t even be reading this article right now

  • Darkwing Productions

    What’s the name of the documentary? I’d like to check it out.

  • JML-G

    Beverly clearly is finally ready to finally establish himself in the league and Lin is clearly ready to move to China league after this contract is over

  • bball knowledge

    Who cares how much money a player makes if he is not the best fit for the team to be a starter he should not start. Teams are trying to win games not feed player egos.

  • LakeShow

    You’d be surprised.

  • bball knowledge

    Rockets should trade him to get better pieces to fit with Harden, Howard, and Parsons.

  • Will Lee

    lin to start, better tempo. beverly comes in to kill the 2nd unit with its D. Just like Rondo and avery bradley. At times, 2 guard to finish quarters


    What about this trade? Houston receives Ryan Anderson from Pelicans for Asik, OKC receives Jeremy Lin for Kendrick Perkins. That way, Houston gets a space creating PF and a backup Center, Asik gets to start, and Jeremy lin gets to be PG and Westbrook can play his true SG position.

  • robb

    Beverly starting? scary. Watch out players, your knees are in danger.

  • phil

    kendrick perkins. enough said

  • Demar DeBROzan

    Unfortunately this isn’t college ball, at some point in the season almost every team is motivated by something other than getting wins

  • BallL

    i’d be surprised if they started beverly. Coach mchale says whats the difference between playing 26 mins as a starter and 27 mins off the bench? then why doesn’t lebron come off the bench and play 37 mins a game? there’s a reason of having 5 starters, they are the best players to start and finish the game.

  • redbeard

    I hope Lin doesn’t end up with his knee torn haha

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  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    nah but kevin mchale isn’t that type of coach. I mean last year jermey lin was the second main attraction, but with dwight howard there and the rockets with a legit chance to win the west mchale will definitely have to go with beverly.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    id trade lin and terrence jones for a decent upcoming pf like Ed Davis or along amir johnson. you know toronto would love jermey lin

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe


    I think the rockets will try the latter line up because they want to run howard and asik together. but they should trade lin to the raptors for amir johnson and some 2nd round pick

  • Chester

    No way, are u trying to stay that you want to see Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields rekindle their love…

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    I don’t take interest in others PDA its shameful that its so rampant today.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    I don’t think Lin has that defense agression like Beverly. Lin serves better as 2nd unit pg who can pull a scoring burst or a playmaking role. If harden was more like Vince carter sg then if keep Lin with him but harden also has point guard abilities as well

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    I’d rather experiment or trade Dwight for major pieces in long run Asik seems more durable considering Dwight’s injury history. Plus when Howard athleticism goes its over for him

  • Denzel Boksingero

    It’s sad that the starting PG issue has revolved around the player’s fit with James Harden. Beverly fits better with Harden. But it does not necessarily make the Rockets more competitive overall. If you have seen how the Rockets performed against the Clippers (Harden out) and the Magic (Harden and Parsons out), you will see that Lin’s team ball makes the Rockets more competitive overall even with average talents. Could you imagine how the Rockets would perform overall if James Harden, Dwight Howard and McHale would give Lin a chance to use his strength as a playmaker, not as a spot-up shooter? Lin has been adjusting the whole season; it’s time for the Rockets stars particularly Harden to adjust for the benefit of the whole team.

  • Denzel Boksingero

    Exactly. Lin is not the problem, but James Harden. McHale is feeding James Harden’s ego. Harden is an elite scorer. No question about it. But he is a inferior facilitator and PG compared to Lin. Why not harness the strengths of the players (Harden as a spot-up shooter, Lin as the facilitator) so that the Rockets can become more competitive?

  • Denzel Boksingero

    The December 2012 games showed James Harden’s effort to mesh with Lin. As a result, the Rockets were really dominating other good teams (Grizzlies, Knicks, Bulls). I don’t know what happened but James Harden started to sideline Lin and usurp his PG role. If Harden and Lin can play well together, the Rockets would be a very scary team especially with the arrival of Dwight Howard. The coaching staff, however, is not addressing this issue head on. Benching Lin or trading Lin and starting Beverly is not the answer to the Rockets’ championship aspiration.

  • bball knowledge

    Patrick Beverly plays better defense and should be a starter and he is much cheaper too.

  • fair palmer

    Everyone knows that the Rockets already have a pseudo PG in Harden. If
    Rockets do not consider JLin good enough to be the starting PG, I feel the GM / coaches should “deal with it” —
    either to trade him in good faith OR to help him improve to their satisfaction.

  • KaiHarate

    beverly does several things better than lin and is great to have out there but two key things are lacking in beverly’s game for a point gaurd. clyde drexler (houston’s play by play), hakeem, and other houston people have said lin is clearly a more natural point guard than beverly. beverly can’t drive to the hoop and dish as lin can. he can’t lead a fast break as well as lin can. watching lin pass to howard and asik this preseason…he clearly is the better point guard for the post.

    and people need to calm down a bit about beverly. he had an epic game 1 against okc. but nobody remembers his disasters of game 3 and 6 (1 and 0 assists). with westbrook out, and thus okc a much easier team to beat, beverly was horrendous in both those games and THE main reason houston didn’t go up 3-0 at home. you have to remember that okc played without a player as good as kobe, rose, wade, melo, chris paul. their back up point guard outplayed beverly for 4.5 games out of 6. beverly was given a dream assignment: no lin in his rearview mirror and westbrook watching the games from luxury box. no westbrook for 4.5 games…and he failed. okc’s point guards out played beverly. houston’s frontline dominated (asik made perkins/ibaka look like high school). harden held his own against an epic durant effort. houston’s 3pointers outdid okc. rockets lost because of point guard play. it was beverly that wound up hurting them.

    the mavs game clearly showed lin a better all around point guard. beverly is awesome guy to have and he’s upped his shot big time. i have no issue with him at all. but lin and howard are clearly on a same page already. he’s made some sweet dishes to howard and beverly hasn’t quite done that as much.

    but if rockets start beverly it’s not a big deal because neither him or lin are critical to championship run. they just need to pass the ball for the most part and get out of the way.

  • BugEyes

    That is a good doc. great come back!! I remeber it, from like 5 years ago lol

  • Denzel Boksingero

    Francisco Garcia plays much better defense than James Harden and he’s way much cheaper. Based on your logic, the Rockets should start Garcia.

  • bball knowledge

    Harden is a top 10 player in the NBA, not an overpaid bench/role player.

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