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Michael Beasley Punched Himself in the Head and Needed Treatment (VIDEO)

Upset with himself for missing a shot and turning the ball over during a preseason game in Detroit last night, Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley punched himself in the head with such force that he required medical attention. SuperCool Beas! Per the Miami Herald: “Michael Beasley is pretty hard on himself sometimes. Beasley received his first minutes of playing time and he was great. He scored nine points in his first five minutes of action and was diving on the floor and doing things coaches generally like to see out of players trying to make a roster. Of course, Beasley also did something a little odd after one offensive play. Upset with himself over missing a shot, Beasley started punching himself in the head while running back on defense. He punched himself so hard that he needed treatment after the game from the Heat’s trainer. Steel compresses (like the ones cut doctors use in boxing) were applied to Beasley’s brow in the locker room.”

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  • Blarmac

    That seems about right.

  • danpowers


  • i_ball

    That’s probably a unique way to get injured :D

    btw was Beasley ever in the top 50?

  • VanCityBBal

    The 3 headlines right now are : 1:Blake Griffin Suffered a Bruised Knee Trying to Dunk on Teammate Lou Amundson, 2. Rodney Stuckey Broke His Thumb on a Car Door, 3.
    Michael Beasley Punched Himself in the Head and Needed Treatment… The season hasn’t even started yet and stupid injuries are already a reality

  • Max

    Exactly what I was thinking lol

  • RevKay

    every night, michael beasley sits in the empty gym after practice and sings pink’s “don’t let me get me” softly to himself. sometimes, the cleaning staff hears and the gruff, older senior cleaning staff member lets fall one silent tear and nods to beasley as if saying, “you’ll be okay, young fella.”

  • Slick Ric

    Only Beasley.


    beasley lost weight, looked focus on D and played really well those few minutes off the bench. i know it’s only 1 game, but it might be the move of the summer

  • Smits#45

    Stupid as it is I don’t think he had the same “motivation” to get all upset about a missed shot when he was in Phoenix. In a twisted way this could be a good thing.

  • VanCityBBall

    Carlos Boozer is wondering right now “How can i top this?”

  • RunNGun

    Ah… so that’s what you call a KNUCKLEHEAD.. and so it begins!

  • JibbsIsBallin

    top 5000

  • grgeblck

    As long as his presence doesn’t affect what Heat already has.

  • OneStep

    Kevin Love ruptured his spleen doing sit-ups?