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Mike Miller Could Sue the Miami Heat for Role in Scam

Last season, it came out that some Miami Heat players had been swindled by a con man. Memphis Grizzlies forward Mike Miller is thinking of suing his former team for their role in the scam. Per the Miami Herald: “Miller, who now plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, lost $1.7 million in a scam allegedly orchestrated by Haider Zafar, a South Beach bling king who presented himself as a member of a wealthy Pakistani family. According to Miller’s complaint that has been drawn up but not yet filed, a Heat employee introduced Miller to Zafar, and Zafar used $700,000 of the money he stole from Miller to pay for courtside Heat tickets. Settlement talks between Miller and the Heat have stalled. Miller asked for that $700,000 back from the Heat, plus attorney’s fees, but ‘the parties were far apart,’ Miller’s attorney, Andrew Fine, said. In the potential lawsuit, Miller is seeking a lot more: the entire $1.7 million that he lost in Zafar’s scam. According to the complaint which I obtained, Zafar last December agreed to spend $3 million over three seasons for Heat courtside seats and other benefits but did not submit payment. A month later, Zafar asked Stephen Weber, who was then the Heat’s executive vice president/sales, to introduce him to ‘Heat players with businesses Zafar… could invest in.’ According to the complaint, Miller, ‘at Weber’s urging, met with Zafar at Heat offices,’ and Weber told Miller that Zafar was ‘the real deal.’”

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  • Jeremy de Sa

    Just an awkward situation.. for Mike miller though I’d consider it as fair payment for cherry picking a ring.

  • Melvin flynt

    They owe miller 1.7m that is so shady

  • http://www.sneakertheater.com/ Sneaker Theater

    This is how Athletes go broke….SMH. Buy a few McDonald’s and 24 hour fitness chains and put them across the street from each other. You’ll never go broke.

  • iceman

    co sign, ala jamal mashburn, he learned from magic and is making paper as we speak

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    a ring aint worth 1.7 mil and miller isnt a HOF so shout out to the JuriseV and Koriteq