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NBA Hall of Famer Bill Sharman Dies at Age 87

Hall of Fame coach and player Bill Sharman was an All-Star guard for the Boston Celtics in the ’50s, and led the Los Angeles Lakers to a title as a head coach. He passed away on Friday morning after suffering a stroke at the age of 87. Per the LA Times: “Sharman, who suffered a stroke last week, died at his home in Redondo Beach, said his wife, Joyce. Sharman was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a player in 1976 and as a coach in 2004, joining John Wooden and Lenny Wilkens as the only men honored in both roles, and in 1996 was selected as one of the 50 greatest players of the NBA’s first 50 years. In the summer of 1971, Jack Kent Cooke hired Sharman to coach the Lakers. Seven times between 1962 and 1970, the Lakers had reached the NBA Finals without winning, losing to the Celtics six times in the championship series. But with Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich anchoring the team, the Lakers won a staggering 33 consecutive games, a U.S. professional sports record, during the 1971-72 season. They finished the season 69-13 and defeated the New York Knicks in the NBA Finals. Sharman coached the Lakers for four more seasons before becoming general manager then team president and special consultant. [...] Originally drafted by the Washington Capitols, he became an eight-time All-Star with the Celtics, averaging 17.8 points a game and winning four titles during an 11-year NBA playing career. As a player, Sharman may be remembered most for his uncanny free throw shooting. He made 88.3% of his free throws, seven times leading the league in free throw percentage.”

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  • berkamore

    One of those guys who did so much for the League. Thanks for everything, Sir and rest in peace.

  • berkamore

    Christ, where are the so called Lakers fans? This is the guy who coached your team during the 33 game winning streak in 1972. We would probably have 100 reactions if this was about Bryant was doing……….whatever. This is ridiculous. Maybe it is true that we all die alone after all. smh.

  • Drig

    Damn. Hope his family finds solace. The impact of his first title after getting repeatedly hammered by the Celts helped restore belief in the Lakers again. RIP.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    It’s amazing how many people have time to study sports or spend time in buying a home and yet will never spend time in examing their religions. Any idea/object should be studied from its origins.

    Please if you have time. Examine the historicity of the bible. Christianity has caused numerous problems in race relations as well as in scientific progress. Look up Bart Erhman, Hector Avalos, or watch any debate a chrisitian apologist has with a catholic, jew, muslim, hindu, or atheist. If you are an evangelical look up the word indoctrination and the concept of white privilege.

    look up etymology of the word religion.

    BTW hippie white jesus is not real image look up race of Jesus on wikipedia. shout out to aaron mcgruder and boondocks for that information.

  • Caboose

    Sad to see the L pioneers go. RIP.

  • Dilbert Diggler

    The average “hardcore” NBA fan, Lakers or otherwise, is 16-25 years old.
    Most of them never saw Magic play. Lamenting the lack of knowledge of the game’s history is one thing, targeting a specific fan base is just crotchety.
    How many LBJ/ Heat “fans” even know who Rony Seikaly is?
    I know his contribution to the game isn’t anywhere near Sharman’s, but most of that team’s fans know very little of the franchise history pre-2010, or pre-2006 to be generous.
    My point is, just because one team has a longer, more decorated history than another, doesn’t mean its fans are more or less legitimate for being ignorant of that history. You’re dealing with a culture of 15 minute attention spans. This is why Kobe vs lebron or Durant/lebron is the debate that explodes on these boards; it gives everyone a chance to weigh in, regardless of how informed the opinion.
    At least they’re watching the games…

  • berkamore

    Well said. You articulated this better than I could have.

  • Castrovi

    An astounding personnel that blessed the classic Lakers. Rip.Salute!!

  • gabizzle

    Sharman started the morning shoot around

  • Guest

    hey how’s california? if i come to berk. will you play basketball with me. also send me your all your information that you want me to have

  • Ngoie Kafita