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Steve Nash’s Injured Ankle Could Be a Season-Long Problem

39-year old Steve Nash couldn’t get his sore left ankle loosened up enough to play past the first quarter last night against the Sacramento Kings. Though Nash remains cautiously optimistic, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni admits that the injury could be a lingering headache throughout the season. Per the LA Times and LA Daily News: “He can only hope it’s not a season-long issue. The veteran point guard disclosed after the Lakers’ 104-86 defeat at MGM Grand Garden Arena that his ankle has bothered him since about a week before the start of training camp. ‘Tonight was just one of those nights that for whatever reason it just wasn’t moving freely and I couldn’t get it to loosen up and it started to get worse,’ said Nash, who went scoreless with two assists in only eight minutes. ‘I don’t want any setbacks so we called it, and I’ll just try to make sure I can get it right for the subsequent days before our next exhibition game.’ Nash said he hoped to play Tuesday when the Lakers open their two-game trip to China with an exhibition against the Golden State Warriors in Beijing. Did Nash, who will turn 40 in February, fear he might have to deal with the ankle all season long? ‘It has gotten better,’ he said. ‘At the start of camp, it wasn’t very good at all and then through camp it did improve and I think today was more of an unfortunate day than just a real problem. It could linger throughout the season, but I don’t expect that to be the case. I’m hoping that through this month I can try to put it behind me. It’s kind of a little bit of a dance because I need this time to prepare. At the same time, obviously you don’t want to pound the ankle to where I’m not able to function.’ [...] The Lakers had already limited Nash in practices and games in hopes the 39-year-old point guard can stay healthy. He missed 32 games last season, for reasons including a fractured left leg and persisting hamstring and back issues. Through two preseason games, Nash had averaged two points and 5.5 assists in 21.9 minutes. D’Antoni also sat Nash out of the team’s preseason opener to conserve his energy on the second night of a back-to-back game. Will Nash’s latest injury prompt D’Antoni to limit him even more? ‘That will depend on his ankle,’ D’Antoni said. ‘He will tell me. He said he couldn’t warm it up. Every once in a while, it will happen.’”

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  • Jer dawg

    Here we go again. Smh. Worked hard all summer long trying to get in shape according to Nash and now sore ankle will bother him all season. Lakers might as well play 2.5 players on 5 this season. There was already no defense. Who is going to be Nash’s Raja Bell? Or Grant Hill on defense? At least tree is Farmar & Steve Blake (sarcastic).

  • shockexchange

    Nash is old and he will probably be injury-prone for the rest of his career. It’s time that the Lakers try to develop a young PG and let the chips fall where they may. The only problem with that is when the team doesn’t win, fans will make an unproven PG it’s newest scapegoat.

  • Smits#45

    Exactly. Still kind of dissapointed though. I didn’t expect him to go downhill this fast (besides from the injuries).

  • shockexchange

    For guys who play guard or SF, age 33 is usually the line of demarcation as to when their physical abilities erode. The fact that Nash has extended his career is a testament to his physical conditioning. However, Father Time catches up to us all.

  • LLC#12

    If the shockexchange comments without:
    1) Referring to his own name. 2) Using a nickname for a player 3) Using the dog analogy or 4) Mentioning Lola Falana…is it really the shockexchange?

    Anyway, sad to say I agree with you. I was hoping for something close to Nash’s 2011-12 season, but I don’t think that is going to materialise.

  • shockexchange

    You’ve just outshocked the Shock Exchange!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Guys, the Phoenix Suns Medical Staff just sent me a video message regarding this news,

    as follows

  • Shooting Guard

    first excuse of the season came earlier than i expected

  • spit hot fiyah

    i have a feeling that the lakers’ problems will be a problem all season

  • shockexchange

    And when the Lakers aren’t making excuses, they’re talking about who they need to get. Candace Parker? “Yeah, if we only had Candace.” Jabari Parker? “Yeah, we could tank and draft Jabari.” Charlie Parker? “Yeah, we need him too.”

  • LakeShow

    How is it an “excuse” to have a 39 year old player most likely to have season long injuries to deal with?

    I’d wait around, but I know you don’t have an answer…

  • LakeShow

    Wes Johnson is our only hope for wing defense.

    Yeah, it’s that bad…

  • grgeblck

    There goes my fantasy team.

  • grgeblck

    True, it’s not an excuse. We all know Lakers signed a 39 year old guard.