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Tobias Harris Aims to Become an NBA All-Star

Orlando Magic forward Tobias Harris has big goals this season, his third in the NBA. Harris says he believes he can make the All-Star team. Per Hoopsworld: “Going into the season, being an All-Star is one of my top individual goals,’ Harris said. ‘I think I have the ability, and the team and the coaching staff have embraced me as a player. I think it’s important to go into the season with those types of goals, but at the same time, to push myself as a player and push our team to be the best team that we can be.’ When asked how good he can ultimately be as a player, Harris reiterated his goal. ‘An All-Star,’ Harris said. ‘I can be an All-Star in this league and then just go from there. I have the ability. I’m in the right situation with the right teammates and the right coaches. I have a lot of confidence in my game. I’ve put a lot of hours in the gym this summer and I’m ready so I’m just ready for this season to start … I’ve been working on my game so much this summer whether it be my shooting, post-up game, dribbling, ball handling, I’ve just really been putting a lot of effort in so I’m expecting a lot out of me.’ It remains to be seen if Harris will be spending most of his time at power forward or small forward. The coaching staff has told Maurice Harkless that he’ll be playing more shooting guard this season, which could suggest a move back to the three for Harris after he spent most of his time at the four last year. Either way, Harris is comfortable and confident that he can be effective. ‘I’ll play whatever position Coach [Jacque] Vaughn wants me to play,’ Harris said. ‘Whatever position that’s going to help us as a team get better. I can play the three, I can play the four, whichever position. I’m comfortable playing both positions, and I can excel at both positions on the basketball court. … I feel like in the NBA now, it kind of depends on what other teams are doing. If another team is playing a power four and then they bring in a stretch four, you have to adjust to what they’re doing.’”

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  • JML-G

    def not this year

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    the magic have a great core. I am not a fan of the upcoming pgs in this draft. But magic may take a gamble on dante exum.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    Gothandles is gonna be all over this

  • Renaissance Man

    Magic should keep him at 4 and leave Harkless at the 3. Don’t get crazy with over adjusting things because of these dudes’ versatility. I’m a fan of some of the pieces they have in Orlando. Especially their 3-4-5 positions. I know they want to probably run with Big Baby, Harris and Harkless at the came time… but somebody is gonna be the odd man out. And I don’t see them putting Harkless on the bench. And if they slide him to two, then are they gonna move Jameer to the bench in favor of Oladipo at the point?


  • spit hot fiyah

    they wont win enough to even have any player considered for the asg

  • Luke Duffy

    I know the team could be in for a year or two more of not even cracking .500 but I’m pretty excited about where this team can go! I don’t think Harris can be an All-Star this year but I like his comments, the Magic need a leader right now and he is stepping up! His play last season was also very positive too, he’s created a small bit of buzz around the team with these comments and it was needed for a team that’s not going anywhere right now! (@LucaLockheart)