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Zach Randolph Wants to Retire as a Memphis Grizzly

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

For now, Zach Randolph remains undecided about whether or not to opt out of his deal in July. The Grizzlies star forward can play out next season and earn $16.5 million, or elect to join a loaded 2014 free agent class.

Whatever the case, Randolph says Memphis is home, and wants to keep it that way:

“I’d like to be here,” Randolph told ESPN.com. “I’d like to retire here. You never know. If I’ve got to make some sacrifices to be here, I would. I still can play, I can still help a team out. I want to win a championship. I’ve made all the money in the world. I just want to win.

“I don’t know yet [about opting in or opting out], but Memphis is my home. If they trade me tomorrow, I’m here. I just bought a new house. My daughters go to school [in Memphis]. That’s my home.”

Ever since the Grizzlies dealt away Rudy Gay last season, there have been trade rumors involving Z-Bo. Nevertheless, he talks of potentially sacrificing and accepting less money to stay in the same uniform.

Entering a crucial season, Zach Randolph, 32, is in great shape — he lost about 15 pounds over the summer — and headed towards an uncertain future.

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  • Troop


  • shawnkemp4prez

    Kobe is LA. Iverson is Philly. Z-bo is Memphis. He embodies the city. Let him ride out in blue and put his jersey in the rafters.

  • spit hot fiyah

    doin’ them skiingz

  • Guest

    Z Bo should retire and have his jersey hung in Mem. So should Both Gasols.

    Is it me or slam comments have been dead. Everyone glued to league pass to busy comment on the thread

  • Brett Price

    Let the man retire in his home. He gonna give it his all while he’s there.

  • Shifty

    Such a underrated and consistent player over the years. Hope memphis can keep him.

  • Max

    Give the man what he wants!

  • insaneinthemembrane

    He’s the kind of player you know is gonna play for a loong time, considering his style of play