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Anthony Bennett Booed By Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

Irritated with their team’s effort in a lackadaisical loss to the visiting Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, fans in Cleveland showered the team with boos (and saved their loudest vitriol for rookie big man Anthony Bennett, which just seems cruel.) Per the Plain Dealer: “Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has preached patience on Twitter, saying how much of the season is still ahead of the team. Head coach Mike Brown has talked about it being a process. But this is not what the Cavs had envisioned, not after they brought Brown back to add some defense and after they spent money in free agency on Earl Clark, Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum. A team meeting less than 10 games into the season wasn’t part of the Cavs’ plan. Being showered with boos while trailing the Washington Wizards by 27 points on their own home court wasn’t either. Nor was first-overall pick Anthony Bennett accounting for more air balls than made field goals. Bennett is now 5 of 37 from the field. Fans are frustrated. (Wednesday) night, after Bennett’s latest three-point attempt failed to brush the rim, boos rained down on the struggling rook. Hearing the gesture caused fans and media members on Twitter to express how they felt.”

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  • jmm

    “after they spent money in free agency on Earl Clark, Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum.”

    Thinking this might be part of the problem…

  • Jay Cutler

    Bennett is said to be out of shape/recovering from offseason surgery.

    Why don’t they just give him the Nerlens treatment? Whatever is going on could crush his confidence in the long run, destroying whatever little the Cavs can get from their draft investment.

  • Anthony

    We all saw what a troubled, confidence shaking rookie season did to Kwame Brown….

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    At the rate, they shoud either 1) let him fully heal that shoulder, or if it’s not an injury issue, 2) let him gain back confidence in his shot in the D-league.

  • shockexchange

    He’ll be in the D-League shortly.

  • Jay Cutler

    Well, look at Jeremy Lin in NY. Or Ariza in LA.

    With the right situation, a lot of young guys can flourish. Take them out of that situation and they look positively mediocre and you wonder how they ever earned their contracts.

    Bennett might never be Charles Barkley or even Emeka Okafor. But he’s clearly out of shape and the pressure to produce as the number one pick under a coach who can’t put him in offensive rhythm doesn’t make things any easier.

    It’s one thing if the veterans on the team are producing and Bennett is sucking but clearly the entire situation is dysfunctional, not just him.

  • north

    I don’t know how legit this is since it’s coming from his family up here in Toronto but they say he can barely move his shoulder without shots. I completely agree with you. Shut him down or let him come along slowly with some lower tier game time.

  • Mars

    *UPDATE* Lottery picks, let alone NUMBER 1 draft picks do not go to the D-League….ever. EVER! They should just keep tanking, get Wiggins, and then Bennett will have his fellow Canadian countryman and will be fine.

  • Caboose

    Careful Cleveland, this could turn into a Darko situation.

  • Caboose

    Thabeet, Hasheem.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    or maybe everyone should just stop looking at him like we look at normal #1 picks. it’s going to take him a while to get going, it was unrealistic from the jump to expect him to contribute at a significant level right off the bat. basically, Bennett had no chance at looking like a success this season given the #1 pick expectations, hopefully he sees that, and doesn’t let this bother him too much.

  • Max

    That’s really going to help him get his confidence up!

  • Max

    Isn’t Lin showing you right now he can ball??

  • bike

    Fair or not, the expectations of a no. 1 pick are astronomically higher than all others.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    He already has Tristan Thompson =P

  • Adam Webber

    Wiggins is all hype.. Jabari is the real deal and so much more of a player then wiggins. Wiggins is al hype from the slam and espn hype machine

  • Jay Cutler

    Not saying he’s bad now.

    My point was more that he was slept on before Linsanity erupted (because of a fluke injury!) and that’s illustrative of how sometimes its just the right situation that will give an apparently mediocre guy a huge boost in confidence that will stay with him.

    If he had never gotten that chance, he would’ve been out of the league by now, or backing up Luke Ridnour. There’s just too much to NBA success beyond the oversimplified “Player X sucks” or “Lottery pick Y doesn’t want it enough”

  • JML-G

    Cavs fans are the most annoying in the L.. no way Lebron is returning, no way Kyrie is staying there for longer than James was, no way they making playoffs this season.

  • therichardkirby

    Andrew Bynum needs to retire and take Anthony Bennett with him.

  • The Seed

    Victor O. is laughing right now. Cavs could have had him. BOOK IT!!

  • Butternuts

    Hahahaha, this is why you’re #1 overall picks leave you Cleveland.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    the fcuk did they expect?

  • Guest


  • Mars

    OK, so after reading a lot of nonsense, does anybody remember Blake Griffin. Yeah the guy who just kept getting injured his rookie year? What ever became of him after that? Geez… fans are so impatient these days. If a guy isn’t putting up Jordan numbers his rookie year, he considered a bust. LMAO

    AND Mr Adam Webber, you my friend need to stay away from crack. Wiggins is not a product of hype, and Jabari should be doing those things because remember, Wiggins reclassified, so technically he’s a year ahead of schedule.

  • Neitel Agosto

    This goes to show how the cavs made the wrong pick…they should have drafted Nerleans or MCW and make MCW a SG, while Kyrie handles the ball…it could have been a 1-2 punch. End of discussion.

  • TV63

    He needs to stop bricking 3′s already!! He has a huge body No dunking ever? . Hello???? Dude is scared to drive to hole, take a baby step in from 3 point land and Brown doesn’t even draw up 1 play for him to get confidence going.

  • Gomy Noah

    Man, I remember Bennett killing it in the preseason! What the hell happened to him?

  • MB

    That’s not a good analogy at all. Blake missed his ENTIRE first year, and when he returned he was killing it. These two aren’t comparable at all.

  • bball knowledge
  • Ben

    Book what? This already happened, you moron.

  • therichardkirby

    ^Says the guy whose username is “F*ck white people” smh

  • coalminds

    There’s a reason people thought Bennett was a terrible pick. But at least Dan Gilbert is still on his way to winning a title before Lebron’s fifth which is what he always promised right?

  • JL

    I understand your support of Jabari, but Wiggins has proved himself on the college stage that he’s a top shelf talent. Is he the number one pick? I’m not so sure, but he definitely is not all hype. I think, like a lot of people, that he and Parker, Randle, are still in the conversation for number one, and you can’t go wrong with either one. I am still hoping the Cavs win again, and somehow draft none of those guys.

  • Wings23

    Can someone tell me why this cat was the #1 pick? I’m not trying to diss the guy I just don’t really watch much college ball until March.