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Brandon Jennings Has ‘No Confidence’ In His Shot

Brandon Jennings’ confidence to keep shooting has always been extremely high…until now. His 37.4 field-goal percentage is his lowest since his rookie year, and Jennings told reporters on Saturday that he has “no confidence” in his shot and he’s “thinking too much.” From the Detroit Free Press:

[Brandon Jennings] isn’t confident in his shot.

The Detroit Pistons’ point guard said it not once, not twice, but five times after today’s practice in Auburn Hills.

“I think that’s why my shot isn’t where it is right now,” he said. “I don’t have any confidence in my shot right now. That’s the reason I’m missing, because there’s just no confidence there.”

Jennings struggled in Friday night’s 96-89 loss to the Hawks. He struggled with his shot, he struggled with his passes and he thinks that struggling has to do with trying to do too much.

“I’m just out there thinking too much when I’m playing,” he said. “I feel like I’m playing to prove everybody that I can be this fast for a point guard instead of just playing basketball.” [...]

“I feel like I’m just shooting when people are telling me it’s time for me to shoot,” he said. “I gotta want to shoot. I’m so into passing that I kind of forget I can score sometimes.

“My confidence level isn’t high.”

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  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Neither do I.

  • aндрій базилевич


  • shockexchange

    And the Shock Exchange has no confidence that Jayne Kennedy will return his phone calls. *WOMP*

  • beyne

    That’s what you want to hear from your starting PG!

  • Max

    Who would have ever tought that these words would come out of Jennings’ mouth?

  • north

    If I had no confidence in my shot I would pass it to my capable big men instead of shooting 22 times in a game. That’s the difference between me and Brandon Jennings though.

  • Vince

    Jennings is actually trying though, you’d see that if you actually watched a game. His shot isn’t falling but he is actually passing it pretty well – averaging 8 assists per game.

    Also I know you’re taking the piss but Jennings is averaging about 16 shots per game.

  • greg

    It’s incredible to see someone as confident and famous admit to problems regular ppl suffer from. I hope he gets it together

  • underdog

    No problem! Josh Smith has so much confidence in his shot, that is enough for the whole team.

  • Drig

    Now, if only Smith would lose confidence in his outside shot………

  • underdog

    JR Smith.