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Carmelo Anthony Says the Knicks Miss Jason Kidd, Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas

The start of the Knicks’ season has been about as bad as it possibly could be, and finally, instead of acting like everything is just fine, Carmelo Anthony is being honest about the squad’s situation: They’re desperately missing a veteran presence in the locker room. Via the NY Post: “Kidd protected the Knicks last season with his play and savvy and helped the Knicks to an 18-5 start and 54-28 finish. With Tyson Chandler out, Anthony is the lone leader now on a 3-12 club. It’s not only Kidd’s leadership that is missed, Anthony said. The Knicks had cagey veterans that made them the oldest club in NBA history last season. ‘That makeup of the team was different [last year],’ said Anthony, who lost another homecoming game in Denver. ‘With J-Kidd, he was a leader in his own right. He wasn’t a vocal leader like a Rasheed [Wallace] or Kurt Thomas. He was leader by example on the court. His hard work, his play, everyone fed off that. And everyone led in their own way. Now we do miss that — J-Kidd, Kurt, Kurt and Rasheed. Last year as a team we were more synchronized than right now due to chemistry, due to having fun, due to just having one another’s back.’”

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  • Dagger

    “They’re desperately missing a veteran presence in the locker room.”

    You mean, a veteran presence like Carmelo?

    I know leadership can be hard to discern outside the locker room, but this guy looks like one of the worst superstar leaders I’ve seen in the NBA. He’s not vocal (except to the media), he doesn’t keep his teammates in line, and he doesn’t lead by example as a passer, rebounder or defender. It’s getting harder and harder to see him as a genuine franchise player.

  • uqk

    in other words…he can’t lead

  • anon

    word. Carmelo is used to just getting his and letting someone else worry about leadership and keeping the team together in the locker room. Now he doesn’t have that someone.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    despite the knicks horrible season so far, melo haters need to shut up. hes working hard as fcuk with an undermanned squad, and a lame coach. i have no clue about his leadership because im not around the team. but hes working very hard.

  • playa

    Umm He’s averaging 10 boards a game as a sf/pf if that’s not enough to”lead by example” than i don’t know what is.

  • Dagger

    Good point. Edited.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Melo’s doing the best he can. But some great players (great scorer in his case) aren’t really great vocal leaders. Kobe had D-Fish who controlled the locker room so that he could just play. Melo had Kidd last season. With him gone, Melo’s left to try to do it himself. Some guys just don’t have it. He’s playing hard though. Rebounding well. It’s just not enough. The Knicks are bad, but not because of Melo. But he’s stuck there. He and Kobe ain’t playing together (don’t know why people are talking about it as if they can). So he’s going to either stay there and keep being eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs or he’ll learn how to be a better vocal leader somehow. But it’s hard to lead the guys you’re not really passing a lot to.

    …He could have stayed in Denver for all of this.

  • The Seed

    Going back to CALI!!

  • LLC#12

    His supporting cast isn’t great, but I can’t help but think there’s at least 5 players, that if you swapped them with Melo, would have led the Knicks to a better record thus far.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    but then the knicks still have felton, smith, and shump who all are extremely inefficient scorers, no tyson, amares ole defense for 10 minutes, and bargs ole defense for the whole game. i dont think swapping melo for durant or whomever would make any difference, that team is not a team.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    He’s a scorer. At his best, he’ll score a lot of points for you and grab some rebounds, but that’s it. Maybe a little effort on defense every once in a while. He’s rebounding better this season (by necessity with Chandler out), but you can’t build a championship team around him. The only guys who come to mind immediately are LeBron and Wade (who’s playing better and getting healthier as the season goes along). James would get 60 wins out of this team. Wade? 50 plus. I may put Durant with Wade in that 50 plus category.

  • Tarzan Cooper

    put down the crack pipe. no one on that team plays any defense. beno has some heart, everyone else is absent minded. bron , wade, whomever else would not make this team much better.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Agreed. I’m a huge Carmelo doubter and critic but he’s playing very hard right now and we can’t just gloss over the fact that Tyson Chandler has been hurt during this stretch of losses. He’s not the only reason but he’s a huge part of it.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    Cap space teams are loving this…..

  • itsveebih .


  • Basketball_iQ

    Where’s Dan Powers, ,,,,, pay homage to ya boy….. I told you,,, Kidd and Wallace MADE the knicks last year,,, leadership wise, kept them together.,,, my quote from last year: if kidd and wallace wasn’t on this team, we looking at a sub .500 squad.

  • underdog

    Being a great scorer not equals being a leader.

  • Castrovi

    Lbj in Cleveland nuff said

  • Caboose

    Woah woah, LeBron wouldn’t make this team better? The f*ck you on about?

  • MasterSplinter

    Melo and CP3 together… plus Doc Rivers would be niiice

  • MasterSplinter

    The Clippers have such ridiculous trade value…. They truly should be able to do any sort of sign and trade, or just trade on the market, besides a hand full of players. When you think about the pieces they have on that team, it’s like a GM’s dream….yet they probably still won’t assemble a championship team.

  • roscoe

    your speak & equation confuse

  • AndyK415

    You nailed it…he doesn’t lead by example as a passer or defender.

  • AndyK415

    Totally agree. LeBron got some pretty shitty teams to great regular season records and beyond!

  • Tarzan Cooper

    much better.
    in cleveland, bron had sideshow to do some defense and rebounding. melo has bargs. mo williams was decent. felton is not. bron had other capable shooters, melo has shump and jr building brick piles.

  • danpowers

    that seems to be a factor, but by far not the whole story… unfortunatelly

  • danpowers

    indeed. people tend to forget that lebron used to let a team look legit with a second leading scorer named larry hughes – by then bron wasnt even half the leader he is today.

  • AndyK415

    Not a team player.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    with LeBron they would probably be a playoff team. Any team with that dude would make the playoffs.
    they are 3-13
    i’d say he’d improve them significantly.

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  • Jpain789

    he reminds of Dominique -a leader who only cares about scoring and no D